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      Updates or issues call the office at 512-729-7559




      Accurate Investigations
      101 Kentwood Drive
      Newton, MS 39345-2609
      Contact: Gladys Brierley
      (601) 480-3181
      (601) 683-2094 FAX
      Email: Glad4JC@aol.com

      Services: Domestic-Fidelity-Child Custody, Surveillance : Workplace, Injury claims, Cheaters, Teens Locates: People, Property Background Investigations: Pre-employment, Marital, Sensitive Situations Skip Tracing: Judgement Collections, Debtors, Dead Beat Parents Courier Services: Law Firms, Businesses, private Court Record Retrieval Services Online Research: Teens, Spouse, Workplace, Church Computer security enhancement & computer forensics [data recovery] Executive protection: Corporate, private, high profile Recovery & Extraction: Teens, Elderly, US Citizens, missing & abducted children Counter Surveillance: Bug Sweeps -auto-home-office Mystery Shopping: Integrity Checks, Service Quality, and Customer Relations Process Service.


      McCawley Adjusting Services
      PO Box 180252
      Jackson, MS 39218
      Contact: David McCawley
      (601) 936-7764
      Email: Macspy@aol.com

      Services: Insurance, legal and private investigations, and adjustments.



      RIGBY'S PROCESS SERVERS: Peter Rigby: 188 Acacia Ave, Biloxi, MS 39503 Phone 228-860-9686 Email: rigbyprocess@live.com

      Investigative Services: Process server notary public.



      MSIS: James Minor 105 Cedar Cir. Brandon,MS 39047 Phone: 662-266-3332 Email: james.minor@rocketmail.com

      Investigative Servicess: Surveillance,Private Investigations.



      UNITED GUARD AGENCY, LLC: Timothy M Speir 518 S. High School Ave. Columbia MS 39429 Email timothy.speir@unitedguardagency.com Web site https://www.unitedguardagency.com

      Investigative Services: Arson Investigation, Background Investigations, Child Custody Cases, Domestic Cases, Insurance Investigations,Integrity Shopping, Process Serving, Witness Location, Workers Compensation Investigations, Undercover Investigations and Video Serveillance.



      INCOGNITO INVESTIGATIONS, LLC: Rick Hayes: P.O. Box 8953, Columbus, MS 39705 Phone 662-574-8964 Email: incognito8953@yahoo.com

      Investigative Services: domestic, criminal investigations, workman's comp claims, process service.

      DREX EXECUTIVE PROTECTION: William M. Drechsel, 11858 Klein Rd, Gulfport, MS 39503. Primary phone: 228-236-5822. Secondary phone: 228-547-3347. Office phone: 228-206-2070 Email: williamdrechsel@yahoo.com License Number: 9418

      Investigative Services: Private Investigation, Process service, VIP protection provide expert witness for police, corrections, security matters, and court cases.


      Donald Ray Lee, Jr.: 2503 Halsel St., Gulfport, MS 39503



      GILLIS INVESTIGATIVE SERVICE: Joe "J. R" Gillis, PO Box 8281, Gulfport, MS 39506. Office: 228-897-9012 Mobile: 228-209-0661 Fax: 877-572-8474 Email : gillisinvestigations@cableone.net

      Investigative Services: Service of Process / Locates & Missing Persons. Service available in Hancock, Harrison & Jackson County

      TRI-STAR INVESTIGATIONS, LTD.: James T. Dennis: P.O. Bozx 16054, Hattiesburg, MS 39404-6045 Phone 601-261-3065 Email: tristarinvestigations@yahoo.com Web site: https://www.tristarinvestigations.com License 1886-042396LA

      Investigative Services: Corporate defense, worker comp, people-witness locate.

      LOWENKAMP R & D LABS LTD: William Lowenkamp, Jr., 1044 Lowenkamp Jr., Hazlehurst, MS 39083 Phone: 601-894-2802 Email: lionfight@aol.com Website: https://www.lrdltd.net

      Investigative Services: Field Support, drug swipe test kits, drug ID and testing, bacteria, testing kits, DNA collection kits, urine adulturation tests.

      W.L. MACK & ASSOCIATES, LLC: Willie L. Mack: 6447 HWY 18 West, Jackson, MS 39209, Email: mackinvestigation@comcast.net Phone 601-613-0183

      Investigative Services: Retired law enforcement detective, criminal & civil investigations.

      GEB INVESTIGATIONS: George E. Burleson, P.O. Box 116, Kiln, MS. 39556 License: Hancock Co. 2828. Phone: 228-255-9584. Fax: 228-255-9584. Mobile: 228-342-1093. Email: geb8166@aol.com

      Investigative Services: Process Service, Person Locate, Criminal Investigations.

      BERNHARDT PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS: Michael V. Bernhardt: 70 Robin Ln, Leakesville, MS 39451 Phone 601-394-2639 Email: bernie09@yahoo.com

      Investigative Services: Domestic, child custody, divorce, fraud, embezzelment, over 60 years of law enforcement & investigative exp. Serving Mississippi, and Alabama.



      SMITH INVESTIGATION & SUPPORT SERVICES: L.J. Smith: P.O. Box 3045, Madison, MS 39130 Phone 601-607-3109 Email: lsmithinvest@aol.com

      Investigative Services: Private investigation, process & hunting accident reconstruction.


      INTEC: Michael E. Enlow 7073A Fernwood Road Magnolia, MS 39652 Phone: 601-680-3949 Email: private.enlow@gmail.com Website: https://www.enlow.com

      Investigative Servicess: Author, General.


      CHATHAM DETECTIVE AGENCY: Kevin Chatham: P.O. Box 8193 Meridian, MS 39303 Phone 601-527-9368 Email: 221b007@gmail.com Web site: https://www.chathamdetective.com

      Investigative Services: Genealogy research & skip tracing.


      ACCURATE INVESTIGATIONS: Gladys B. Brierley: P.O. Box 872, Newton, MS 39345 Phone 601-480-3181 or 601-683-2094 Email: accurateinvest@bellsouth.net Website: https://www.accurateinvestigation.com

      Investigative Servicess: DNA testing, Surveillance, marital infidelity, child custody, teen intervention, GPS tracking, alienation of affection, background checks, sub-rosa insurance claims activity checks & surveillance, skip tracing, adoption reunions, fraud investigations, asset checks, undercover workplace, business, locate missing loved ones and debtors, family background checks, pre-employment, & pre-marital, process, & attorney services, executive protection, high ticket property recovery, intellectual & copy right or trademark infringement.


      BUCKLEY SECURITY SERVICES: Jim Buckley, P.O. Box 6163, Pearl, MS 39288. Phone: 601-939-5752 Email: JBuc007@aol.com

      Investigative Services: selective investigations include background checks, skip tracing, surveillance, counter surveillance, missing persons, witness locates, employee theft, video surveillance includes nanny cams, drug swipe test, dna test, people locating.


      ALDRIDGE & ASSOCIATES: Jerry Aldridge, P.O Drawer 90, Smithville, MS 38870 Phone: 662-651-7376 Fax: 662-651-6060 Email: jerryaldridge@yahoo.com

      Investigative Servicess: judgment recovery, criminal & civil investigations, insurance fraud, employment screening, legal process service, skip tracing







    Updates or issues call the office at 512-729-7559