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Robert Pac
The Spyware TSCM Manual
Computer Spyware Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Steve Mallon
PowerPro PI Marketing And Master Success Methods
Building Your Professional Investigative Practice

Tim Dutton
Streetwise Guide Ton Conducting Hardball Investigations

Brandon Perron
Contracts And Retainers-The Business Side Of Investigative Practice

Lance Allen Wilkinson
Fugitive Recovery Bible

David C. Palmer
Advanced Skip Tracing Techniques

Cliff Lindquist
Covert Video Mystery Shopping For Professional Investigators

CJ Bronsrtrup
Business To Busimess Marketing For Professional Investigators

Skip Trace And Information Professional's Resources

M. Ettisch -Enchelmaier, B.A.
How To Be A Highly ASucceessful Private Investigator-A Master Thesis

Peter Jenkins
Advanced Surveillance-The Bible On Surveillance Training

Ralph Thomas
Master Guide To Online Searching

Greg Hauser
So You Want'a Be A Private Investigator

James Harbert, CLI, CFE
Complex Legal Investigations

Kelley Riddle
Security Consulting For The 21st Century

Paul Ciolino
In The Company Of Giants! Wrongfully Convicted Investigations

Barry Nedell
Sleuthing 101-Background Checks And The Law

New From Joseph Seanor

Email Tracing Basics The Book
Learn Email Tracing Basics

Email Tracing Basics The CD
Learn Email Tracing Basics On CD

Douglas Hagmann
Tactical Surveillance-Latest Surveillance Techniques!
Must have manual for anyone conducting surveillances!

Michael Corwin
Training Manual On Private Investigation
Essential Techniques And Tricks Of The Trade For
Modern Private Investigation

Douglas Crewse, CFE
Professional Investigative Report Writing,
Contracts And Forms

The Business Of Private Investigations-
A Manual For Investigators

Nusing Home Abuse And Neglect Investigations

Fay Faron
Professional's Guide To Assets Searching
And Debt Collection

Book On CD With Free Assets Searches And Law

How To Start A Mystery Shopping Service In A 1.5 Million Dollar Industry

 Jon Kaklkopf
Professional Judgment Recovery A Complete Start-Up Manual!

New Second Edition -By Jon S. Kahlkopf, Director
National Association Of Judgment Recovery Specialists

New Books & Training CDs By Ralph Thomas

Secrets Of Piracy Investigation for Private Investigators
Major New Trends- Book, CD ,Interactive Training CD Or DVD

Master Guide To Online Searching
Get The Latest Secrets, Sources, Searches, Know-How And Technology When It
Comes To Online Searching And The Internet!

PI Net Secrets
How To Access The Hidden And Invisible Web- Book, CD ,Interactive Training CD Or DVD

Skip Tracer Toolbox CD
Instant Access To Inside Contacts, Sources, Resources
Public Records, And All The Other Sources And Know-How
You Need To Shortcut The Process of Skip Tracing!
Thousands Of Inside Sources and Contacts For Skip Tracing

Email Tracer's Toolbox CD
A Massive Collection Of Resources, Articles, Software, Tools, Aids, Links, and Laws As It Relates To Email Tracing As An Investigative Service

Gene Robertson
Ultimate Surveillance- Two Hour Training On DVD

Julie Posey
The Internet Tracker!
Learn To Track And Trace Anyone On The Net

Nelson Tucker
Secrets Of Process Serving 2001
Process Serving For Pros
Secrets Of Successful Process Serving

Other Books & Training CDs By Ralph Thomas

PI Super Seminar On CD
21 Training Products On One CD-Super Deal

Secrets Of Piracy Investigation for Private Investigators
Major New Trends- Book, Cd Or Interactive Training CD

PI Net Secrets
How To Access The Hidden And Invisible Web

Legal Resource Kit For Investigators
Massive Interactive CD For Investigators-Developed by Ralph Thomas

High Technology For Private Investigators
Digital Photography, Digital Video, Forensic Imaging, Multimedia,
Investigative E-Reports, Satallite Surveillance And Other High Tech
Investigtative Technology. A Graphics Intensive Training Course on CD-Rom

Investigator's Professional Formaids 2000 On CD-Rom
An updated huge selection Of Investigative Forms You Can Use
Again Anf Again.

