Bluetooth Headphone Covert Video Camera/DVR

Tiny Invisible Secrets Covert Video Studio Has Been Reinvented!


Hands Free Invisible Secrets
Bluetooth Headphone Covert Video Camera/DVR
Covert Video Will Never Be The Same Again!

Invisible secrets covert video now goes completely hands fee! You look like you are minding your own business talking on your bluetooth headset on your cell phone but appearances are not what they look like! You are covertly recording video as you walk around. SInce your hands are free, you can look very busy with a pen and notebook as you walk around appearing to be writing notes as you talk on your phone. No one will ever know the difference. You can now obtain your covert video and no one will even know you where there and do it all hands free! This high end covert video studio on your ear is just the thing for your walk around covert video operations and no one will ever know the difference! This law enforcement grade unit covertly video records what you see when you see it. It also functions as a wireless bluetooth headset for your cell phone and has an audio recording mode so you can record incoming phone calls. If you are an investigative professional, don't leave home without one!

Video On Invisible Secrets
Bluetooth Headphone Covert Video Camera/DVR!

Watch The Video On The Innovative Bluetooth Headphone Covert Video/DVR Set! You Will Be Amazed! Step Up To Professional Quality And Law Enforcement Grade! Click On IconIn Lower Right Of Video To View At Full Screen!

Amazing Advanced Features:

• Functional Bluetooth Earpiece - Use as a regular earpiece to make/receive calls
• High Resolution Video Camera - Built in camera allows you to easily record video
• Professional & Law Enforcement Grade Quality
• Has Phone Call Audio Recording Mode To Record Your Phone Calls
• Removable Micro SD Card Memory System
• Built in Quality Digital Video Recorder

Professional Grade Specifications You'll Love

• Professional Bluetooth Camcorder for Police-PD20
• Bluetooth earphone: answer, hang up, volume adjust and loop.
• AV out for reviewing on TV.
• RTC function with time stamp, to ensure the validity of certification.
• PC Camera function for video meeting.
• Continuous shooting: JPEG format, 2048x1536, 3.0M Pixel
• Data encrypting for security
• Easily for using with adjustable 90 degree direction
• Flash memory for protecting data, with standard 8G card.
• Separate sound recording function for long time recording, it can also record the bluetooth call
• Volume adjust and loop
• Easily for operation with sound indicator of key pressing when bluetooth is on.
• Memory checking function
• Led indicator for easily operation
• Automatic standing by.
• Pixel: 3.0M Color CMOS
• View Angle: 80 Degree
• Battery capacity: 400mAH Lithium Batteries (rechargeable)
• Consumption current: 200mA/3.7V (max)
• Usage duration: 2 hours
• Storage medium: Build in Flash
• SD Capability: 8GB
• Video function and format: Recording for AVI format VGA (640X 480 @30 MAX) frame/second
• Video decode: MPEG4
• Camera Function: 2048 X 1536 JPEG
• Bluetooth earphone: Mono
• Mini USB: USB2.0
• Operation System: Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP/Vista/Mac OS

• Functional Bluetooth Earpiece With Covert Video/DVR
• Charger Adapter
• USB 2.0 Cable for fast downloads
• RCA video cords
• Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
• CD
• User Manual

Order The Hands Free Invisible Secrets Bluetooth Headphone Set now and you will never miss the ability to record another covert video shoot again in high quality and have the ability to audio record all your incoming telephone calls. And remember, you can now do all of this hands free!

Hands Free Invisible Secrets
Bluetooth Headphone Covert Video Camera/DVR $295.00

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