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A Complete Course in Self-Defense
by John McSweeney
Street Karate consists of 35 real-life case studies of men and women from all
walks of life who used easy-to-learn karate techniques to defend themselves against muggers, rapists, murderers, drunks, carjackers and other bad guys. The author, a member of the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and a former Self-Defense Instructor of the Year, analyzes each incident to show the events that led up to the attack, the strikes and moves used to stop the aggressors cold, the results and the lessons that can be applied to other situations you may find yourself facing some dark night. You'll also have the opportunity to learn McSweeney's unique and highly successful training and exercise program, called Tiger Moves, that makes the karate strikes so brutally effective. Street Karate is not based on ancient theory or stylized
posturing; it is based on street-proven techniques. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, photos, 96 pp.
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Everyone's Guide to Self-Defense
by Sammy Franco

When Seconds Count is a comprehensive, scientific, yet street-smart approach to how law-abiding citizens can defend themselves against the mounting threat of violent crime, which strikes another victim in America every 17 seconds.

Sammy Franco is no stranger to violence or self-defense. His is the author of Street Lethal and Killer Instinct and the innovator of Contemporary Fighting Arts, a bold new system that allows you to cut through the ceremony and posturing of traditional martial arts and break self-defense down to its simplest elements: practical skills, proven techniques and the confidence to use both on armed and unarmed assailants. Learn how to hone your awareness skills, assess threat levels, de-escalate situations before they turn violent, use weapons skillfully, and cope with the aftermath of violence. When seconds don't have time for mistakes. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, illus., 144pp. $22.00
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A Streetwise Guide to Avoid Being robbed, Raped, Ripped Off, or Run Over
by Marc "Animal" MacYoung and Chris Pfouts

This entertaining look at how crimes are really committed in America's cities offers detailed, specific information on the latest criminal wrinkles in New York and Los Angeles, the trendsetters for street crime. Today, it's happening in the Apple or Orange; tomorrow it's going on in your alley.

Chris (N.Y.) and Animal (L.A.) are streetsavvy observers of criminals in action in their home territories, the deserted alleys and "hoods and parking lots far from the guardians of law and order-the same circumstances under which you're going to meet these punks. they will teach you how muggers, carjackers, junkies, rapists, gangbangers, burglars and conmen select their victims and execute their crimes.

Criminals are looking for easy targets. The practical street wisdom offered in this book will help you harden your defenses and sharpen your wits before you find yourself deep in "Uh-Oh Land, " with a sinking realization that you are about to be robbed, raped, ripped off- of worse. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, 312pp. $21.95
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Disarming the Armed Assailant
by Bradley J. Steiner

When you're unarmed and staring down the barrel of a gun, you won't have a second chance to take control of the situation. bradley Steiner, Combato expert, provides you with the psychological and physical skills you need to save your own life and possibly the lives of others.

Detailed descriptions and photos graphically demonstrate the types of assailants and weapons-the handgun, knife, bludgeon, shoulder weapon and improvised street weapons-you could face and the instant, ruthless action that will disarm and overwhelm your attacker. whether your occupation demands these skills or your simply want to protect yourself, this is the key to your survival. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, 135 photos, 176pp. $14.00
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Progressive Retraining of the Reflexive Response
by Master Hei Long

At least once in his life, every man will stand face-to-face with an aggressor. In that moment of truth, he must be prepared to defend himself-to the death if necessary. Despite common self-defense myths, there is no deeply mysterious method by which you can touch an opponent in a strategic spot and bring him to his knees.

The core of any system of self-defense is the response to an attack. but certain natural bodily responses (such as ducking and blinking) often leave you exposed and defenseless. In an unexpected attack, none of your martial arts training is going to help you if these reflexes are allowed to take over.

Master Hei Long's training program focuses on deconditioning such counterproductive responses to assault. Through a structured learning process that combines fundamental defensive maneuvers with the retraining of the central nervous system, you will learn how to instinctively avoid common assaults and counterattack with maximum efficiency and ferocity to deftly and swiftly crush your assailant. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, illus., 124pp. $14.00
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How to Win Street Confrontations with Speed and Skill
by Frank Albert

As a veteran street cop working the streets of one of America's largest cities, Frank Albert has learned the dangerous "rituals" of violent encounters. In One-Strike Stopping Power, he shows you how to end such confrontations quickly and ruthlessly.

