Countermeasures Encyclopedia
An Interactive CD-Rom On Cutting-Edge Countermeasures Techniques
By Ralph D. Thomas

Countermeasures Encyclopedia hands you training, know-how, techniques and equipment reviews on the very latest techniques for performing countermeasures sweep services. You develop the latest techniques to detect bugs and wiretaps as well as plug up information security leaks. Countermeasures services are booming but you need to make sure that you are using the right equipment, offer the right kind of services and have the latest knowledge which this interactive training program on CD-Rom hands you. It's a virtual encyclopedia on the subject of countermeasures. Aside from the massive digital training manual built right into the training material, you are taken on an actual interactive countermeasures job using high tech equipment. The very latest equipment and techniques are shown in full color as soft music plays in the background. This CD also rewards you with tons of internet aids that leads you to other links and forums you can join dealing with the subject of conducting countermeasures.

The book portion of the training desk has the following training contents:

 Understanding Economic Espionage
 Understanding The Wide Gaps In TSCM Services
 The Surge In Wiretapping And Eavesdropping
 Defining Threat Levels And Threat Level Analysis
 Are You Bugged?
 Common Ways Wiretapping Is Done
  Demographics Of People Who Would Likely Need TSCM Services
 Situations In Which The Possibility Of Bugging Is High
 Red Flags That Could be Indications Of Illegal Eavesdropping
 Initial Contact And Physical Inspection
 RF Bug Sweeping
 Telephone Sweeping And Analysis
 Understanding Non-Linear Junction Detection
 Electricity Basics For Countermeasures Professionals
 Marketing Countermeasures Services
 Computer Security Data Protection Services
 Sound Scrambling, Masking And Audio Jamming
 Understanding Video Camera Detection

The massive aids portion of the desk contain the following subjects:

 Go On A Ride With High End Countermeasures Gear
 Cutting-Edge Countermeasures Equipment Reviews- Kits
 Cutting-Edge Countermeasures Equipment Reviews- RF Detection
 Cutting-Edge Countermeasures Equipment Reviews- Telephone Analysis
 Cutting-Edge Countermeasures Equipment Reviews- Scrambling
 Cutting-Edge Equipment Reviews- Sound Masking And Audio Jamming
 Cutting-Edge Equipment Reviews- Software And Computer Security
 Cutting-Edge Equipment Reviews- Spectrum Analyzers
 Cutting-Edge Equipment Reviews-Non-Linear Junction Detection
 Cutting-Edge Equipment Reviewers- Fiber Scopes
 Cutting-Edge Equipment Reviews- Video/Tape Recorder Detectors
 Cutting-Edge Equipment Reviews- High End Equipment
 Countermeasures Web Links
 Other Countermeasures Resources
 Joining The Countermeasures Forum

All-in-all, this interactive training program on CD-Rom hands you the ability to access the very latest training, equipment, know-how, techniques and internet sources on the subject of conducting countermeasures. Simply insert the CD into your computer, launch your web browser and open the start page file and you have instant access to the massive Countermeasures Encyclopedia. Works with Netscape, Internet Explorer and the AOL web browser. Only $45.00


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