Find It Online

The Complete Guide To Online Research


By Alan M. Schlein

Find It Online
The complete guide to Online research
The "consultant on a shelf" for the online researcher or Internet user! Award-winning journalist Alan M. Schein, the nation's leading online trainer for investigative reporters, shares his "inside secrets" to researching on the Internet. This book is both amazing and extremely comprehensive. There are a number of manuals on conducting investigative searches on the net but none like this! Subject outline includes:


Before You Start
Some basic Technology.

The Megabusiness Of Gathering And Selling Data
You can level the playing field! Everything you wanted to know but didn't know who to ask.

Framing Your Search Strategy
How to create your own roadmaps of the information superhighway. Approaching search strategy the right way. Sources, friends and enemies. Boolean operators and keywords.

General Search Tools
Complete rundown on the major search engines. Learn their advantages, disadvantages, features and when to use what. Best subject directories on the net and how to use them.

The Hidden Internet
Some stuff just isn't indexed on the search engines. Learn why this is happening and how to find the hidden Internet.

Specialized Tools
Develop an expertise in people finders, e-mail finders, mapping tools, document finders, yellow page finders, background tools. Use specialized newsgroup tools that let you hunt for any message posted in any newsgroup by any person. Understanding the use of chat rooms and mailing list groups in your information quest.

Saving And Downloading Your Results
A field guide to document saving and file formats. Understanding file attachments, compression. and links. Understanding and using FTP and Telnet resources.

Government Sources Online
Government gateways to the information you seek. Best online government resources. State and regional government resources. Best international resources. Legal and political resource sites.

Public Records Online
Complete step-by-step run down on the different types of public records you can obtain and where to obtain them. Bankruptcy records, corporate records, court records, fictitious business names. real property records, uniform commercial code records, vital records, voter records, other kinds of records. Understanding and using docum,ent access and retrieval.

News Resources Online
News in general. Best news collections. Top online wires. Top online newspapers. Magazines and newsletters. Television and radio sites. E-Zines and online publications. Foreign sources. Achieves and transcripts.

Business Tools
Business resources in general. Company and industry research. Backgrounding a company. Company directories. SEC and related resources. Market research. Sales prospecting. Competitive intelligence. Patents and trademarks. Personal financial information.

Managing And Filtering Information
Amazing techniques for managing and filtering e-mail, web sites and bookmarks, downloads. Using cutting-edge technology such as "push", "Bots", and other highly personalized tools.

Sample Searches
Huge selection of sample searches you can learn from.

Privacy and Protection
Understanding privacy on the internet and how to protect your privacy.

Huge Index Of Online Web Sites
This huge index has a comprehensive index of thousands of web sites you will use for all the subjects listed above.

Comprehensive Glossary And Index


Find It Online provides:

* Practical lessons to obtain online results -- fast.
* Reliable sources to investigate the competition, uncover business information and find people.
* Effective management tools to become self-sufficient online.
* Details on thousands of the best web sites both free and pay-for-use.
* The latest on push technology and filtering tools.

With Find It Online, you'll be on the cutting edge!
Winner of The Irwin Award
Revised New Edition for 2000

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