Through his simple but effective system, albert reveals the vulnerable targets of the human body that, if attacked properly, can result in your assailant collapsing to the pavement in writhing pain or unconsciousness. He then goes on to demonstrate how to get these targets with the best punches, kicks, elbows, knees, headbutts and other strikes. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, photos, 176pp.. $15.00
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by Kurt Craven

P.T. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute"-and author and professional sneak Kurt Craven will show you how to take advantage of that fact, with this guide to "The Way of the Sucker Punch." He takes you through 101 different techniques that are sometimes amusing but always devastating, drawing from the martial arts, classic self-defense moves and even the Three Stooges.

The great thing about these moves is that you only need one! Set your sucker up with the simple strategies outlined here, and put him out before anyone even knows anything was happening-especially the sucker! Hit him with the Kiss-My-Ass Kick, the Thunder-Road Trick or the Grab-Hair/Smash-Face-Against-Table Attack. And don't let the funny names fool you-these are tried-and -true, seriously effective moves used by the FBI, bouncers and security guards for Elvis Presley. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, illus., 104pp.$10.00
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Unarmed Urban Combat
by Sammy Franco

To survive a real streetfight, forget about those fancy leaping kicks and preplanned responses that you learned in the dojo-they simply won't work in a real-life encounter, Street Lethal confronts this problem by both outlining the principles for a realistic self-defense system and taking a controversial look at the current state of martial arts in America.

Sammy Franco argues that traditional martial arts are locked into ancient styles and forms and have lost their effectiveness as combat systems. In response to this, he has founded Contemporary Fighting Arts, a hard-hitting system that goes tot the hear of a streetfighting situation and ends it quickly. Street Lethal is a provocative book on unarmed combat that every serious martial artist should read. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, photos, 192pp. $15.95
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Striking Deadly Blows to Vital Organs
by Master Hei Long

"Striking deadly blows," the literal translation of Da Zhimingde, typifies the mechanics of this system of self-defense, which is built around seven critical anatomical targets. The results of properly executed attacks to these vital sensory and life-support organs are brutal and devastating. More often than not, they are final.

Here, Master Hei Long details the anatomical locations and the physiological functions and vulnerabilities of these targets, as well as the most effective strikes and angles of force to be used on each and their practical application.

It is by design, not coincidence, that the targets of Da Zhimingde can be deadly. Theses are the areas you aim for when someone is seriously threatening your life. For academic study only. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, illus., 200pp. $15.00
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Seven Primary Targets to Take Anyone Out of a Fight
by Master Hei Long

Structurally disabling an opponent is like removing the bullets from his gun. It is unlikely that he can throw a punch at you with a broken wrist or elbow, and his ability to advance is substantially inhibited by a busted knee or ankle. That is the principle of guge gongji: stopping an attacker by breaking his instrument of danger. In unarmed combat, that means his ability to move and strike.

Guge gongji is an alternative to killing, a second-to-last resort that should be used only when conventional self-defense tactics are likely to be ineffective. Master Hei Long's precise instructions and illustrations show you how to use your opponent's body as your weapon. Learn the seven primary targets guaranteed to take anyone out of a fight. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, illus., 188pp. ISBN 0-87364-635-5 $15.00
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A Down and Dirty Book on Streetfighting and Survival
by Marc "Animal" MacYoung

Scrapes, jams, combat, blood, mud, grease, bullets and beer. Streetfighting is a down-and dirty subject, and this is a down-and-dirty look at all of the above topics and much, much more.

Marc "Animal" MacYoung is a survivor of countless streetfights, barroom brawls, punchouts, facedowns and other close encounters of the physical kind. In a hard-bitten but hilarious style, Animal guides you through the many aspects of fighting, attitude and awareness that will keep you alive in this mean world.

Can you recognize when someone's about to nail you with a sucker punch? When you're being set up for a mugging? When a psuedo-tough guy is giving you hard looks? It's all here (and how to handle these situations), as well as advice on bullies, weapons, punches and kicks, friends, martial arts vs. streetfighting and a host of other tricks, tips and war stories. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, photos, 264pp. $17.00
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A Scientific Approach to Dirty Fighting
with Marco Lala

In a real street fight there are no rules. Winning and losing are often determined not by superior strength or speed, but by who fights the dirtiest. When Seasoned fighters find that fists and feet are not enough to get the job done, they use the most brutal techniques in their arsenal: head butts, eye gouges and hair pulls.

In this dynamic tape, full contact bare-knuckle champion Marco Lala reveals the secrets of these devastating close-quarter fighting skills. Complete your self-defense arsenal with techniques that will give you the edge when things turn serious. Videos are nonreturnable; defective tapes will be replaced. Color, approx. 50 min., VHS (U.S. format) only. $39.95
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The Secrets of Street Fighting
by Dr. Ted Gambordella

What makes the common thug a better fighter than you? He may be no bigger or stronger. And you can be just as mean as he is especially if your life is on the line.