How To Investigate By Computer 2000

An Interactive Cd-Rom Training Program You Open In Your
Web Browser

Investigative Interviewing, Statement Taking,
Tape Recording Law And Technology-
An Encyclopedia On CD-Rom

Free Public Records Searches On The Internet 2000
An Interactive Computer Disk You Open In Your Web Browser
For Instant Access To Hundreds Of Free Public Records Searches

How To Find Anyone Anywhere 2000!
Just Updated! Book And Interactive CD-Rom You Open In Your
Web Browser.

Background Check 2000
How To Conduct Background Checks With Training And
Sources On CD-Rom

The Digital Detective
The Computer AS An Evidence Gathering Place!
How To Discover/Recovery Information On A Computer

Countermeasures Encyclopedia 2000
Massive Training On Conducting Countermeasures On CD-Rom

PI Webworks!

Secrets Of How To Develop, Design And Market Your Web Site
With Manual And Interactive Computer Disk

PI Super CD-Rom
Eleven Massive Products On One CD-Rom

Encyclopeida Of Surveillance On CD-Rom
Massive Colllection Of Interactive Training, Resources And Aids.

Professional's Guide To Background Investigations

Book And Computer Disk That Helps You Conduct A Background
Check On Any Person Or Business

Professional's Guide To Conducting The Surveillance
A Field Training And Legal Manual With Free Surveillance Toolbox
Computer Disk
- By Ralph Thomas

Investigator's Guide To Free Searches On The Internet 98
Hundreds And Hundreds Of Free Searches, Newsletters, Resources, And Web Pages For The Professional Investigator. Extremely Valuable Hard-To-Find Sites!

How To Investigate By Computer 98
New 1998 Updated And Expanded Edition-A Source And Techniques Manual

The Countermeasures Cookbook
The Ultimate Guide To Testing And Checking For Bugs And Wiretaps

 The Surveillance Digital Toolbox
Huge Surveillance Reference On Computer Disk

How To Find Anyone Anywhere

All New Secret Sources And Techniques For Locating People Now!

Pre-Employment Investigations For Private Investigators
Investigative And Marketing Techniques For Pre-Employment Investigations

Tracing Missing Heirs
How To Make A Fortune With Probate Cases

Mega-Marketing For Private Investigators
Extremely Successful Techniques For Building A Sucessful Agency

Kelley Riddle
Insurance Investigations From A To Z

The Investigator's Guide To Uncovering Insurance Fraud

Security Consulting For The 21st Century
A New Booming Trend In Private Investigation And Security Services!

Nursing Home Abuse Investigations
Investigate A New Trend In Investigative Specialization You Can Enter

Real Cases From The Nation's Number One PI-

The Art Of Surveillance
Obtain The Very Latest Techniques & Equipment Info On Conducting Surveillance

Find Out Fast: The Instant Guide To Private Investigation
Quickly And Easily Learn To Conduct The Most Often Assigned Private Investigations Today

The Internet Black Book
A Guide To The Internet And Email For Investigators

Jack Murray, MBA, CFE, CLI

Marketing And Management Maximizer For
Your Private Investigative Agency

Your Inside Guide To Maximizing Your Agency
For More Cases And More Clients!
Guide To The Internet For Accident Investigators
Resources, Links, Software, Aids, Databases And A Whole Lot More For
Accident Investigators! Interactve CD-Rom Training

Expert's Guide To Successful Legal Testimony
How To Avoid The Sharks And Come Out Smelling Like A Rose

Accident Investigation In The Private Sector Volume I
Top Flight Training In Accident Investigation Recommened By
The National Association Of Legal Investigators

Accident Investigation In The Private Sector Volume II
Top Flight Training In Accident Investigation Recommened By
The National Association Of Legal Investigators

Accident Investigation In The Private Sector Volume III
Advanced Techniques For Truck Accident Investigation

Photographing Vehicles For Litigation
A Step-By-Step Guide For Investigators

Investigative Photography In The Private Sector
Your Guide To Better Investigative Photography

Sex Crimes Investigation
How To Conduct An Investigation For The Defendant

Ken Spittler
Workplace Violence Prevention And Investigation
A Security, Investigative And Legal Manual

Bob Brown
 Investigations: Doing It My Way
One Of The Most Unique Manuals On Investigation With
Powerful Insight, Approaches And Techniques

Jody Ball
The Bible On Insurance Claims Investigation

Step-By-Step Techniques, Insight And Prospective


The Professional Investigator's Guide To Divorce,
Pre-Marital And Other Types Of Domestic Investigations
A Manual For And Legal Reference For Investigators, Attorneys & Clients

Process Server's Handbook And Legal Directory

Technical And Legal Asepcts Of Successfully Serving Legal Papers And Developing A Service Of Process Service

Private Investigator's Book Of Legal Forms And Contracts

An Extensive Selection Of Top-Rated Investigative Forms And Legal Contracts For The Professional Private Investigative Agency You Can Use

Providing Security Services And Consulting

A Manual For Investigators

The Private Investigative Agency Start-Up-Manual
Your Complete Guide To Obtaining A Private Investigative Agency License And Setting Up Or Expanding Your PI Business.

