CMD-BU13LX LawMate Low Light HD Covert Video Button Camera Kit
LawMate Ups The Bar Again! New Generation High Resolution - Low Light!
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When it comes to small compact multi-functional covert video camera technology, LawMate moves the bar up again! This is a new revolution from LawMate in high end covert video micro digital cameras! The CMD-BU13LX features WDR picture and video quality and gives you extreme high resolution for both video and surveillance snap shots. With it's miniature size and button design, you are ready to go for low light high resolution covert video surveillance operations when you need it! The CMD-BU13LX will work in the dark, in light as well as work fine for both indoor and outdoor covert video operations. Interchangeable covert head on the lens lets you use it as a button camera or general covert video or still shot camera when you need it! Works with the PV-500EVO 2 Pocket Digital Video Recorder and the PV1000-Touch Pocket Digital Video Recorder.

Wide Range Of Options: This new generation high end Law Enforcement grade low light HD camera kit gives you a wide range of options when it comes to covert video walk around operations. Since the covert video camera works in low lighting conditions, it collects your covert video in HD every time in darker bars, parking garages or other conditions in which light is low. With WDR technology, the camera automatically adjusts itself so you always get the very best images. You have a number of button options that screw on to the camera lens so the camera can be used in formal or informal wear. This high grade camera can also be used by itself without the buttons as well as used for placement with screw heads so you'll get both walk around covert video operations as well as stationary covert video camera functions. With it's screw-on tips, it's actually five cameras in one for two different types of covert video operations (stationary or bodywear walk around)

Special Features
• Digital Picture Resolution: 1280x720 resolution
• Video Resolution: >800TV Line
• Fully digital connection
• Included plug-in microphone lets you optionally record audio when legal

• Resolution: Up to 1280 x 960
• Lux Light Intensity: 0.3 lux
• Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Auto Light Adjusting For Very Best Video
• Angle Of View: 78 degree
• Electronic Shutter: 1/8 - 1/30,000
• Lens Diameter 4.3mm
• Lens F/No: F2.0
• Pixel Size: 3.75um(H) X 3.75um(V)
• Proprietary HDMI
• Size: 1 1/8" x 1 1/8"
• Weight: 10g

• Wired HD CMOS Button Camera with Audio
• Two Types Of Button Covers
• Two Types Of Screw Covers
• Plug - on or plug- off Microphone
• Digital Cable Connection Kit
• User Manual

Compatible With These LawMate Grade Pocket Digital Video Recorders
• PV1000T LawMate DVR
PV-500EVO 2

Inside Or Outside, Setting Stationary Or On The Go,
You Will Capture High Grade Covert Video Every Time!

New Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Video Technology!

New Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Video Technology!
When video is running, the amount of light coming into the lens can vary widely, especially when using walk around covert video in which you may be inside and outside, recording towards and away from sunlight. Inside an office, home or building, the amount of sun light coming in from windows will often vary widely especially when you are moving around. You might be shooting in high contrast, with backlight and/or glare and in various light reflection environments such as an entrance to a building. Other times you may be in a vary dark environments. The point is, as you move around, especially with walk around covert video equipment, the lighting conditions change. What the new Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) does it auto adjusts for these lighting conditions so you always get the best recording regardless of lighting conditions for each frame. WDR will help you from over exposed or underexposed frames in your video.

The new generation CMD-BY13LX hands you a wide range of professional grade covert video functions all built into one tiny multi-function camera kit that works will LawMate pocket DVRs. (Click here to review the LawMate Pocket DVR options.) With the low light , HD, and multi function ability, your covert video operations will never be the same again. You'll be capturing the covert video evidence you need to capture every time. So go ahead and make your day and make your next covert video operation! Order now and we assure you you will be happy you did it. You'll soon discover, just like other professional investigators have; that with LawMate grade covert video products, you'll touch, see, feel and end result the difference.

CMD-BU13LX LawMate Low Light HD Covert Video Button Camera Kit $210.00


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