TE-3201 Hand-held Field Strength Analyzer / Spectrum Monitor
" A truly affordable, simple to operate, expanded coverage
professional spectrum monitor receiver"

The TE-3201 will allow you to display channel data on the spectrum
Display as well as monitor the transmission"

The World's first Hand-held Field Strength Analyzer / Spectrum Monitor with wide band reception ranging from 100 KHz to 2.060 GHz, includes RS-232 cable for interface with computer or printer. The TE-3201 has been designed from the ground up with features only found in analyzers costing up to 10 times the price. The TE-3201 is ideal for countermeasure applications, testing, installing and maintenance of Mobile Telecommunications Systems, Cellular Phones, Cordless Phones, CB Radios, Paging , Cable TV and Satellite Receiving Equipment as well as installing and measuring Antennas.


Frequency Range: 100KHz to 2.060 Ghz
Narrow Band FM, Wide Band FM, AM and Single Side Band modulated signals may be measured PLL (phase locked loop) tuning system for precise frequency measurement and tuning.
Signal levels up to 160 channels can be displayed simultaneously on the LCD, LED Backlight LCD (192 x 192 dots)
Built-in Frequency Counter
Hand-held and battery operated
All functions are menu selected
RS232C for PC interface and printer
Built-in speaker


Bandwidth: 100KHz~2.060GHz
Accuracy: +/-25PPM
Coverage: NFM/WFM/AM/SSB
Tuning Offset: 5KHz, 6.25KHz
Channel Memory: 10BANK x 160CH(1600CH)
Setup memory: 10BANK x 3 Scan Mode
S/N Ratio: At NFM 12dB WFM 10dB 0~6dB EMF
Scan Speed: 12.5CH/SEC.MAX.
nput Impedance: 50 Ohm Standard
Max. Input Voltage: Max5Vrms
Voice Output: 120mW (8 ohm )
100 KHz to 2.060 Ghz measuring range
Built in frequency counter
Measures Wide band and Narrow band FM, AM and Single sideband signals
Has a phase lock loop for precise frequency measurement and tuning RS-232 output and optional software
Back lit display
Audio output for monitoring
Hand held and battery operated
Detachable antenna included
Up to 160 channels may be scanned
50 ohms or 75 ohms input impedance
Built in speaker
All functions are menu selected


Frequency Range: 100 KHz to 2.060 Ghz
Frequency Step: 5 KHz to 99995 KHz in multiples of 5KHz and 6.25 KHz
Frequency Osc Accuracy: +/- 3 PPM
Frequency marker Accuracy: +/- 25 ppm
Frequency Meas: Narrow Band FM, Wide Band FM,AM and Single Sideband


Input Impedance: 75 Ohms or 50 Ohms
Maximum Input Volts: 5V rms
Measurement Units: dBm
Attenuation: 0dB to 60dB external mechanical 0dB or -10dB internal by keypad

Level Measurement

Level Meas. Rang: -60dBmV to 10dBmV (from 1MHz to 2.060 Ghz)
Resolution: +/- 0.5dBuV
Accuracy: +/-3dB (at an ambient temperature and with a calibrated frequency)
Bandwidth wide band FM approx.: 180KHz (-6dB)
AM and SSB: Approx. 2.4 Khz BFO: +/- 1.5 KHz
Level Meas. Range: 0dBuV to 60dBuV EMF Resolution: +/- 0.5dB
Accuracy: +/-3dB (at an ambient temperature and with a calibrated frequency)
Bandwidth: WFM: approx. 180 Khz (-6dB) AM/SSB: approx. 2.4Khz (-6dB)
Antenna Reception S/N ratio: NFM: 12 dB; WFM: 10 dB
Spurious internal: -35dBc WFM; -45dBc for NFM typical


Display Modes: Spectrum, Bargraph and Frequency counter
Bargraph Displays: Single channel, Multi channel and 2 channel difference Frequency and level data is displayed on the LCD of the signal indicated by the marker
Multi channel bargraph display: 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160 bargraphs per display may be selected
Sweep Modes: Single, Normal and Free run SCAN
Modes: Manual, Channel and Search
Scan speed: 12.5 ch/sec MEMORY
Channel: 10 displays of up to 160 CH
Setup: 10 setups
Counter Data: 10 screens

Frequency Counter

Bandwidth: 9MHz to 2.060 GHz
Resolution: 1KHz
Accuracy: 50PPM +/- 1 count
Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
Max. input Volts: 5V rms
Response Time: 0.512 Sec.
Input sensitivity: 9 Mhz to 2000 Mhz: 150mV RMS, 20 Mhz to 1500Mhz: 100mV RMS, 2Mhz to 2800Mhz: 500mV RMS


LCD: 192 x 192 Pixels LED Backlighted
Back light: LED, back light will shut off 5 seconds after the final key depression (continuous light on is also available)
RS-232 Int: (8 pin mini Din connector)
Baud Rate: 1200, 2400, 4800 or 9600
Auto power off: 30 minutes after the final key depression
Audio output: 120mW into a 8 Ohm speaker
Power requirements: DC: 6 AA Batteries, NiCd Battery, 12 volt car adapter
AC: 11V to 16V 400 Ma max AC to DC adapter


Operating Temperature: 0oC to 40oC
Relative Humidity: 35% to 85%
Storage Temperature: -10oC to 50oC
Dimensions: 9"H x 4"W x 1.77"D
Weight: 1.4 lbs.

Supplied Accessories

Antenna (receive only);
carry case;
AA type Ni-cad batteries x 6 pcs;
RS-232C cable;
two manuals;
Software disk for PC interface;
two foot BNC to BNC cable;
wall adapter- charger and eliminator;
removeable carry strap


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