Murder Cases are often considered the exclusive domain of police departments. But unless the perpetrator is caught with a smoking gun or dripping knife, police often do not have the manpower, the time, nor, in most cases, the technology to solve homicides.

Each year, numerous murders remain unsolved. As a result, substantial rewards are frequently offered to anyone who can provide information leading th the arrest of a murders suspect. These rewards generally range from $10,000 to $250,000.

For the private investigator, homicide work can be the most exciting and challenging field in the profession and an opportunity to earn substantial financial rewards as well as recognition.

It is also a field of investigation that few private investigators have successfully pursued, due to lack of access to homicide training techniques and investigative procedures.

This seminar is an opportunity for you to learn how to work and homicide case from beginning to solution: from accessing preliminary information to analyzing evidence to identifying the suspect.


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Actual homicide cases investigated by William C. Dear & Associates will be used to demonstrate effective and invaluable murder investigation techniques. Participants will discover how police detectives may overlook critical evidence and, in two particular cases, how this evidence resulted in the reversal of ruling from suicide to homicide.


Topics covered in the seminar include:

· Evaluation of Evidence
· Interviewing Witnesses
· Evaluation of Autopsies
· Crime Scene Evidence
· Exhumation Procedures
· Interaction between Private Investigators and Police Departments
· and Much More



Evidence gathered by the Dear agency in past and current murder investigations will be presented. Seminar participants will be asked to study the evidences and share their ideas for solving the cases.



Required by Texas law as of Febuarary 1, 1996: "A person who is registered as a private investigator and/or a manager of an investigations company shall successfully complete a minimum of 12 clock hours of Board-approved continuing education credits [for license renewal]."

The William C. Dear & Associates, Inc. seminar has been approved and board-certified for continuing education credits.

Texas Certification Number/Curriculum: #N-130
Texas Certification Number/Instructor: #1-130

Each participant will receive a Certification of Completion at the conclusion of the seminar. Full attendance is required.


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