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Computer Investigations




The Computer Investigations, Forensics and Security team can help you:

At home:

  • What are your spouse and child REALLY doing on the computer?
  • Has anyone, such as a hacker, invaded your computer privace?

At Work:

  • Is the disgruntled employee misusing your computer resources?
  • Do unauthorized people have access to your critical business data?

We Can:

  • Scan computers for information and pictures relating to:
    • Pornography
    • Controlled substances (drugs) and paraphernalia
    • Sports betting and gambling
    • Sex
    • Hate groups
    • Terrorism
    • Insurance, medical and welfare fraud
    • And much more...

We Can Also:

  • Perform forensic analysis on computer systems
  • Recover deleted files
  • Find useful information in deleted and existing files
  • Uncover hidden files
  • Interpret computer files to explain what's happening
  • Evaluate network and computer security

We Provide:

  • A free consultation to determine an affordable plan to fit your needs
  • Certified computer and investigative skills
  • Over 43 years of combined computer experience to work for you
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