Email TracBack Pro!
Automatically Tracks Back Emails From Where They Came From Like A Pro!

Email TracBack Pro is a new software program that lets you track back emails from where they came from and alerts you to people who are attempting to cover their tracks. You simply cut and past the email header into a window on the software program and hit track back. Within a few minutes a detailed report comes back tracking back the email for you. Completely automated, Email TracBack Pro will automatically figure out and trace any and all emails for you and give you a detailed report of the findings.
Email TracBack Pro is new and unique software created exclusively by CIBIR LLC for Private Investigators, Lawyer, law firms, Corporations, and the Private Citizen.  Designed from the over 7 years of experience as America Online's Senior Technical Security Investigator, Email TracBack Pro   was created to help the average user with tracking down and tracing emails over the Internet. 

This is 100% automated and FAST!  It normally takes 3-5 minutes in order to get back your results using this software and you will have a report that is SECOND TO NONE!  You will get detailed information about EVERY step that email has gone through, contacts for each and every connection, proof that the connections are REAL, possible information about the SENDERS COMPUTER, and finally you get a one page summary of the email trace.  Of course that includes the pages, and pages of detailed information that is provided. The first editions of Email trackBack Pro will ship in early March. Order your copy today!

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