NAIS Benefits

NAIS Benefits

"Ask Almost ANY NAIS member or click on the audio buttons below on the left and obtain actual example after example of how being a member of NAIS has given professional investigators like yourself more case assignments, more resources, more benefits and more advantages than anything else they have tried! While other professional service organizations come and go, change hands and change names, break-up and splinter, NAIS remains the same today as it was 34 years ago accept it keeps adding more and more benefits to help it's members which is it's primary focus."

 Alabama  Alaska  Arizona  Arkansas
 California  Colorado  Connecticut  Delaware
 DC  Florida  Georgia  Hawaii
 Idaho  Illinois  Indiana  Iowa
 Kansas  Kentucky  Louisiana  Maine
 Massachusetts  Maryland  Michigan  Minnesota
 Mississippi  Missouri  Montana  Nebraska
 Nevada  New Hampshire  New Jersey  New Mexico
 New York  North Carolina  North Dakota  Ohio
 Oklahoma  Oregon  Pennsylvania  Rhode Island
 South Carolina  South Dakota  Tennessee  Texas
 Utah  Vermont  Virginia  Washington
 West Virginia  Wisconsin  Wyoming  
 Canada  Other Countries

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Terms And Conditions Of Use: This directory of association members of The National Association Of Investigative Specialists. Inc. is updated every month. This list is used with the understanding that the user will hold the National Association Of Investigative Specialists, Inc., Thomas Graphics, Inc. and Thomas Investigative Publications, Inc. harmless from any action, causes for action and/or any civil or criminal litigation arising out of the use of the names listed here. Users should contact the appropriate licensing authority in order to determine if the investigator in question has a current license.

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