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News Articles



National Television Coverage  
2003 LifeTime
Feature: Secret Lives
2001 Fox Entertainment
Feature: Cheaters Caught on Tape
1996 "Oprah Winfrey Show"
Talk Show About Cheaters
1995 "Maury Povich Show"
60 minute segment: Spying on Kids
1992 "Hard Copy"
15 segment featuring Bob Brown
1991 "Inside Edition"
15 minute segment on Florida murder case
1990 "A Closer Look"
1 Hour segment on private investigators
Local Television Coverage  
2001 Channel 9 ABC
10 minute segment: Catching Cheaters
1994 Channel 6 CBS
3 night series: "A Day in the Life of a PI"
1993 Channel 9 ABC
Brown, highlighting the "U-Spy Store"
1993 Channel 35 FOX
Rebecca Randell "Thanksgiving Show"
1992 Channel 35 FOX
Feature on Rebecca Randell Show
1992 Channel 9 ABC
2 day segment on Investigations
1991 Channel 9 ABC
Brown, highlighting Florida murder case
1990 Channel 9 ABC
3 night series on gathering background info
News Media Print Coverage  
1999 PI Magazine
Listed Brown as one of the top investigators in the nation
1997 The Orlando Sentinel
Feature on Brown's investigative techniques
1995 Karen Kingsbury, Writer
Featured Brown in "A Snake and a Spider"
1993 PI Magazine
2 page feature on C.R. Brown, "The Investigator of Faith" written by renowned author and director of N.A.I.S., Ralph Thomas.
1991 Orlando Sentinel, LA Valley News & LA Daily News
Articles on murder case Brown solved in Orlando area
1991 Startling Detective
Feature article on double murder that Brown solved in Daytona Beach, FL
1989 Orlando Business Journal
Brown, featured in article about gun laws
1988 P.P. Connection
Brown, "Investigator of the Month"- 2 page article
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