LIETek Detector

The LIETeK Detector is an amazing Hand-Held Lie Detector that uses high-tech electronics to analyze, and measure, the frequency changes that occur in the voice when a person undergoes stress.

EASY TO USE: Ask a person a question - then watch as the results are displayed by the LED band of lights ( Green = Low Stress / Yellow = Neutral / Red = High Stress).

While no lie Detector is 100% accurate, the LIETeK Detector Tower can be a lot of fun when testing your spouse, lover, or even the kids. Watch them sweat as they answer your questions, and the lights change colors.

Note: Not for sale in the state of Texas due to a law that states that such technology is
illegal to use but not to sell (Chapter 1703 of the Texas Occupation Code) Although
we could legally sell such equipment, according to a letter on file with us from the
Polygraph Examiners Board of Texas, we have decided to not accept orders for this product
from anyone residing in the state of Texas. You can read the code yourself by clicking here.

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