How To Protect A Business Against Threats Internally & Externally

Compiled By T. A. Brown
With Security Experts: Robert K. Spear,Coleen Widell, Rick Naylo, Donald deKieffer,
David P. Roberts, Barbara Repa, Robert A. Gardner, Scott Castleman

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General Business Premises Security
Employee Screening And Investigation
Workplace Concerns, Violence And Sexual Harassment Prevention
Fraud & Theft Countermeasures And Prevention
Business Electronic Countermeasures And Counter Espionage Techniques
Hardcore Collections And Assets Nabbing When Credit Customers Go Bad!
Information Gathering And Competitor Intelligence For Business

"The most complete manual to protect a family, home, and business.
Worth the price of ten books because it is ten books in one! "

Joseph Culligan, Author & NAIS Hall Of Fame member


Did you know that approximately 60% of temporary employees have criminal histories?
Are hackers inside your compute or your clients?
Do you know how to prevent sexual harassment lawsuits and make good money teaching your clients these prevention measures?
Does employee domestic violence affect your client's workplace?
Do you or your clients have problems collecting judgments owed you?
Do you know how to keep your clients prepared to handle the aftermath of a robbery?

These are all questions that are answered in this extensive hallmark book. A book like Business Security is long overdue. Ever since 9/11, business owners should be particularly careful of the people they hire as well as the people they do business with, including vendors and potential partners. Business owners and supervisors need to be up to speed on what is required to protect their business and their employees. Business Security is a good foundation to accomplish that and alert business owners of the possible pitfalls they could face and how to prevent them. This expert security material will be of high interest to private investigation and security professionals because of the extensive ad hardcore information it contains.


CHAPTER ONE - security
Personal Security Measures
Parking Lot Security
Office Building Security
Computer Security
Security and Company Culture
Developing Approaches To Business Security
Business Espionage Prevention
Taping Phone Conversations
Business Trip Security
Disaster Management PS11
CHAPTER TWO - employee screening
Employee Screening Through Handwriting Analysis
Background Checks In Canada
International Resources
Immigration Status Determination
Pre-Employee Profiling
Active Duty Military Verifications
International Driver's Licenses
Authorization To Conduct Background & Credit Investigations Form
CHAPTER THREE - workplace
Preventing Workplace Violence: Management Considerations
K-9 Use In The Workplace
Avoiding Computer Lock-Ups
Domestic Violence: A Concern For Employers?
Crisis Intervention
Preventing Sexual Harassment Lawsuits
Responding To A Robbery
Workplace Hostage Situations
CHAPTER FOUR - fraud & theft
Terrorist Links To Commercial Fraud
Insurance Fraud
Do Not Become A Victim Of A Scam
Identity Theft Prevention and Checklist
Reducing Shrinkage
Interview Or Interrogate
The Enemy Within
Tracking The Global Criminal
Developing An Anti-Fraud Program
How Some Terrorist Groups Raise Dirty Money in the US
CHAPTER FIVE - collections
Collecting On Civil Judgments
Obtain Post Office Boxholder Information for Process Service
Unmasking The Mystery Of Hidden Assets
Asset Checklist
Following The Money Trail
Enforcing Legal Judgments
Nabbing Assets Before They're Eaten Up
CHAPTER SIX - information gathering
Public Records In Depth
Public Records Request Form
Information Databases
Miscellaneous Tips
Locating Companies in China
Corporate Intelligence Collection Process
Finding A Reputable Private Investigator
Dumpster Diving, ie: Garbology
The Right To Privacy


You MUST have this book! Look At These Reviews

The Midwest Book Review Says:
Business Security is a comprehensive and explicit manual which focuses upon personal safety measures ranging from threat of physical attack to carefully screen one's employees to protecting one's network against computer viruses. While much of the physical safety advice comprising Business Security is especially appropriate for high-profile corporate VIPs who may be subject to kidnapping, attacks, or other dangers simply because of their wealth and status (whether at home or while traveling abroad), the more general self-defense guidelines for personal physical welfare, the security of computers and computer data, and the guarding against fraud or theft are directly applicable to all business owners and management personnel. Business Security is an absolute "must-read" for businessmen and businesswomen everywhere.

Heartland Reviews Says:
One of the more important books that I have read in the last two years!
Business Security is an amazingly complete how-to book for business owners. If one were using knowledge-based engineering to develop an artificial intelligence program for this oft-neglected area of business, this book would be an excellent source to use as the foundation. The author / editor has gleaned articles from some of the top security consultants in the world and presented them in a logical, easy to understand format. The articles are gems of detailed information based on common sense and, centuries of experience. Each article deals with a specific aspect of security pertinent to the heightened requirements of a post-9/11 reality. There is something for everyone and for every aspect of running a business. If you want to know how to protect your company's computers from worms and viruses; if you want to know how to do your own employee background checks (even in foreign countries); if you want to know what to teach your executives to safeguard their lives; if you want to know how to collect information on competitors and how to safeguard your own company from the same, it's all in here plus much more. Each article is accompanied by the contact information of the contributing consultant, in case a business owner wants more hands-on advice.As a retired intelligence professional, this reviewer was simply blown away by the completeness and usefulness of the information in this excellent book.

Cypress Publishing Says:
In the post 9-11 world, every business manager and owner needs to pay attention to security. Whether it is a terrorist or an overly eager competitor, the threats are there. This book shows you how to protect yourself and your business, and take affirmative action to thwart "evil-doers" of all kinds. It is said that the best crime is one that is never discovered. With the help of this book, business owners and managers are better prepared to avoid a problem before it occurs.

About The Authors
Robert K. Spear, a retired military intelligence professional who has trained over 11,000 people in self-defense and personal security throughout the world, tells how to keep yourself safe if you are ever in an establishment that is being robbed or if you should be taken hostage under other circumstances.

Coleen Widell & Rick Naylor, consultants from The American Institute on Domestic Violence, tells how businesses can develop practical and affordable responses to this workplace threat.

Donald deKieffer, an attorney who has practiced international trade regulation law for more than 25 years. In the early 1980s Mr. deKieffer served the Executive Office of the President as General Counsel to the United States Trade Representative in Washington, D.C.

David P. Roberts, a former Supervisory Officer of the Royalty & Diplomatic Protection Department, an officer of the Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard, London, and who was once the bodyguard for Whitney Houston whom the movie The Bodyguard was based upon, gives detailed instructions on how you can protect yourself against threats to your person.

Barbara Repa, a California attorney specializing in employment mediation, gives step-by-step methods for the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace

Robert A. Gardner, a former Corporate Security Manager and Police Crime Prevention Specialist providing technical guidance and training to business managers and employees in the recognition and reduction of security risks gives detailed methods to prevent workplace violence in your place of business.

Scott Castleman, a licensed private investigator specializing in employee theft and an investigation instructor at Oregon's largest private investigation academy for over six years, goes into detail on methods used to help circumvent employee theft.


How To Protect A Business Against Threats Internally & Externally

Compiled By T. A. Brown
With Security Experts: Robert K. Spear,Coleen Widell, Rick Naylo, Donald deKieffer,
David P. Roberts, Barbara Repa, Robert A. Gardner, Scott Castleman



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