Wireless Color Hidden Video
Camera in Cellular Phone !

Looks no different than an everyday cell phone.
(No phone function!) It is a covert wireless spy camera!!!

This hidden camera includes a full color micro video camera and wireless transmitter built into a non-working cell phone. Just perfect for covert surveillance use.

Wireless Spy Camera (audio /without audio) System Specifications:

  • "Straight-Line OF SIGHT", Transmit.
  • Resolution Equals 380 TV Lines.
  • The Minimum Illumination Is Very Low At Only 3.00 Lux.
  • NTSC System
  • Camera/Transmitter Operates On One 9V Battery.
  • Receiver Requires DC 9V/12V Adapter,Input it to any VCR or Television.

Full packing include:

  1. One Cell Phone (Same As Picture Above) with Wireless Color Super Pinhole
    Camera Built-in.
  2. 1pc Wireless 900Mhz - 1.2GHz Wireless Receiver
  3. 1pc AV cable
  4. 1pc 9V battery or 1pc LITHIUM ION battery.
  5. 1pc charger and 1pc DC adapter for receiver.




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