APRIL 10th, 2004
Honey I Shrunk The URL!
Your going to love this! Among Web savants, TinyURL.com has become an indispensable tool for shortening unwieldy URLs before dispatching them in e-mails or IMs. They have a fanatical unicyclist to thank for the site. By Katie Dean. A Wired News Article

Listen To This With
Audio Buttons!

Cleaning Your Computer Tracks
This review of programs and services offer cleaining aids that cliean out your computer and cover your tracks. Mut have stuff for covert operations and security.

Uncovering Hidden Intentions
Originally published by Law Office Computing under the title, "Get to Know Prospective Clients." Revised to reflect resources and strategies current as of the date appearing at the end of the page. By Genie Tyburski, Web Manager, The Virtual Chase

Profile: Brenda Beyersdoerfer
a.k.a. Spychic: Quest Associates of Ohio, LLC

Sometimes It's HARD To Solve A Murder case.....
Sometimes, there are no witnesses. Sometimes, detectives and forensic scientists spend months, even years, piecing together the evidence.

K-9 Use in the Workplace
From The New Book Business Security
by Justin Spence
Many people, when thinking of a police service dog (otherwise known as a “K-9”), might think of a large, snarling German Shepherd with a bad attitude that only wants to do one thing: attack…attack...attack…. This is the farthest thing from the truth, and due to these misconceptions many agencies and businesses alike are missing out on the many uses of a K-9.

Cracking Down On Crime
New software tools and tactics help investigators search computers and networks for evidence that lawbreakers thought they had deleted

When Prosecutors Err, Others Pay the Price!
Milton Lantigua, a 20-year-old Dominican immigrant who helped his grandfather sell clothing from a van, insisted he was innocent when the police charged him with fatally shooting a man on a Bronx street in 1990. He was still insisting a year later, when the jury could not reach a verdict, and a year after that, when he was tried again, convicted and later sentenced to 20 years to life.

The Other Holy War     
Religious extremists have terrorized abortion providers for years, and now the war is moving online. CyberCrime investigate abortion clinic cameras

All Eyes on Google
In six short years, two Stanford grad students turned a simple idea into a multibillion-dollar phenomenon and changed our lives. Now competitors are searching for a way to dethrone the latest princes of the Net

You Have (Hidden) Mail!
Steganography may be the best way to keep your messages private. It may also be the best way for terrorists to communicate with each other. Find out how it works. A CyberCrme Article

Finding Crminal Records Sources On The Net
Here is a goldmine of resources you can use for criminal records checks.

Celebrity Cases Mean Trying Times
Lawyers and investigators may love the attention when their clients are household names, but not come judgment day Although it's flattering to be called upon to defend the stars, the resulting benefits to one's legal career are debatable.

Exploring Steganography
Seeing the Unseen Computing
Steganography is an ancient art of hiding information. Digital technology gives us new ways to apply steganographic techniques, including one of the most intriguing— that of hiding information in digital images. A PDF Download.

Get Smart About Web Site I.Q.
Why do people fall prey to bad information on the Internet? Here's a four-step process for assessing information quality (I.Q.) at Web sites that helps you easily distinguish the gold from the garbage. By Genie Tyburski

Profile: Pam Mosley And Our Lifes Are For Sale Article
Every time you visit an Internet site, apply for credit or send in a product registration card, you leave behind bread crumbs of information that are swept up, compiled and stored by people you don't know. Pam Mosley spends her working day in courthouse deed rooms, keying details of property records into a laptop computer.

Assassination In The United States: An Operational Study Of recent Assassins, Attackers, And Near-Lethal Approachers. A PDF report and study from The Journal Of Forensic Sciences

Virtual Time Machine May Foil Hackers
"Not only can we turn back the clock on an attack to undo the damage, we can also go back to any point during the attack to observe exactly how the intruder breached the system," says University of Michigan computer-science professor Peter Chen.

Decoding the Chatter!
Inside the nerve center of America's counterterrorist operations!

