Introducing The New Generation
Ultra Advanced Portable Sweep Unit

• Power-Packed Advanced Features
• Used By Embassies Throughout The World
• Powerful Sweeping Ability
• Antenna Sweeping Adjustment
• Quick Audio Verification Mode
• High-End Portable Countermeasures
• Leave The Hotdog Alcheapos In The Dust
• Easy To Use!
• Velcro Zipper Carry Case Included

The new generation high end TL-007 is a huge leap beyond all the cheap hotdog type Elcheapo Detective Agency portable sweep units on the market today and a way for you to step up your countermeasures services to a professional and impressive level. if you are tired of all the $99.50 hotdog bug detectors on the market that only do a fraction of the real job needed, you are going to fall in love with this new CounterTek power model. The new unit instantly locates transmitters including bugs and wiretaps and then lets you tune in on verification mode to make sure what you are reading is a real eavesdropping devise. Forget the junk, this new unit gives you professional functions and wide fast scanning coverage up to 2000 MHz. If you want a professional level professional and portable sweep unit, forget the Toys-R-Us type junk and obtain a portable sweep unit that you can be quite proud to display. It's easy to use and operate and you will be the talk of the town with this new unit and everyone will want to barrow it!

The exclusive antenna is designed for adjustment and power use to quickly sweep a room or office and gives you fast and easy TSCM sweeping ability. This is embassy level portable countermeasures gear in a very compact size. It's easy to use and has a powerful audio verification mode that quickly lets you listen in to any eavesdropping device that you have locked into. The gear comes in a zipper carry case and everything you need t perform high level countermeasures and TSCM sweeps. Leave the hotdogs behind in the dust with this new level of countermeasures sweeping gear. You'll love it's high power and ease of use!


COUNTERTeK Ultra Advanced Portable Sweep Unit
MSRP: $1485.00 Your Cost Only $1295.00

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