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Professional Tactical Self Defense Stun Guns- Law Enforcement Grade- From SpyTek-

New Generation - Guard Dog Diablo
Blinding 160 Lumen Tactical Flashlight - 4,500,000 Volt Stun Gun

Exclusive Stealth Concealed Stun-Gun Function- No Visible Probes
Law Enforcement Grade- Lifetime Warranty

Guard Dog Security presents the world’s first and only tactical flashlight with built-in concealed inner stun gun technology. The Diablo shines a blinding 160 lumen light to illuminate far and bright, yet also effective for self defense purposes. Fire up the 4,500,000 concealed stun gun and the cognitive Diablo turns into a volt trashing self defense device, powerful enough to fend and immobilize an attacker. The Diablo stun gun boasts in impressive type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy body enabling a shock resistant, self defense and emergency glass breaker face.

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160 Lumen Tactical Flashlight - 4500 Volt Stun Gun

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Toss away those batteries and stop shopping for flashlights, the Guard Dog Diablo is fully rechargeable and has a bulb life of up to 100,000 hours. The ultimate self defense accessory to your daily life is here.

Specifications And Features

• NEW! 160 lumen ultra-bright tactical flashlight
• NEW! Powerful 4,500,000 volts
• NEW! Hidden/concealed inner shocks. No visible probes!
• NEW! Type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy body
• NEW! Shock proof durable body
• NEW! Anti-roll body
• NEW! Ultimate glass-breaker and self defense face
• NEW! Enhanced reflector system for optimum brightness
• Accidental discharge security switch
• Swift one hand operation of all functions
• Rigid handle grip
• Includes nylon carry case
• Fully rechargeable battery
• 6.75” length
• U.S. patent pending design

Cutting Edge Guard Dog Personal Protrection Products From SpyTeK-

Go ahead-make your day! Or get this next generation law and stun gun as a gift for someone who love. You could very well be giving them a gift of life! Don't leave home without one!

Guard Dog Diablo $99.95
160 Lumen Tactical Flashlight - 4500 Volt Stun Gun


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