Most of America is sleeping, but deep within CIA headquarters in northern Virginia, officials pulling overnight duty are scarfing junk food, soft drinks and coffee as they surf mountains of intelligence reports for the latest potential threat to Americans. A TimeArticle.

Investigating Private Companies
Originally published by Law Office Computing (Feb/Mar 2002) under the title, "Click and Go Seek." Revised to reflect resources and strategies current as of the date appearing at the end of the page. by Genie Tyburski

Witness Protection Entering New Phase
The witness protection program is entering a new phase, with people who testify in terrorism cases expected to join the Mafia henchmen, motorcycle gang members and drug dealers who receive changed identities courtesy of the government.

An Avalanche of Child Porn
Investigators use the subscription list found in a raid to track down pedophiles around the world. A CyberCrime Article

How Electronic Encryption Works And How It Will Change Your Business
WITH STRONG encryption, you can send confidential contracts by email, or safely keep your corporate strategy on a notebook, or take home spreadsheets on a floppy disk. But you need to know what you're doing.

Online Video Report! Protecting the Nation From Cyberterrorism
Watch exclusive interviews with Richard Clarke, cyberspace security advisor to the president, and Howard A. Schmidt, vice chair of the president's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board.A CyberCrime Presentation

The Hidden Danger of Anonymity
Will the bad outweigh the good when it comes to disguising information on the Internet? A CyberCrime Article

The Skill Of The Hunt Effective Research Strategies for Finding Information on the Web
This article was adapted from two articles -- The Skill of the Hunt and A Topical Change of Habits published in Law Practice Management. It updates information provided in the original articles.

March 30th Articles

Spoofed And Forged Email
This article provides a general overview of email spoofing and the problems that can result from it. It includes information that will help you respond to such activity.

Profile: Reggie J. Montgomery And Montgomery And Associates
New Jersey

Profile: Holms Detective Bureau
New York City, NY Est. 1928
Can you believe this agency has been in the same office since 1928? What until you see the web site of this unusual investigative agency!

Legal Ways To Locate Bank Accounts
This information has been compiled from various sources to aid law information, bank investigators, law firms and researchers who are in need to obtain checking account information for investigatory reasons only.

How To Start A
Mystery Shopping
Service-In A Billion
Dolllar Industry

Missing Or Murdered?
As a private investigator, I know the value of helping others. In this industry, teaching and sharing information is crucial. I am proud to have this opportunity to share my experiences and expertise with the readers of NAIS. I have found great value in the opinions, strategies and recommendations of other private investigators that have shared their knowledge through NAIS.

The Art Of The Pretext
You will find Alan Pruitt's rundown on he art of and legal issues of pretexting both interesting, and useful!

The Presence of a Third Person in the Interview Room
A John Reid Article On Interviewing

The American Delusion: Safety
All the money spent on security to turn the country into a fortress may make us feel better, but it doesn't make us any safer. By Bruce Schneier from Wired magazine.

Forensic Evidence Can Be Retrieved From Deleted Files
When law enforcement investigates a crime, sometimes the most critical evidence is found on a computer.

International Investigtions-Comparing Investigations Of All Kinds In Varous Countries
By M. Ettisch-Enchelmaier, B.A.

Anonymous Web Surfing Services
If you want to surf the web without leaving much of a trail behind you are you go and leave various places, you need to use anonymous services. This is a list of them from the Spies Online web site.

New Technology Gives Hope In Solving 1986 Death
Eileen Barrow, left, who specializes in recreating lifelike heads from skulls, and Mary Manhein, a forensic anthropologist and director of the Forensic Anthropology and Computer Enhancement Services at LSU, pose recently with a bust of a missing person at LSU in Baton Rouge.

