Using Computers to Revolutionize
Your Work and
Maximize Your Profits

 by Bud Jillett

Whether you’re a veteran or aspiring private investigator, a successful career is no longer possible by relying solely on traditional investigative practices. Skillful use of desktop computers, specialized software and the Internet are the keys to success in the PI trade today. Private Investigation in the Computer Age introduces you to the latest computer tools and resources that will enable you to work more quickly and efficiently. The author seamlessly weaves “old school” and Computer Age tactics to help you handle everything from bread-and-butter missing persons and surveillance cases, to fast-changing fields like heir finding, to the entirely new area of computer monitoring and surveillance. Just some of the things you will learn from this book include how to:

squeeze clues from e-mail headers to help find a runaway child or identify a cyberstalker
recover deleted data in order to find incriminating evidence on a subject’s hard drive
unravel complicated money trails without ever leaving your desk
monitor everything a suspect types into his computer, even as he’s entering it
prepare impressive, airtight reports for clients and courtroom testimony

A computer-illiterate PI is a dinosaur. Before the pavement-pounding old-timer steps off the curb outside his office, his computer-savvy competitors will have already received via the Internet the same public data he’s off to fetch. So get this book, get with the program, and get those cases – and profits – now..

Table of Contents

A Word About Computer Literacy
A Word About Privacy

Section One: The Trade
What We Do
The Trade In The Computer Age
Becoming A PI In The Computer Age

Section Two: The Tools And Technology
Where Are The Computers In The Computer Age?
The Internet
Computer Monitoring And Surveillance
Squeezing Clues From E-Mail
Computer Forensics
Lie Detection

Section Three: Tips, Tricks And Tales
The Very Personal Computer
Better Business Bureau
GPS Tracking Technology
Lip Reading
Hear Finding

Appendix 1: Sources
Appendix 2: Geographical And Chronological Distribution Of Special Security Numbers
Appendix 3: Private Detective Licensure

About The Author: Bud Jillett is a licensed private detective working in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has worked in the field most of his adult life and has solved hundreds of missing persons cases. He has more than a decade of experience as an heir finder, and his current focus is on computer monitoring and Internet surveillance. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, illus., 176 pp


Using Computers to Revolutionize Your Work and Maximize Your Profits
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