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This State-Of-The-Art Product Developed Through UTrak, Inc.
State-Of-The-Art GPS Car Tracker
To Track A Vehicle On The Internet Now!

Puts You In The Driver's Seat Because
You Control The Unit Settings From Your
Live Internet Account!

Easy Track, Tracing And Location Right Off The Internet
Trimtrak is the most advanced GPS surveillance tracker to be developed for 2005. It puts you in control of the situation and gives you instant controls you access from internet. You can sit in your office or car and track a moving vehicle through our new state-of-the-art UTrack online web site! This state-of-the-art GPS car tracker makes all other car trackers obsolete! With Trimtrack, there are no more complicated wires, external battery packs or external antenna mountings to fool around with! Everything that makes the unit work is built into one very small light weight box. This tiny unit measures only 5 1/4 inches long by 2 1/2 inches wide by 1 inch deep and it's weight is less than 4 ounces. It runs on 4 standard AA batteries that install right into the unit. Because Trimtrak has a built-in motion detector, it only activates when the unit detects motion (the car starts moving!) unless you use your online controls to ping it. Normal use will make the batteries last a month or longer under normal vehicle use. Your online controls put you in control and will even inform you about how much battery power you have on the unit so you can plan days ahead if the unit's batteries need to be replaced soon. Of course, if you prefer a permanent installation, connection assembly with battery back up is also available.

Your Main Interactive Internet Interface

Screen Shot Of A Map Zoom
From Your Easy To Use Front Page-You
Can Zoom In On The Map With One Click Of The Mouse!

Easy To Use With You In Control Of Everything
While some trackers like this one have to have controls on the unit preset before you get it, our top software and web site lets you determine how often you want the unit to report and it's very easy to use. You can use a magnetic mount battery pack or use our Velcro strips to place the unit on a vehicle. There are no hanging antennas as they are built into the unit and the unit runs on it's own self-contained AA batteries. To conserve battery power, the unit has a built in motion detector so it only fires up and reports when it detects motion unless you go online and ask for a location report right now. Since the unit powers down when no motion is detected, the batteries can last for weeks depending on how much the vehicle is driven.

Unlike Many Like Car Trackers On The Market, TrimTrak Ultra
Advanced Gives You An Online Edge With The Online Controls You Need!

Your Own Online Programming Commands
As the user, you select the way you want TrimTrak to report to you. Remember, TrimTrak has a built in motion detector so the unit wakes up when motion is detected. You can set the unit to report a location Every Two Hours, Every Hour, Every 30 Minutes, Every 15 minutes or custom set it to report to you down to every minute. You can set the unit to tracking mode or lock down mode. When vehicle is stationary, you can set it to report at various times. All of these controls almost puts you right in the driver's seat remotely right off the web. Not only that, you can change the control settings any time you want to!

Note Your Extensive Activity Log Journal You Access On The Net! You obtain detailed report for
time/date-speed-heading-address-battery power remaining-number of satellites used to obtain location.
You can select the range of times and dates to give you as much of a log or as little of a log as you want.
You can then download the report as an Excel, CSV or pure text document. Only the UTrak, Inc. system
gives you the ability to collect and do all this! It's easy, simple and fast!

Advanced Report Logs And Activity Journals
The advanced report logs give you date, time, location, address, speed, heading, battery and number of satellites used to calculate the location. You can view and download report logs and activity journals and set them up in various ways. You can select days, dates and time for the report. You can view them online and also download your reports and logs in Microsoft Excel, plain text, or SCV. You get the maps, log reports and all the data you need quickly and easily right off your own Internet account.

The Exclusive Magnetic Mount Box Gives You Easy Instant Install Placement!

Installs In Seconds With Your Choice Of Multi-Functional Installing Methods And Places!
Just like we put you in control on how and when your TrimTrak Ultra reports to you with your own online controls, we also put YOU in control of how you want your TrimTrak Ultra installed on a vehicle. You can use a velcro package to install the unit on any vehicle. If you prefer, you can also obtain a magnetic mount housing for the unit. The reason the velcro attachment use is good is because many vehicles these days, especially luxury vehicles, have fiberglass and plastic bumpers and fenders on them. If the insides of these places on a vehicle are made of plastic and/or fiberglass, you can not place a magnetic mount there and are very limited in your placement location with a magnetic mount box. We have solved that problem with our Velcro method of placement. Your best bet is to have both the velcro method and the magnetic mount method for easy and quick installs on any type of vehicle! The unit is small enough to stick into most glove boxes, under a seat or in the trunk if you prefer to do it that way. You can also use the velcro material to quickly place it under plastic and fiberglass bumpers and fenders or use it with the magnetic mount to quickly install it under the vehicle.

Economical To Use
Not only does TrimTRAK Ultra cost hundreds of dollars less than any like unit on the market, it's online charges make it economical to use. Your complete web site where you obtain maps, reports and control the settings on the unit is only $20.00 a month. There is an economical pinging charge that works much like your cell phone charges.

You Can Be Setup And Learn This Unit In Hours
Because the web site is so easy to use and the unit is so easy to install, anyone can use Trimtrak Ultra . Once you have your unit, it only takes a few minutes to learn how to use your online web site controls. With TrimTrak you are the one in control of how the data from the unit comes to you from your own online live internet connection and account. You are also the one on control of how the vehicle is installed on the vehicle.

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TrimTRAK -GPS - TRIMtrak - GPS - TrimTRAK -GPS - TRIMtrack - GPS - TrimTRAK - GPS - trimTRACK -GPS
TrimTRAK -GPS - TRIMtrak - GPS - TrimTRAK -GPS - TRIMtrack - GPS - TrimTRAK - GPS - trimTRACK -GPS