Portable Nano-Sized Countermeasures Reinvented for 2007!
Smaller, Better And Cheaper Than Every Before!

CounterTek Nano Portable Bug And Wiretap Detection Kit

The new high tack CounterTek Nano countermeasures kit gives you superior buy sweeping ability built into a pen as well as high tech eavesdropping defeating ability with the new CounterTek TelGuard in a very small and portable size. Not only can you sweep a room quickly and easily with the pen bug detector, you can use the pen to spot recent tampering of any electric plates with it's built-in UV light. The new nano-sized CounterTek TelGuard gives you protection over a telephone line so you will now in an instant if your phone line is tapped or an extension line gets picked up! Here is a detailed description of both high tech CounterTek units:

CounterTek TelGuard

The CounterTek TelGuard helps ensure the privacy of your telephone conversations. If the green L.E.D. goes out during a phone conversation, this indicates a drop in line voltage that which could mean that another phone has been picked up on the same line, or that an eavesdropping device has been activated. This voltage drop can also interfere with fax transmissions or credit card transactions. When the L.E.D. goes out, simply press the red button and the CounterTek TelGuard will automatically disconnect all other phones/machines on the line. Connects easily to any standard phone line. No batteries or external power source required.

Specifications And Features
• Green LED Alert Light
• Instant Alert To Wiretap Or Line Bug Activation
• Instant Alert If Extension Line Gets Picked Up
• Signals Whether Line Is In Use
• Also Protects Faxes And Modems From Interruption
• There Are No Batteries Required For Operation
• Very Portable And Small!
• Easy To Use And Quick To Set Up

• 2 1/2" x 1 7/8" x 1 1/4"

CountTek Pen Bug Detector Plus
Covert All In One Auto SpyTeK RF Pen Detector with UV Light
Detects And Alerts You To RF Bugs And Wiretaps! UV Pen Lets Your Check Position Of Screw Heads For Tampering Of Phone Outlets, Electrical Outlets, Phones, Lamps And Other Appliances!


The new generation SpyTek RF Ink Pen Detector gives you a highly portable RF working pen bug detector and a UV light detection function that let's you quickly check any marked item such as electrical outlets, phone outlets, lamps or other electrical appliances for tampering. The working and functioning covert pen bug detector can quickly sweep a room with a wide sweeping range up to 3.0 Ghz! However, that's just the start of the amazing functions found in this new covert countermeasures detector that every TSCM sweep team will want to have! It has an all important built-in UV light function that completely tamperproof's everything. By marketing the screw head position of electrical outlets, telephone jacks, the bottom screws on phones and lamps (see photos below) you can quickly and easily know in second if the item has been tampered with by using the quick UV light function on the bug detector. A free UV marking pen is included. Aside from quickly sweeping a room with the covert pen detector up to 3.0 Ghz, this small pen detector will fit in your shirt pocket gives you amazing countermeasures sweeping and detection power. Not only that, only you have to know that what you carry is a new generation bug detector built into a functioning pen! You can also use it to quickly detect counterfeit currency.

Special New Generation Features

• Use as a bug detector to sweep a room!
• Use as a tamperproof detector to quickly tell if eavesdropping has been placed
• Works As A Functioning Pen!
• Small covert pocket sized fits in your shirt pocket
• Covert in nature! Functioning pen so only YOU know it's real functions.


• Automatic RF detection
• Detects 2.4 up to 1 to 2 feet away
• Detects Up To 3.0 Ghz
• Built in protection to prevent mobile phone interference
• Currency checker And UV pen marking detector for Tamper-Proof Function.
• Simple to use and easy to carry
• Functioning ink pen so unit is covert in nature!


• RF/UV detection pen with case
• Free UV Marking pen
• 4 sets of batteries (battery life apprx 4 weeks depending on use)
• Instructions

How The Tamperproof function Works

When doing countermeasures sweeps, you check and clear an electrical outlet, phone jack or electrical light switch. You can then mark the screw heads with the included invisible UV pen. Once that is done, all one has to do is check the screw head with a UV light source built into the functional pen covert bug detector to know in an instant if the outlet has been opened. Below are sample photos to better understand this technique.

The above photo of an electrical outlet shows a marked cover under normal conditions and under the UV light. Note the location of the screw head. The UV mark shows that when the cover was cleared, the screw head had a vertical line. The screw head now has almost a horizontal line which means that the screw head has been turned. This is a strong indication that the cover has been opened. In such a case, the cover would need to be removed and checked again.

The above photo of an electrical outlet shows a marked cover under normal conditions and under the UV light. Note the location of the screw head. The UV mark shows that when the cover was cleared, the screw head had a horizontal line. It's still the same so the screw heads on this cover have not been moved which means the cover has likely not been opened.



The pen automatically detects wireless signals and alerts you with a red flashing light at the tip of the pen according to signal strength the flashing will be more frequent. Push the button on the side of the pen to illuminate the UV light to check for counterfeit currency by detecting the water mark. You’ll never have to worry about turning the pen on to detect a signal it is always on detecting for you. You will love the simplicity, covertness, portability and tamperproof functions of this unit! Use it yourself or buy in small wholesale bulk to give to your clients when the countermeasures job is over. They will remember you forever for that and be highly impressed! The secret is safe with you but it's in your ball park now! Get your little countermeasures gold mine today!

CountTek Pen Bug Detector Plus $69.95
CounterTek TelGuard $49.95

CounterTek Nano Portable Bug And Wiretap
Detection Kit Complete Kit - Your Cost Only $95.00



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