Very few people are fortunate enough to go through a lifetime without needing the services of an investigation agency. To companies, individuals, and their attorneys, the use of a competent, established, investigative firm can result in thousands of dollars in savings when the case is carefully documented and trial preparation is kept as the ultimate goal.

William C. Dear & Associates, one of the most widely respected private investigative agencies, offers a broad array of services and talent for your corporate or personal needs. Our expert staff combines more than 80 years of investigative talent, and includes bilingual investigators. Our equipment-from closed circuit television to portable crime scene investigation laboratories-is matched by few organizations in the world. Most importantly, we take great care to tailor our efforts to the specific needs of your case.

During our nearly three decades of operation, William C. Dear & Associates has had experience working all over the world, including the continental U.S., Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, western Europe, the Orient, Asia and the Caribbean. In that time we have received much national and international acclaim. Some cases which have earned us worldwide news coverage include:


· The Milo Murder, Akron, Ohio, which resulted in eleven arrests and convictions
(the most ever in United States history for a single murder case)

· The disappearance of a Michigan State University student, often referred to as the "Dungeons and Dragons" case

· The exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald

· The Wax Museum Murder, Arlington, Texas

· The death of Canadian racing jockey, Dan Beckon, Toronto, Ontario


Discretion and protection of the client are key to a William C. Dear & Associates contract, coupled with the proven integrity and ability of our organization. Though we approach each case assignment with the attitude that it will end up in a court of law, due to the quality of our work, a trial is seldom necessary.


Whatever the specifics of your particular case, you can count on us to provide the most advanced and effective private investigative services available. We welcome the opportunity to put our considerable capabilities to work for you.




William C. Dear


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