I-Way Robbery
Crime on the Internet

by William C. Boni, MBA And
Dr. Gerald Kovacich CFE, CPP, CISSP


I-Way Robbery
Crime on the Internet

William C. Boni MBA
leads PriceWaterhouseCoopers Information Protection Practice. Bill has worked as the Director of Information Proctection Practices for Amgen; as a U.S. Army counterintelligence officer; federal agent and investigator; and a security consultant .

Dr. Gerald Kovacich
President, Information Security Management Associates

Addresses the subject of internet security from the non-information systems perspective Detailed incident reports to fully illustrate the specific issues readers must understand to fully appreciate the risks of I-Way activity Covers a broad range of issues Fully indicative of the extensive expertise of both authors Broad appeal - infinitely accessible writing style

This book is for security professionals who need to get up to speed on the whole issue of crime on the internet. The security manager responsible for facilities is often finding herself responsible for computers as well and may not know the extent of the internet's reach and the possible crimes on it. This book explains the history of the net, the future of it, and its current state, in addition to which it can expose an organization.

This book starts with the basics and teaches users about the internet before teaching them about the security risks. This addresses the subject from the non-information systems perspective and educates the average user about the overall risks and appropriate protective measures they should enforce and follow.

Contents: Chapter 1 What is the I-Way? Chapter 2 What Has Been the Impact of the I-Way? Chapter 3 Dangerous Curves Ahead! Chapter 4 I-Way Bandits, Laws, Politics and Other Issues Chapter 5 I-Way Robbers and Other Miscreants Chapter 6 I-Way Targets Chapter 7 I-Way Robbers - How Did They Do That? Chapter 8 I-Way Robberies! Chapter 9 What Caused the I-Way Security Problems? Chapter 10 Basic I-Way Protection for Businesses and Government Agencies Chapter 11 Driving the I-Way into the 21st Century Appendices About the Authors References and Recommended Readings


I-Way Robbery
Crime on the Internet
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