SpyTek Wholesale Imports And Lawmate America!
"Where The Innovation In High Grade Covert Video Never Stops!"

We Are Happy To Announce That We Are Now The Official Exclusive US Representative for All Lawmate Products
In The United States, Mexico, South America And Canada As Well As Parts of Europe, Asia And Africa.

We Thank You For Coming By Our
Lawmate America
Booth In Las Vegas ISC West!

Here's Some Photos From ISC West:

ISC West 2009 Was Huge! Hundreds Of Vendors That Would Take Several Days Just To See Them All!

Lawmate America Booth Setup! To The Right Is Our Own Ric Tamez Who Is In Charge Of Lawmate Mexico
And Our Exclusive Distributor Of Lawmate Products South Of The US Border. If you are in a South Of The USA Location And Need To Talk To Someone In Spanish, Call Ric Tamez at 956-971-USPY.

Lawmate's Darren Behind The New Innovative Key Chain Video Recorder DVR!
Darren Is The Man Behind The Magic That Helps Sabar (Pictured Below!) And Lawmate Develop The High Grade
Product Line Lawmate Has Become Known Around The World For!

Top Team! Cody, Sabar And Jamie!


PV-500 High Grade Tiny DVR PV-800 SuperTek- High Resolution
PV-700 PV800

Packed Lawmate America Booth!


PV700 Wireless Covert Key Chain Video Recorder DVR!
Invisible Secrets DVR/ Covert Video Camera!
Wireless Camera Hunter Now In Two Sizes

Lawmate Founder Sabar! The Brainchild Behind Most Lawmate Law Enforcement Grade Innovative Products!
Besides Being Our Business Partner And Personal Friend, In Our Book Sabar Is A Super Hero Because
Of The High Grade Covert Video Equipment He Has Developed In His Factory.



High Resolution CCD Button Camera Kit
High Resolution CCD Baseball Cap Camera
High Resolution CCD Broach Camera
High Resolution Tie Camera
High Resolution CCD Unisex Bag Camera
High Resolution CCD Earphone MP3 Camera
New High Resolution Bullet Type Camera
The New Walk-Around Book Camera Hiding The DVR!

High Resolution Tactical Helmet CCD Camera
PV500 Attachable Camera Clip
High Resolution Mini Micro Camera
Wireless GunCam With Laser Sight/Wireless PV700/Armband
New! Podium Mic Cam -Hides PV500 In Base

Law Enforcement Grade Reverse Peephole Optical Viewer

Authorized Texas Lawmate Dealer Zeke From StarTech Outlet ,
Ralph And Super Wholesaler Jill From KJB Security

Lawmate America's Foxy Kelly Making Exclusive Deals With Forus Recorder!

Ralph, Cody, Sabar And Darren. The Lawmate America Team!

Authorized Arizona Lawmate Dealer Jon Marshall From Spygadgets And Cody.

Authorized Texas Lawmate Dealer Zeke From StarTech Outlet With Cody.

Jill And Brandon Johnston from KJB Security. Top Wholesalers Of Lawmate Products!
From Left To right: Ralph, Cody, Sabar, Jill, Brandon And Darren

We offer a huge assortment of accessories that go with our high end digital video recorders! These include extra batteries and battery chargers, an emergency DVR charger, sliders that extend the battery life of our digital video recorders and make them perform other functions as well as 2.4 Ghz long range camera senders and receivers. See individual digital video recorders for details!
Your Can Also Review Lawmate Accessories By Clicking Here!

Meet Kelly!

Hi I'm Kelly! I'm A Surveillance Expert And Run The Front End Showroom And Spy Exchange. I have been doing this for a long time. You can call me at 512.719.3595 and I can help you with your special surveillance equipment needs. I can also sometimes boss Ralph, Cody And Jamie around so you might want to talk to me. Call me any time at 512.719.3595 because I would love to hear from you today. I'm ready to help you when you need help selecting products from this web site. Again, if you want the best deals either wholesale or retail when it comes to surveillance equipment, call me today at 512.719.3595.


Jamie, Ralph, Sabar And Cody Behind the Lawmate America Booth

Talking About Ego Maniacs, Lawmate Brought Bobbing Heads Of
Cody And Ralph At The Show And They Loved Them!

Covert Calculator Wireless Video Camera
High Resolution Cellular Type Wireless CCD Camera
Covert Cigarette Pack Wireless Color Video Camera
High Resolution Wireless CCD Pinhole Camera


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