The difference is that he knows the secrets of streetfighting. In Fight for Your Life!., Dr., Ted Gambordella shows you these secrets. These are no-non-sense, practical strategies that are designed to beat streetwise punks at their own deadly game. No flowery kata are included, only hard-hitting kicks, tricks, blows and throws designed to incapacitate an opponent before he even has a chance to react. Chapters include Fighting Techniques, Knife and Club Defenses, Defenses for Women and Multiple Attacks. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, more than 200 photos, 120pp. $10.00
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Staying Alive in a Civilian War Zone
by Eugene Sockut

Israeli self-defense specialist Eugene Sockut shares the secrets his people have gleaned from years of prevailing in hostile territory, including such often overlooked areas as the required survival mind-set, the psychology of a mob and how it can be used survive a riot, the use of dogs for street survival, the viability of the sword as a modern self-defense weapon, a practical, low-cost solution to concealing a gun in your hand while on the street and many other novel tips and "street survival lessons." For academic study only. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, photos, illus., 400pp. $25.00
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Seven Neurological Attacks for Inflicting Serious Damage
by Master Hei Long

In this groundbreaking study, Master Hei Long unveils the secrets of Gouzao Gongji, a no-holds-barred system of self-defense consisting of seven anatomical targets which, when attacked strategically, will effectively cripple an assailant's nervous system. The Master pinpoints these primary targets and reveals how a properly delivered blow can bring about the desired effect, be it disrupted balance, acute pain, unconsciousness or a temporarily paralyzed limb. Then he outlines which strikes and angles of force are most effective for achieving the precise results you are after. these targets are not lethal or even critical-but not every confrontation calls for such severe action or warrants such devastating consequences. Instead, these seven targets offer a comfortable middle-ground option, arming you with the tools to inflict damage serious enough to stop an assailant of comparable size, strength and weight in his tracks. For academic study only. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, illus., 168pp. $16.00
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Defending Yourself against Surprise Attack
by Master Hei Long

To survive street warfare, you have to learn how to think like a streetfighter. You have to anticipate who will likely ambush you, from where he will attack and what punches or kicks he'll use. But most importantly, you have to learn how to control your danger zones-those areas that make you most vulnerable to an attacker-and exploit his.

Learn how to beat surprise attackers at their own game by mastering stationary defenses, centering, blocking, precision stepping and much more. The key to defeating a surprise attack is understanding the mysteries of the body-yours and your ambusher's. Danger Zones reveals these to you. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, illus., 128pp. $15.00
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Dealing with the Sucker Puncher, Streetfighter, and Ambusher
by Peyton Quinn

As a bouncer in a biker bar, having been attacked by fists, boots, pool cues and knives, Peyton Quinn has learned a thing or two about what goes down in a real fight. As a black belt, he has also learned that martial arts training is useful, but it is no substitute for experience. here is his unique guide that can save your ass in places where the brawling is quick, dirty and very violent.

Quinn reveals the psychology, strengths and weaknesses of a sucker puncher; the characteristics of a real fight (you might be surprised); and tips for dealing with aggressive people and ambushes. He then presents two basic moves that can be applied to most every attack, effective counterstrikes that he has used dozens of times to defeat larger opponents, and secrets of grappling and escapes. finally, he takes a critical and practical look at the most popular marital arts in the U.S.
5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, illus., 264pp. $17.95
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The Art of Staying Alive in Beer Joints, Biker Bars, and Other Fun Places
You've read their books, now get the video by two of Paladin's most popular self-defense authors. Marc "Animal" MacYoung, author of Cheap Shots, Ambushes, and Other Lessons, and Peyton Quinn, author of A Bouncer's Guide to Barroom Brawling, team up to show you the down-and dirty reality of surviving in the saloons and roadhouses of America.

Opening with a bone-breaking, bottle-busting barroom brawl, Animal and Peyton go back and discuss common fantasies and misconceptions (some not so obvious) that were demonstrated in the fight, as well as how some things really would have went down had it been a real-life situation. Discover the truth about why barroom fights occur, saloon ambushes, people "getting in you face," squaring off and how critical it is to be aware of what is going on around you when you enter an unfamiliar bar. Videos are nonreturnable; defective tapes will be replaced. Color, approx. 35 min., VHS (U.S. format) only. $29.95
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by Jeff Cooper

This revised edition of Jeff Cooper's classic on personal defense offer great new illustrations and a new preface while retaining the timeless theory of individual defensive behavior presented in the original book. It is the best study of the guiding principles of survival in the face of unprovoked violence by human assailants. Cooper, the nation's foremost instructor of defensive weaponcraft, discusses the vital elements of defensive mental conditioning.

