Secret Software Cover


Making the Most of Computer Resources for
Data Protection, Information Recovery, Forensic Examination, Crime Investigation, and More!

by Norbert Zaenglein


Now, the software secrets that have been the exclusive domain of hackers and other computer-savvy surfers are out of the bag. With this book, Norbert Zaenglein, author of the best-selling book Disk Detective, takes these insider secrets mainstream. In straightforward, nontechnical terms, you'll get the low-down on computer privacy, hackers and attackers, computer crime and forensics, ways to obliterate data forever, anonymity in cyberspace, online investigation, electronic hiding places, steganography, encryption and more.

Chapters Include:

Electronic Document Shredders
Email Encryption And Anonymity
Covert Computer Surveillance Monitoring
New Electronic Truth Serum That Rivals The Polygraph
Detection And Identification Of Electronic Intruders
Lock Picking The PC
Spy Glasses For Your PC
Professional Forensics Software To Assist You In Investigations
File Viewers That Provide Instant Access To Files You Can Not Open
Undercover Agents On The Net
Software That Searches The Internet To Uncover What Is Being Said About You Or Anyone
Image Enhancement Software To Aid In Investigations
All-In-One Computer Security Programs
Much More!

Whether you want to protect confidential material from prying eyes or you're the one doing the prying, Zaenglein presents you with the latest high-tech tools to get the job done. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, illus., 128 pp Only $20.00 


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