Credit Repair
by Attorneys Robin Leonard & Deanne Loonin
6th Edition, Aug 256 pages. Includes 20 forms

How do you distinguish genuinely helpful credit-repair professionals from scam artists? Ask your library for books such as Credit Repair. - Chicago Sun-Times

The acclaimed plain-English solution to fixing a bad credit report! Perhaps you've had problems with credit. Or perhaps you haven't, but your credit report says you did anyway – nearly 70 percent of credit reports contain errors. Either way, a less-than-flattering report can hurt your chances of qualifying for a credit card, mortgage or any other kind of loan – it can even get in the way of renting an apartment or finding a job.

But a bad credit report can almost always be improved or corrected. In plain English, Credit Repair shows you how to fix your credit situation quickly, easily and legally. Learn how to:

• avoid overspending
• establish a realistic budget
• get out of debt now
• build a financial cushion
• read and understand your credit report
• get mistakes on your credit report fixed
• protect your social security number
• avoid credit discrimination
• get positive information added to your credit report
• negotiate with creditors

This edition of Credit Repair provides new information about your liability when your credit card is used without your permission, and how to close a credit card account properly. It also includes sample credit reports and lists of agencies and organizations to turn to for additional help.

Table of Contents
Introduction to Credit Repair
1. Assessing Your Debt Situation
2. Avoiding Overspending
3. Handling Existing Debts
4. Cleaning Up Your Credit File
5. How Creditors and Employers Use Your Credit Report
6. Building and Maintaining Good Credit Appendices
A1: Resources
A2: Federal Credit Reporting and Credit Repair Laws
A3: Forms and Letters
A4: How to use the Forms CD

Credit Repair
by Attorneys Robin Leonard & Deanne Loonin
6th Edition, Aug 256 pages. Includes 20 forms $24.95



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