The Hacker ToolBox CD!
Documents, Scripts, Tools, Scanners, Viruses, and MORE!

Have you always wanted to know what hackers/crackers do in order to break into a computer system?  Do you want the tools and documents that are the latest in computer and network security?  We have collected tools, software, documents, and more about the area of computer security and network security and have provided it all on this one CDROM. THIS PROGRAM IS FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY! SOME CODE ON THIS CD COULD CAUSE YOU TO VIOLATE LOCAL, STATE OR FEDERAL LAWS!  DO NOT USE ON ANYONE ELSE'S SYSTEM

Why are we doing this?  If you are going to learn about computer and network security, then you need the tools, programs, and techniques that hackers/crackers use in order to attack these systems.  This CDROM is provided to you as a educational resource for you to look at and learn how these tools are used.  We suggest that you set up your own network and try these tools out on your own network, and not against other networks. This CDROM will be updated every 6 months with new software, tools, and documents.  Keep checking back with us for the next volume in the series.  On this CD you will find: Documents, Scripts, Tools, Scanners, Viruses, and MORE! HackerToolBox On Cd-Rom $75.00


The Hacker ToolBox CD! $75.00
Documents, Scripts, Tools, Scanners, Viruses, and MORE!


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