Blockbuster Revelation By Private Investigator William C. Dear!


The O.J. Simpson Trial was likely the criminal trial of the century! He was found not guilty. But behind the scenes, the renowned private investigator, William Dear investigated the case for six long years. This revealing blockbuster is the result of that investigation which solves the case and proves that O.J. is guilty but not of murder!

Not only is this book an investigative report based on Bill Dear's six year long investigation into the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, it's an advanced exercise in investigative technique on how Mr. Dear took six prime suspects and narrowed them down. You'll learn for whom and why O.J. may have been willing to stand trial in the murders as you walk step-by-step beside Bill Dear on his compelling journey. Mr. Dear has uncovered startling new evidence that is certain to change the perception of O.J's guilt. This evidence has never before been made public!

Special Note From Ralph Thomas: I have to tell you, while the O.J. Simpson trial was going on, I received no less than a half a dozen calls a week from the news media wanting to know if I thought O.J. was guilty or not. My response was always the fact that I didn't know enough about the case to make any comments or informed judgments on it. If the news media called me today, I'd likely say that O.J. is guilty but not of murder and then refer them to William C. Dear. That's because I have read my friend, Bill Dear's book! We don't usually offer true crime type books but this one is very different. It's really not a true crime book as much as it is an investigative report with truly revealing evidence in it never before uncovered. Moreover, this book is an lesson in and of itself on how to solve a complicated crime. I have known William C. Dear for almost twenty years and I have watched him solve murders others have not be able to crack. This is a must read book for anyone doing any type of investigative work as well as though with an interest in the O.J. case.

About The Author, William C. Dear

Nicknamed "the real life James Bond" by the London Times, Toronto Star and the Dallas Times Herald, Bill has been involved in some truly unique and harrowing cases. he solved the mystery surrounding the disappearance and death of a young genius at Michigan State University, as chronicled in his book, The Dungeon Master. He was also head of a team appointed to the exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald, solved the Dean Milo murder in Akron, Ohio, which resulted in eleven arrests and convictions- the most ever in U.S. history for a single murder case. Mr dear was also the investigator in the Black Widow Murder case and the Wax Museum murder case in Arlington, Texas. Mr. Dear has thirty-five years day-to-day experience as a private investigator specializing in homicides in the US and abroad and is considered one of only a handful of top private investigators in the area of homicide in the United States. This larger than life character, who aptly calls Texas his home, may indeed have finally solved the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman bringing closure, not only to the victim's families, but to the question in the minds of countless people who were riveted to their televisions while it was played out by the national media.


Blockbuster Revelation By Private Investigator William C. Dear!
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