A Master Guide to VIP Protection

By Mark V Longsdale

300 plus pages, 150 photos and diagrams

Bodyguard by Mark Lonsdale is a practical guide to government, police, military and private sector personnel involved in VIP protection. It is an in-depth study of the techniques and training required to be a successful personal protection specialist. Of great value not only to private sector bodyguards, but also to law enforcement or military personnel involved in witness protection, visiting dignitary security, protection of command staff, etc. This extensive work is a huge reference and training manual for all types of bodyguards and executive protection services.

Table of Contents

  • Understanding The Security Business
    Three Types of Security, Escalating Levels of Protection
  • Role Of The Modern Bodyguard
    Government, Law Enforcement, Military, Private Sector
  • Profile Of A Bodyguard
    Who becomes A Bodyguard? Why become A Body Guard? Desirable Characteristics For a BG. Basic Deportment
  • Duties Of The Bodyguard
  • Limitations Of The Bodyguard
    Working Solo, Driving Or On Foot, Scheduling, Guns, Police Officers
  • The Client/Bodyguard Relationship
    Types Of Clients, The Principle And The BG, At The Residence, The Wife, Children, Teenagers, Privacy, Unprofessionalism, What Will get You Fired
  • Selecting a Bodyguard
    The Hiring Process, The Interview, Probationary Period
  • Basic BG Training
    Types Of Training, Sample Training Programs, Sources Of Training, Personal Endeavor
  • Fitness And Defensive Tactics
    The Basics, Physical Conditioning For Self defense, Mental Conditioning For Self defense, Principles of Self Defense, Effective Striking, Effective Kicking, Cover And Evacuate.
  • Close Protection Drills
    Team Drills, Solo BG Drills
    First Aid And medical Emergencies
  • Firearms Selection
    Handguns, Shotguns, Submachine Guns, Ammunition, Guns for The Client, Holsters, Cleaning And Storage, Conclusion.
  • Firearms Training
    Firearms Police, Ranger Safety, Close Quarter Shooting, Advanced Training Team Training, Mental Preparation, Gunfight Survival
  • Driver Training
    Driving Schools, Vehicle Selection And Modification, Armored Vehicles, Driving Techniques, Counter Ambush Drills
  • Knowing Your Enemy
    Family Members, Employees And Associates, Criminals, Crazies And Stalkers, Terrorists
  • Threat Assessment
    Initial Threat Assessment, On-Going Threat Assessment
  • Explosive Identification
    Introduction To Explosives, Sources Of Explosives, Improvised Devices, car Bombs, Letter Bombs, Explosive Countermeasures.
  • Security Systems
    Psychical Security, Electronic Security, Guard services
  • Operations Security
    The bodyguards, The Staff And Family, Movement And Travel
  • Residential Security
    Estate Security, Access Control, Security Procedures, Confronting An Intruder, Unprofessionalism, The Safe House
  • Corporate Security
    Security Considerations, Daily Routine, Countermeasures And Procedures
  • Going Mobile
    Social Engagements, restaurants, Nightclubs, Movies, Shopping
  • Special Events
    Attending An Event, Hosting An Event
  • Advance Work
    Travel Related, Visit Related, Security Related
  • Working Out Of State
    Advance Work, Traveling With firearms, The Corporate Jet, Winter Ski Resorts
  • Going International
    Advance Work, Flying, Arrival Procedures, In Country, Home Life
  • Maritime Security
    Modern day Piracy, Planning, Advance Work, Operations, Diving.
  • Conclusion
    CYA, Ten Commandments
  • Appendix
    Glossary Of Terms, Additional reading, Equipment Suppliers, Notes


AS you can see, BODYGUARD contains more than just shooting and driving techniques, taking the reader into every aspect of the duties, training and operational procedures of the professional protection specialists. 300 plus Pages, 150 photos and diagrams.

BODYGUARD - A Master Guide to VIP Protection $39.95
By Mark V Longsdale , 300 plus pages, 150 photos and diagrams

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