As Cooper states here, it is safe to say that a decisive majority of the victims of recent horrific murders would still be alive if they had read this short work and heeded what they read. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, illus., 56pp. $10.00
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Practical Self-Defense for Anyone, Anywhere
by Doug Lamb

Short-term self-defense training is likely to be useless against the brutal and merciless attacks of the criminals and crazies that rule the streets today. What most of us need is an equalizer-a simple, effective device that will stop an assailant in his tracks and allow us to escape unharmed. Enter the O.C. pepper spray. Street vendors, malls and magazines peddle them in every shape, size, strength, formulation and configuration. But are they really effective? And if so, why? How do you use them correctly and safely? What's the best kind to buy? What features should you look for? This book tells you all this and more. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 , softcover, photos, illus., 120pp. $15.00
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In what is acclaimed as the most practical video ever made on realistic fighting techniques, Peyton Quinn, author of A Bouncer's guide to Barroom Brawling, presents the self-defense techniques he has used dozens of time as a bouncer in a biker bar. In two hours of instruction, learn how the sucker puncher operates as well as his strong points and basic weaknesses. If you've read Quinn's book, here's a chance to actually see the methods he has used against fists, boot, pool cues and knives in the violent world of biker bars. Videos are nonreturnable; defective tapes will be replaced. Color, approx., 120 min., VHS (U.S. format) only. $29.95
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by Jim Wilson and Paul Evans

Use your body as a powerful and effective weapon in combat situations following the fighting techniques described here. The chokes, strangles, breakaways, releases, locks, throw, sweeps, blocks and counters in this extensively illustrated guide incorporate Oriental fighting arts and Western combat schools of self-defense.

Having taught unarmed combat, karate and related disciplines in the Middle East, Wilson and Evans present a realistic approach to combat situations. 8 x 8, softcover, photos, 156pp. $12.00
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The Self-Defense of Last Resort
by Mike Vassolo

When it comes down to an all-or-nothing streetfight, you need the fighting spirit of the kamikaze warrior. Kamikaze Fighting will show you how to develope unbeatable fighting moves and unshakable confidence. You will learn how to instantly react to common attacks with precise, effective strikes, kicks and defenses. Equally important, you will develop a combat mind-set that gives you the confidence to face a threatening encounter and overpower the assailant. This hard-hitting program offers insightful comments on the realities of streetfighting, clearly presented power-building drills and realistic self-defense lessons. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, 197 photos, 168pp. $18.95
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A Bouncer's Story
by Geoff Thompson

In the tradition of Peyton Quinn and Marc "Animal" MacYoung, experienced barroom bouncer Geoff Thompson brings you the stark realities of the many forms of violence that commonly occur in bars, on the street or any place where people gather. Having been involved in hundreds of show-downs, flare-ups and out-and-out brawls, Thompson knows what it takes to prevail in situations where egos are bruised, tempers rise and fights break out suddenly and violently.

In this useful and entertaining book, Thompson reveals the two biggest secrets to winning a real fight and gives his thoughts on street fighters vs. trained fighters, "fighting without fighting," police involvement, dealing with women, humor in adversity and many more lessons, tips and stories he's accumulated while working for nine years in some of the world's roughest bars. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, 176pp. $17.95
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Power Striking
by Master Hei Long

"Power Striking," the literal translation of da qiang ji, describes the advanced mechanics of the kicks and hand strikes outlined in this manual. Here Master Hei Long reveals how to maximize the results of basic strikes-including advancing and aerial kicks, spinning kicks, straight-line punches, sutos, palm strikes and backhands-by generating increased impact power.

Central to this study are the physical principles behind the achievement of this heightened force of impact. You will discover how, having developed the primary body movements applied in basic strikes and kicks, you can add secondary power sources, called compound-power motions, to multiply the output of impact force. You will also learn how to transmit strength into the rate of motion of an anatomical weapon, thereby harnessing the virtually unlimited force of centrifugally generated power to enhance the strength of your arsenal of martial arts techniques. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, illus., 176pp. $15.00
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The Psychology and Science of Training
by Bruce K. Siddle

Find out exactly how special ops units of the U.S. Army and Navy, FBI and others train to overcome the intense stress of combat situations. This book-written by a man who has trained thousands of elite military and police officers- explores such vital topics as why combat performance deteriorates under the effects of survival stress, why "tunnel vision" occurs during combat, how to improve combat reaction time and how to maximize your overall survival/warrior mindset. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, illus., 152pp. $19.95
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How to Recognize and Avoid Violent Street Crime
with Marc "Animal" MacYoung

Contrary to popular belief, the "jump out of the bushes" type of attack accounts for less than 10 percent of all criminal assaults. In reality, the street thug is not that predictable. But there are definite danger signals that precede the other 90 percent, and this video will teach you how to recognize them prior to an attack so you can avoid becoming the latest victim of violent street crime.

