So, who is Joe Seanor?

Joe Seanor has been in the business since early in 1992. Owner and developer of the PI Mall, the longest lasting Private Investigation database on the web.

Joe has also developed PI Classroom, the TOP website for Investigative training online today. Classes are being added every month.

Joe has also developed Internet Predator Tracker, the ONLY software available to help Law Enforcement and the Public track down internet predators and pedophiles. FREE to Law Enforcement.

Joe has also developed Joe's Underground Lab, a collection of tools for the Investigator conducting internet based investigations.

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Resume (very short!)

Full resume availabe on request

10 years Central Intelligence Agency, CIC/CNC

Department of Justice Telecom Security Staff

Private Investigator for 14 years

7 years America Online’s Senior Investigator

Learning Tree Instructor on: IDS, Firewalls,
Windows Security.

Author of 16 books

CBS radio national correspondent

2 patents pending

Speaker at National Conferences

Certified Information System Security Professional

Ethical Hacker

Master Email tracer

Computer Forensics Expert