Lawmate CordCam
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Stationary Covert Video
Will Never be The Same Again!

Lawmate Brand Covert Cord Cam

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Lawmate Brand High
Definition Covert Cord Cam
Will Work with: Charger DVR, PV500, PV700, PV900, PV1000.

The Law Enforcement Grade Lawmate Brand Cord Camera looks like a normal plug that can just set around and no one knows the difference. But inside the hole of this plug is a high grade high Definition covert video camera that will video record the evidence you need every time.

Coming Soon!
ChargeIt Covert DVR/Cam
Lawmate Brand Law Enforcement Grade
Stationary Covert Video Will Never Be The Same Again

Two Models To Pick From:
Advanced Model: High Resolution With Motion Activation
Ultra Advanced Model: High
Definition, Motion Activation And External Camera Plug
Optional Lawmate Brand Covert Cord Cam

It looks like a regular every day AC Adapter you plug into the wall but that is not what it is. This high grade covert video camera has a DVR and hidden camera built right into it with motion activation. Simple plug and play operation! After you insert an sd card, you simply plug it in to any working electrical outlet, and it instantly starts recording upon motion activation. Advanced model has built in camera and DVR with motion action. The Ultra Advanced Model has true High Definition, Time And Date Stamping and an extra plug for a second camera such as our covert cord plug camera that looks like a normal cord. Since the unit plugs into the wall and it powered in this manner, there is no need to worry about battery drain since these high grade units are powered through the normal electrical outlet. It just sets there and looks like an AC Adopter but only you know what it really it.

ChargeIt DVR Cam


Features And Specifications

Covert Video CordCam
• True High Definition
• Can Be Used with Any Lawmate Brand DVR
•Will Work with: Charger DVR, PV500, PV700, PV900, PV1000.

Advanced ChargeIt
• Normal Looking AC Adapter Plug
• Built In Hidden Camera
• Built In DVR
• Hidden Micro SD Memory Card

• Powered By Power Plug
• Amazing 640 X 480/ 29 Frames Per Second
• Takes Up To A 32 gb SD Card/32 Hours Recording time.

Ultra Advanced ChargeIt
• True High Definition
• Time And Date Stamping On All Videos
• Extra Hidden External Camera Plug
• Optional Covert Cord Camera

You can be the very first to use this new high grade covert video Lawmate brand systems by pre-ordering now! The first units will ship the end of April so order today and leave your competition on the dust with toys-r-us tinker toy equipment.


Covert Video CordCam $195.00
Lawmate Brand Law Enforcement Grade

ChargeIt Covert DVR/Cam With Motion Activation
Lawmate Brand Law Enforcement Grade $295.00

Ultra Advanced ChargeIt Covert DVR/Cam
With Motion Activation, High Definition And External Camera Plug
Lawmate Brand Law Enforcement Grade $395.00

Ultra Advanced ChargeIt Covert DVR/Cam
With Motion Activation, High Definition And External Camera Plug
And Covert Cord Camera Package
Lawmate Brand Law Enforcement Grade $495.00



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