* Horizontal Sense Range Angle 24.0¡Æ
(From the Camera to the left :12¡Æ, to the right 12¡Æ)

* Vertical Sense Range Angle 17.0¡Æ
(From the Camera upward : 8.5¡Æ, downward 8.5¡Æ)

* Sense and Recording Distance : Within 8M (26.2ft)

Please set up the camera at an appropriate place considering the camera's sense range angle and distance.
How to check
Check the function signal light(green) on Camera lens under disarmed condition after you press 'Power'
Normal Function State of Camera(under disarmed condition)
When moving thing is sensed, the green light on Camera lens will be on for 2¡-5 seconds.(The light stays on when the camera senses continuous motion)
After setting up the Camera at an appropriate place, please adjust the direction of angle you want to have by moving it up & down and from side to side.