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150 Nassau Street
New York, NY 10038

(212) 571-2500 (800) 611-5206 Fax: (718) 967-0688

Investigative Resources was established in 1980 and incorporated in New York State in 1985,The President and founder of the company, Joeseph Manginelli, is a retired New York City Police Officer who has been decorated for excellent police work many times. He has taught at the New York City Police Academy in the Advanced and Specialized training unit prior to his retirement. He also holds a Masters Degree from Pace University. He currently teaches classes on 'How to Locate People Anywhere' at schools and to corporate clients.

The Vice President, John Manginelli, has an extensive background spanning 35 years in computer technology and data base systems. He was an officer in a corporation that was purchased by a fortune 500 company. Many of the systems used by the information highway travelers were developed by him during those years. He has taken these techniques and applied them to the investigative profession.

Many of the high tech information gathering techniques used by us are just beginning to trickle in to the law enforcement community. Our staf consists of seasoned professionals who know 'how to do it." We provide complete and confidential investigations in the New York Metropolitan area and belong to a network of investigators world wide. If you want to know who made a snow shovel that was sold to a farmer in Switzerland chances are we can find out for you.

Our success rate in locating heirs, survivors, debtors and others is unparalleled.

Complete and confidential investigations nationwide with an emphasis in New York City, our staff is made up with seasoned retired New York City police officers who know how to get it done in the Big Apple. Customer satisfaction is our constant goal.

We are licensed and bonded in New York State.

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