Ice Light
The Cop Safety And Detection Light

The Ultimate Multifunction All-In-one Flashing Traffic
Safety, UV And And Night Light! Cops And Security Professionals Can Wear On Their Belt! The Night Time
Traffic Safety And Overall Safely Police Flashing Light!

You have likely seen cop, law enforcement and safety lights before but NOTHING like the Ice Light! Ice Light is a versatile handheld, dual-color LED light. 17 LED's electronically rotate or illuminate constantly to show the presence of law enforcement, first responders, and roadway personnel up to a mile away at night. Can be belt worn, handheld, or mounted on a traffic cone (with optional traffic cone adapter). Available in different color combinations for various applications and UV mode ID, hand stamp checks.. Multi light switching from flashing to constant on to another color to UV lights. It's really several lights in one compact unit.

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The ICE LIGHTs can be belt worn when exiting the vehicle at night during traffic stops or accident investigations, used handheld to direct traffic in the constant on modes, or mounted to a traffic cone for check points or accident investigation. Preserve your nighttime vision by using one of the constant on modes for low level illumination of drivers licenses, registration, ticket processing, etc...

Belt worn or handheld the ICE Light will help indicate your presence at night: Paramedics, Fire Rescue, stranded motorist or truck driver • Safely mark at night: medical air lift landing areas • Safety marker to indicate accident locations and traffic redirection • Use with optional traffic cone adapter to give high visibility to perimeters around accidents • Can be used as a beacon when attached to large objects being hoisted at night • Emergency Beacon for: Hunters, Joggers, Hikers, Camping, Marine industry, Skiers, etc.

Huge Multi-Functioning Applications:

• Belt worn for nighttime traffic safety during
• Traffic Stops
• at D.U.I. check points
• during Tactical operations - personnel indicators
• Police bike patrol
• School crossing guards
• Accident traffic management
• K-9 harness beacon for nighttime training
• Dignitary motorcade markers
• Police motorcycle marker Handheld for traffic direction
• traffic control
• Special events traffic control & parking
• School crossing Mounted to a traffic cone,
• With optional adapter, it can be used to setup a perimeter around accidents
• With optional adapter, DUI stops
• With optional adapter, emergency evacuation routes, etc..
• UV Functions For SWAT and SRT Teams
• Water tightness and ability to float makes it an excellent marker or beacon
• Water Rescue, Coast Guard operations, etc..
• UV Functions Let You Check Driver License Validation
• UV Functions Authentication of hand stamps in theme parks, night clubs, sporting events
• Safely mark at night - medical air lift landing areas
• Safety marker to indicate accident locations
• Optional traffic cone adapter to give high visibility to perimeters around accident
• Safety marker to indicate traffic redirection
• Emergency Beacon for: Hunters, Joggers, Hikers, Camping
• Emergency Beacon for: Marine industry, Skiers, etc.

• Approx. times on a single battery:
• 24 hrs. Red/Blue (flash mode) 3 hrs. Blue (Constant On) 14 hrs. Red (Constant On)
• Approx. times on a single battery:
• 16 hrs. Amber/Blue (flash mode) 14 hrs. Blue (Constant On) 2 hrs. Amber (Constant On)
• Approx. times on a single battery:
• 16 hrs. Blue/White (flash mode) 14 hrs. White (Constant On) 5 hrs. Blue (Constant On)

Ice Lights Are Rugged! They have ben run over with a vehicle and not harmed. They come with a three year warranty. You will never buy another safety light again! Ice lights come with Velcro belt carrying case, battery and car mounting kit.

NOTE: All ICE Lights with BLUE LED's are restricted to Law Enforcement Personnel Only!

Ice Light-Red/Blue With UV Light (Restricted To law Enforcement Only) $169.00
Ice Light Amber/White UV Light $169.00
Optional traffic Cone Mount $29.95



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