The New Generation Dual Defense System
Shooting Stun Gun

The SpyTek approved new generation DefenderTeK Dual Defense System is a hand held self defense device that uses high voltage electricity to completely incapacitate and immobilize an attacker. The high voltage is delivered by two gas fired probes, that can reach an attacker up to 17 feet away. The high voltage electricity immobilizes the attacker by disrupting the nervous system. The brain will be unable to control the body. The attacker will fall to the ground and remain disoriented for up to 30 minutes. The Dual Defense System is one of the most advanced self defense weapons of it's kind. It combines the advantages of a taser and a stun gun, to give you the ultimate self defense device. The Dual Defense System is completely non-lethal. Tasers have been used by thousands Police Departments across America for 25 years without a single resulting fatality. Through years of use, it has been proven effective in stopping an attacker. The Dual Defense System protects you in all situations. It has the longest range and the best accuracy of any taser system available to the public. Even in the worst case scenario (if the probes miss the attacker), the used cassette can be popped off and a new cassette snapped in. In just a couple of seconds, the Dual Defense System can be ready to fire another set of probes. Even without a replacement cassette, the Dual Defense System is still a fully functional stun gun that can protect you in close situations. The Dual Defense System comes with all you will need to protect yourself. It includes the base unit (which can also function as a hand held stun gun), two cassettes (additional cassettes are sold separately) which contain the probes that are fired out, a practice target, and a 9 volt battery. Approx. dimensions are 6" x 2 3/4" x 1 1/4 ". 100,000 volts.

The New Generation Dual Defense System
Shooting Stun Gun
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