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LawMate Hidden Camera Finder

New Ultra Advanced Lawmate Laser Camera Power Finder
New Scan power with six LED scanning lights that can flash or stay in on mode lets you instantly find any
camera that is wired, wireless, on, off, dead or alive! You simply look through the view finder and you can spot
any hidden camera in an instant! This new generation camera power finder has on and off switch as well as a
hold and flash button to make finding cameras quick and easy. It comes with a rechargeable battery
and battery charger power plug.


New Generation SweepTek
Detects Both All Types Of Hidden Video Cameras Dead Or Alive And Sweeps A Room for RF Bugs

The new generation SweepTeK features the latest state-of-the-art advancements in countermeasures sweep functions as well as nano-tech portability! Nothing like this has ever been in the market place before! SweepTek detects and pinpoints any covert video camera dead or alive and both wired and wireless cameras! You can scan a room looking through the view finder and instantly find any video camera that's hidden. SweepTek also rapidly scans any room and instantly detects RF bugs and wiretaps so you really get two high tech units in one.

VideoTek Camera Finder From LawMate
The Wireless Camera Hunter That Locks Onto Any
Wireless Video Camera And Displays Transmission On Screen

Our all new VideoTek Wireless Camera Hunter quickly and easily finds single or multiple hidden wireless cameras and lets you see what they see. The 2.5" color TFT high resolution monitor displays the video image while the LCD window shows the exact frequency of transmission. Automatically scans all the commonly used video frequencies in less than 5 seconds and "locks-in" on any video camera transmitter and sounds an audible alert tone from from 900MHz ~ 2.52GHz.

Ultra Advanced Camera Hunting Kit
Instantly Finds And Locks On To Any Wireless Camera Up To 2.7 Ghz And Displays Video On
Screen! New Laser Power Finder Locates Camera Lens On Any Hidden Camera Wired,
Wireless Dead Or Alive!

Special Pricing! Only $84.95
New Generation Spy Finder!
Detects And Locates Any Overt Or Covert Video Camera
Wired Or Wireless From 50 Feet Away! You Have To See This New Technology To Even Believe It

This Unit Can Locate and Scan Any Rest Room, 
Office, Hotel Room, Conference Room or Home For 
Any Covert or Overt Video Camera Device Dead Or Alive

CounterTeK Defender

The CounterTeK Defender
One Portable Countermeasures Unit That Does It All!
RF Bug Detector, GPS Detector, Telephone Line tester, Hidden Canera Finder And Audio Jammer

SweepTek 2010

CounterTEK SweepTek 2010!
Multifunctional All-In-One Portable Countermeasures Sweep Unit
The One New Generation Unit That Does It All! Renders Other Portable Countermeasures Units
Too Bulky, Expensive And Out Of Date! Portable Bug Detector, Hidden Camera Finder,
Telephone And Telephone Line Detector - Even Detects GPS Tracking Devices! Super
Fast Scanning from 4 Mhz to 7 Ghz!

Pro Extreme LaserScan Hidden Camera Detector/Locator
Introducing the Pro Extreme LaserScan hidden camera locator. By far, the most powerful detector/locator of wireless or wired hidden cameras on the market today. Two high-power alternately pulsating lasers scan for camera lenses up to 50 ft. away. Hidden cameras are easily and quickly located and viewed as bright flashing red lights by simply looking into the 4X magnified, focus adjustable, optical glass view port. Due to laser frequencies focused on camera lens reflectivity, "false" alerts are virtually eliminated. Locates ALL kinds of cameras, including pinhole and cameras hidden inside objects such as clock radios, smoke detectors, etc.

The Most Advanced Video Finder/Detector On The Market Today.

Keychain Privacy Collection
Detects Audio Eavesdropping Bugs And All Kinds Of Video Cameras!

Privacy assurance you can take with you anywhere and everywhere! Public restrooms, gyms,
locker rooms, home, tanning salons, office, or anywhere hidden cameras or audio/video
transmitters may be lurking to invade your privacy. In less than 30 seconds, and the touch of
2 buttons, your privacy and peace of mind are assured. The Keychain Privacy Collection
utilizes two ultra compact "keychain" type detectors that can be attached to your keychain
or carried in a pocket or purse. Long life batteries included in each unit.
MSRP $229.95 Your Cost Only $129.00


Mini Hidden Video Camera Detector
Our Business card size Mini Hidden Camera Detector is specially made for detecting hidden cameras and is insensitive to cellular phone signals. In addition, it can detect micro wave signals up to 2.4 GHz up to 10 feet. The mini hidden camera detector is easy to use with no complicated installation or professional knowledge. No one will know it's really a covert video camera detector but you! You can set it to vibrate and stick it in your pocket. Only you know when the alert vibration goes on and video cameras are present.

Wireless Camera and Cellular Phone Detector $49.95
This wireless camera and cellular phone detector is designed for user friendly operation in detecting all hidden cameras. The compact size makes it easy to conceal and carry to protect privacy and information.

The Video Sleuth!
Wireless Video Monitor And Detector
The perfect tool for monitoring or setting up your covert wireless video systems. The perfect tool to use as a wireless video camera detector. The Video Sleuth automatically scans the frequency range looking for active transmissions. Once it finds one, you can "lock it in"  for immediate access at any time!


Standard Video Camera Detector

Because video surveillance is becoming more common, you need to be able to detect that type of privacy invasion. The VCD-42 can help you quickly determine if hidden surveillance cameras are being used in any room.

Advanced Video Camera Detector

To detect even very small video cameras, move up to the VCD-43. This unit features a five-step solid-state meter that can help you zero in on those hidden video cameras.

The sensitive external antenna is specially designed to pick up the horizontal oscillator frequency radiated by video cameras. Once the video camera is detected, its location can be quickly determined by using the five-step LED meter and Sensitivity control. Tests with various cameras show a detection range of 2 to 15 feet, depending on the type of camera.


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