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CounterTeK Defender

The CounterTeK Defender
One Portable Countermeasures Unit That Does It All!
RF Bug Detector, GPS Detector, Telephone Line tester, Hidden Camera Finder And Audio Jammer

You will love the new generation CounterTeK Defender because of it's portability, ease of use and all in one functions! When it comes to portable countermeasures gear, The CounterTeK Defender does it all! It is quite possibly the only portable sweep unit you will ever need to own! With its diverse array of easy to use functions, users from novice to professional will be able to perform the most complete sweep for bugs, wiretaps ,cameras and other forms of eavesdropping with this new generation multi functional unit. Going way beyond mere RF sweeping for bugs, this package gives you the ability to sweep a room for hidden cameras by attaching the included lens finder. It can detect hidden cameras on, off, dead, or alive. Your new defender package will also plug into a telephone line and perform tests that detect wiretapping. Not only that, this professional grade unit will detect hidden GPS (great for car sweeps), bugs on computer lines and fax lines, and has a built in audio jammer you can use!

Now with increased and expanded frequency range, so you can detect frequencies from 10MHz to 8GHz. It comes to you in a professional grade matte-black finish! Not only does it look impressive, it performs professionally and hands you all the countermeasures sweep functions you need in one small package!


Frequency Ranges:
Radio Frequency Response 10MHz ~ 8GHz
Telesecurity - Audio Frequency Range: 250Hz ~ 5KHz

CounterTeK Defender Detects
RF Bugs From 10MHz ~ 8GHz
Wireless tapping even with VOX
Hidden cameras, Hardwired and Wireless
Wire telephone tapping even on cable
Computer and Fax transmitters
Series and Parallel transmitters
Transmitting GPS trackers (only when GPS device is transmitting signal location)
Devices on internet phone and IP phone
Laser Tapping

CounterTeK Defender Prevents
Wire telephone tapping
Laser tapping
Recordings of a voice recorder, tape, digital and parabolic reflector using white noise generator


Detection Device Unit
Lens finder attachment
AC adapter
Carry strap
2 telephone cables
Telephone connector
Quick start guide and instructions

4 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 1"

The CounterTeK Defender

Drag Mouse Inside Graphics To The Left To View The CounterTeK Defender from All Four Sides!

All- In-One! CounterTek Countermeasures Defender!
High Grade RF Bug Detctor, GPS Detector, Hidden Camera Detector, Telephone Line Tester And Detector, Computer And Fax Bug Detector, Audio Jammer.

Click Here To Download The CounterTeK Defender User Manual in a PDF File Now!

There are a number of countermeasures devises on the market today but none of them can perform all the functions that The CounterTeK Defender can perform so step up to a professional grade portable sweep unit you will just love to use and leave others in the dark ages when it comes to portable countermeasures sweeping! Do it now because we know you will be impressed with the state-of-the-art funuctions of this new generation CounterTeK unit!

The CounterTeK Defender $495.00
One Portable Countermeasures Unit That Does It All!
RF Bug Detector, GPS Detector, Telephone Line tester, Hidden Canera Finder And Audio Jammer



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