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LawMate America -SpyTek - Spy Exchange & Security Center
9513 Burnett Road Suite 101, Austin, Texas 78758
Phone 512-719-3595, Fax 512-719-3594
When In Austin, Texas--Stop By Our Huge Showroom

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CounterTeK Countermeasures

Massive Selections And Serious Considerations For Professionals!
Countermeasures, TSCM, Counterintelligence, Eavesdropping Detection,
Privacy, Communications Security, Computer Countermeasures, Bug & Wiretap Detection,
Sound Masking, Voice And Data Encryption, Professional Sweep Kits, Video Camera Detection,
Voice Scrambling
, RFID Security tagging, Digital Countermeasures, Line Tracing, UV Light Detection,
Inspection Borescopes, Telephone Line Testers, TSCM/Countermeasures Training, Software



Countermeasues Posters

Because Privacy Matters And Your Confidential Information Is An
Asset You Need To Protect Just Like You Would Protect Cash!

Consumer Grade Closeouts
CLOSEOUTS! Consumer Grade Low End Stuff That Are Being Closed Out!
NOT Recommended For Professional Use!
Your Choice $68.00!

SweepTek II Closeout

Professional Grade Portable RF Countermeasures DetectorsProfessional Grade Portable Detectors You Will Like Using007 Pro Hawksweep CounterTeK Detector $295.00
With Audio Verification Mode And Eavesdropping Blocking Mode -from CounterTek -

New Generation MultiSweepTek Advanced RD10 From LawMate!

CounterTek Ultra Pro
CounterTeK iProtect Credit Card Sized Bug Detector-

Combo Rf Detector And Audio RecorderCounterTeK Protect 1203 Countermeasures Scanner- Stealth DetectorCountermeasures Bug Detector Pen From CounterTeK -

Landline Wirerap Detectors
Perform Tests Of Single And Multi-Line Telephones for Wiretaps!

Consumer Grade For Home And Small Offices. For Corporate Countermeasures Scroll Down!

TapTrap Two Advanced Wiretap Detector CounterTeK Telephone Analyzer TE4800 Telephone Analyzer

LawMate Grade Cell Phone/GPS Detectors!Professional Lawmate Grade Cell Phone/ GPS Detectors

iPhone Bug Blocker- Smart Phone Bug Blocker From CounterTeK -Spy Exchange And Security Center-

MD30 LawMate Cell Phone GPS Detector Advanced Cell Phone/GPS Detector

CounterTeK Smart Phone Bug Detector from SpyteK-

CounterTeK- Voice Keeper Cell Phone Scrambler Voice Encryptor FSM-U1-

iPouch Cell Phone Blocker From SpyTek-

CounterTeK GSM Box Cel Phone Activation Detector -

CounterTek Cell Phone Safe- Countermeausres -

New Wireless Protocols Countermeasures Detection From CounterTeK - Protect 1207i -Wireless Protocol Eavesdropping Detector From CounterTek And Lawmate-

Lawmate Grade Hidden Video Camera Scanners!Professional Lawmate Grade Video Camera Detectors

Ultra Advanced Covert Video Camera Finder-
Camera Hunter From LAwMate
WCH300X  RF/AV Wireless Video Scanner/DVR

Camera Detector

Countermeasures And Privacy Software

Countermeasures And Privacy Software To Protect Your Digital Life! Digital
Spying And Theft Of Information Is Massive! These Products Counter And
Protect Your Digital Information. We urge you to use them!

Invisible Secrets Software

Spy Recovery Pro From SpyTek- Recovery: Combo iPhone and Android Recovery SoftwareEnigma Recovery: Combo iPhone and Android Recovery Software From SpyTeK-

Invisible Secrets Courtermeasures Software Digital Tracks Eraser Spy No More! Countermeasures For Your Computer Spy Reveal -Detects keystroke Data Loggers
Secret Drive Software Spy Lock For Your Computer Illusion Porn Detection Stick
TSCM Corporate Countermeasures Forms Confidential Forms Encryption Software LAN Monitor Software


Sound Masking And Audio JammingCountermeasures Sound Masking And Audio Jamming

Free Online Encryption And Decryption With Key

Rabber - Acuistoc Niose Generator From CounterTeK-

Audio Jammer AJ-40 NEW GENERATION AUDIO JAMMER FROM COUNTERTEK- StealthTalk Secure Commmunications Telephone Scrambler
StealthTalk Secure Commmunications Cell Phone Voice Sramblers From CounterTeK- www.pimall./com/nais Noise Generator Countermeasures Soound Masking! AJ-40 NEW GENERATION AUDIO JAMMER FROM COUNTERTEK-

Voice Keeper High Security For Your Phone SystemHigh Security Falsh Drive-USBAcoustic Noise Generator For Counter Surveillance

Self Destructing Note Paper!Self Destructing Spy Paper

Entry Level Countermeasures Sweep Kits
Entry Level Countermeasures Sweep Kits Mainly For Home And Small Office Sweeps!

CMS 11 Countermeasures Sweep Kit CMS-15 Countermeasures Sweep Kit ACS-007 CounterTek Sweeep Kit

Department Of HOmeland Security Privacy And Cyber Security Resources

Professional Grade Sweep Kits

Professional Grade Countermeasures Sweep Kits And Gear For Business
And Corporate Countermeasures And Counter Surveillance Applications

CMP700 Sweep Kit

Orion -Non L Oscor- Talan- Telephone Line Analyzer Countermeasures Amplifier

TSCM Training

Bug Book- Countermeasures Training Quite Threat! Fighting Corporate Espionage Wireless WiFi hacking Security Computer Security
Countermeasures Cookbook Wiretape Detection Techniques Spyware Detection Scanner And Secret Frequencies

Security Consulting Piracy Investigations Financial Assets Investigation Reading Body Lanuage


Countermeasures Museum Online Displays

What's New In Countermeasures Gear Inexpensive Econo Countermeasures
Bug And RF Detection Gear Wiretap Detection/Phone Privacy
Cell Phone Detection Cell Phone Protection
Sound Masking/Jamming And Scrambling UV Light And Other Detection Aids
Countermeasures TSCM Sweep Kits Books And Manuals On Countermeasures
Video Camera Detection Computer Countermeasures
GPS Detection The Countermeasures Museum

LawMate America -SpyTek - Spy Exchange & Security Center
9513 Burnett Road Suite 101, Austin, Texas 78758
Phone 512-719-3595, Fax 512-719-3594
When In Austin, Texas--Stop By Our Huge Showroom

Countermeasures, TSCM, Counterintelligence, Eavesdropping Detection,
Privacy, Communications Security, Bug & Wiretap Detection


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