Because the criminal's goal is immediate victory at little personal risk, he will select victims who appear safe to attack. This video will show you how your attitude and actions can convey that attacking you is not a safe bet. You'll learn the three stages of an impending attack and the appropriate reaction to each. Plus, discover the many ways criminals will "interview" you to determine your vulnerability to attack and how to best respond to avoid being considered a potential victim. Videos are nonreturnable; defective tapes will be replaced. Color, approx. 50 min., VHS (U.S. format) only. $9.95
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This is not a treatis on the gentlemanly art of self-defense. It is how-to training course for the GI, peace officer or individual who may find himself in a kill-or-get-killed situations, a complete study in how to kill an armed opponent whether you are armed with weapons or not. For the deadly arena where second place is last, this reprint of Army Field Manual FM 21-150 contains the most complete training course in toe-to-toe combat ever published. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, 156pp. $18.00
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by Capt. W.E. Fairbarns

From the father of modern hand-to-hand combat, Capt. W.E. Fairbairn, comes this classic manual on unarmed combat. The Captain taught the famed British Commandos from this long-out-of-print text. Known for his "get tough" attitude, Fairbairn designed these practical methods after years of training troops and watching ruffians, thugs, bandits and bullies. Now you can profit from his experience with this no-nonsense illustrated manual. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, hardcover, 140 illus., 120pp. $19.95
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From the author of the best-selling book A Bouncer's Guide to Barroom Brawling comes a third instructive video covering self-defense concepts that were proven effective on a weekly if not daily basis to win fights in biker bars. Highlights include favorite techniques from the bouncer trade, using the environment as a weapon and such advanced concepts as stopping the enemy's mind. Demonstrations of real-life applications of basic fighting tenets-common angles of attack as seen by a beer bottle snatched off a bar, for example-set this tape apart from all others. Videos are nonreturnable; defective tapes will be replaced. Color, approx. 60 min., VHS (U.S. format) only. $29.95
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Stompings, Maimings, and Other Things to Avoid When a Fight Goes to the Ground
by Marc "Animal" MacYoung

Anyone who's ever been in or seen a real fight or two knows that, more than likely, it will end up with the participants rolling around on the ground. In Floor Fighting, Marc "Animal" MacYoung covers the subject from the time you and your opponent are about to go down to when you're back on your feet, including all of the jerking, jabbing, gouging and biting nastiness in between!

The idea of winning a fight that has gone to the ground has little to do with putting your opponent in some kind of "hold" and more with maiming him so badly that you can get up quicker than he can. Animal discusses how to fall without damaging yourself, how to slam your opponent down with the most devastating result, how to take somebody down who's trying to stomp you from above, the quickest ways to hurt someone once you're both on the ground and your two options once you are back on your feet-getting out of there or kicking the shit out of your downed attacker! 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, photos, illus., 200pp. $19.00
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Practical Karate for the Streets
by Loren W. Christensen

As a military policeman in one of the roughest cities in the World-Saigon, Vietnam-Loren Christensen learned the hard way that real fights are far more explosive and violent than karate sparring matches. Anything Goes reveals the physical and mental adjustments a martial artist must make in his thinking and training in order to survive the real thing.

christensen exposes the weaknesses of popular hand techniques and kicks used in sparring matches and show what will work to stop a determined opponent. He covers areas of self-defense that go beyond unrealistic tournament guidelines, including grappling, vulnerable targets and using your environment as a weapon. Also offered are training tips and sparring drills that will sharpen the skills necessary to come out on top of any physical confrontation. 5 1/2 x 8 1/, softcover, photos, 176pp. $16.00
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Surviving on the Wild Side of the Street
by Marc "Animal" MacYoung

One thing Marc "Animal" MacYoung does not pretend to be is a traditionalist. As he puts it in this companion to Cheap Shots, Ambushes, and Other Lessons, "It's awareness, or wits, and fists that will keep you safe out there, not some fancy Oriental fighting form."

Here Animal focuses on the fine points and brutal technicalities of blows and targeting-not just how to hit but where to hit. Because the fact is, the key to winning a fight is not necessarily to hit faster, or even harder, but to do damage to the other guy before he can do it to you. On the flip side, once you know what hurts, you'll know how to protect your most vulnerable areas with a littler more gusto. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, illus., 152pp. $14.00
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