The Bible On Worker's Comp Investigation

For Investigators And Adjusters Who Represent Insurers
Investigative Techniques And Legal Principles For Of
Worker's Compensation Claims

Encyclopedia Of Investigative Information Sources
City-County-State And Federal Records Sources--Financial-Private And Directory Sources

Conducting Child Abuse Investigations
With Guidelines, Forms, Questionnaires And Techniques

Conducting Crimes Against Persons In The Private Sector

The Private Sector's Guide To Conducting Homicide, Suicide,
Rape & Child Abuse Investigations

Doctor Bradley Kuhns
Essentials Of Investigative Interviewing
Advanced Techniques And Legal Principles In Investigative Interviewing

Ed Wilson
Skip Tracing Training Manual

Hardcore Techinques, Sources And Strategies

Joseph Seanor

Email Tracing Basics The Book
Learn Email Tracing Basics

Email Tracing Basics The CD
Learn Email Tracing Basics On CD

Computer Investigator's Seminar On The Internet
New Unique Training Manual By Joseph Seanor

The Private Investigator's Guide To The Internet: Version 2.0
Second Edition Of One Of The Most Popular Manuals

Computer Crime Law For The Private Investigator
Learn All About Conducting Computer Crime Investigation
And Computer crime Law

Joseph Culligan
You Too Can Find Anybody

Complete Guide To Locating Missing Persons

Julias "Buddy" Bombet, C.L.I, C.F.E.
Obtaining Investigative Statements
Powerful Techniques And Points Of The Law

Ron Mendell
How To Conduct Business Investigations And
Competitive Intelligence Gathering
Sources And Techniques For Investigation Of A Business

Brandon Perron
Uncovering Reasonable Doubt
Conducting Criminal Defense Investigations

Ed Pankau
Investigative Guidebook
The Ultimate Resource For Background Checks, Assets Searches
& People Locates With Investigative Forms And Checklists You Can Use

How To Make $100,000 As A Private Investigator

Develop powerful knowledge on what to specialize in, how to market those
types of cases and how to successfully complete the assignments from one
of the nation's most successful private investigators.

Ted Swift
Wiretap Detection Techniques
Testing Procedures for Eavesdropping Countermeasures Surveys

Chris Cantrell
The Professional's Guide To Auto Repossession

Intriguing Aspects Of One Of The Most Dynamic, Secretive &
Lucrative Service Related Businesses And Investigative Specializations

Lance Allen Wilkinson, BEA
Richard Verrochi, CBA

Bail, Bounty Hunting And The Law

A definitive and comprehensive guide for the professional
Bail Agent and Bounty Hunter


Corwin K. Noble
The Executive Protection Manual

An Encyclopedia on Techniques, Procedures, Forms, Surveys
And Checklists For Top Quality Executive And Dignitary Protection

Chris Harper
Bail Enforcement Professional's Field Manual
The Bible For The Bail Enforcement Professional And Those
Who Wish To Become One Including 34 Checklists, Tables
And Forms For The Professional

Greg Hauser
Professional's Guide To Practicing Private Investigation

Worker's Compensation Fraud
The Greg Hauser Pretext Manual
Lounge Evaulations
So You Want's Be A PI


Irv Baggett
Primer On Success In The Private Investigation Profession

Ed Livsay, Jr.
Secrets Of Accident Investigation For Private Investigators And Insurance Adjusters

David Mollison
Modern Day Bounty Hunting

Barry Zelma
Uncover The Truth
The Investigator's Guide To Investigative Interviewing Skills

Robert Campbell
Worker's Compensation Fraud Control And Investigation

Uncovering And Investigating Healthcare Claims Fraud

Jim Walker
Retail Detective Training Manual

Other Ralph Thomas Books
How To Conduct Security Evaluations

Buinsess Intelligence Investigations
The Online Expert
Finder's Fee The Skip Tracer's Text
Legal Investigation Training Manual

Pre-Martial Investigtions




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