Body for Hire A Personal Protection Primer
For centuries, personal protection has played a vital role in security. In the past, only royalty or the rich and famous required protection agents. In today's business-driven world, however, corporations have increasingly required personal protection for company executives, especially for those executives with a high-level of authority and influence. By Harold F. Coyne, Jr., PPS

Secure Deletion Of Data From Magnetic And Solid-State Memory
With the use of increasingly sophisticated encryption systems, an attacker wishing to gain access to sensitive data is forced to look elsewhere for information. One avenue of attack is the recovery of supposedly erased data from magnetic media or random-access memory. This paper covers some of the methods available to recover erased data and presents schemes to make this recovery significantly more difficult. By Peter Gutmann, Department of Computer Science University of Auckland

National" Criminal History Databases
Les Rosen and Carl R. Ernst explain how criminal record databases are created and maintained and when you can use them to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. A PDF Download

Introduction to Skip Tracing
We are in the business to collect money. Here is the obvious catch! You can only collect from whom you can find. There have been several studies done about accounts and they show the same thing. That at sometime during the life of all accounts fifty percent will turn into a skip by Ron Cooper From The new online publication, SkipTracer.com

March 10th, 2004

Self Destructing Email And Email Encryption For Email Security And Privacy
A review of services you can use, (some free!) to send emails that self destruct and use secure email encryption
By Ralph Thomas

Skip Trace Back To Basics And Where To Start
Anyone can find information about a person if they dig deep enough.
Adv. Find Out How To Vastly Improve Your Own Skip Tracing Skills

How to ZAP a Camera
Using Lasers to Temporarily NeutralizeCamera Sensors. Camera zapping is possible because cameras are not perfect machines. Two such imperfections are blooming and lens flare. By Michael Naimark

Listen To Audio!

Built-In Monitor
Measures only
5.1 Inches X 1.3 Inches!
Tiny 40 Hour Digital Video Recorder

How to Detect Online Spying
Make no doubt about it, online spying is becoming more prevalent and more sophisticated. It is important to understand that there are different levels of spying. For example, Alexa, popular software owned by Amazon.com, would be called a “BackDoor Santa” it doesn’t actually log your keystrokes or take system snapshots but it does record some surfing activity. However, programs like Spector are very skilled at stealthily gathering information including passwords, surfing history, and even chat logs and e-mails.
Adv. Find Out How They Monitor Every Keystrock Remotely!

Allen Pinkerton, America's First Private Investigator And The Baltimore Plot To Assassinate President Lincoln
It was Feb. 23, 1861, less than two months before the attack on Fort Sumter would start the Civil War. The president-elect, Abraham Lincoln, had won only 39.8 percent of the popular vote -- and only 2 percent in the slave states. A lot of people didn't like the guy.

A Glimpse Into Digital Photography's Future
|BY Derrick Story

How To Collect Business Debts
This extensive article tells you what debt-collection methods there are, how well they work, and how to choose which to use. by Jim Heath.
Adv. Learn Advanced Assets Searching And Debt Collection Techniques

How to Conduct Surveillance
There are many different needs for the use of surveillance. In this article we will discuss the different techniques used mostly for worker’s compensation, insurance defense or domestic investigation. By Pete Trahan
Adv. Investigate Out How To Vastly Improve Your Own Surveillance Operations

How to Conduct Research On
The Internet

This guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the course How to Conduct Research on the Internet. It can be bookmarked, saved as a html file and run from your computer, or be printed out for use as a hard copy reference tool. (It is 110k, and about 31 pages printed.) By Terry Brainerd Chadwick
Adv. How To Vastly Imprive Your Internet Use Online Performance

Workplace Violence: An Employer’s Guide
With proper planning and effective programs, employers can dramatically reduce incidents of workplace violence.
By Steve Kaufer, CPP and Jurg W. Mattman, CPP
Adv. Learn More About Workplace Violence

Voice Print Identification
Voiceprint identification can be defined as a combination of both aural (listening) and spectrographic (instrumental) comparison of one or more known voices with an unknown voice for the purpose of identification or elimination. From 1967 until the present, more than 7,000 voice identification cases have been processed by certified voiceprint examiners.

How Much Information Is
Created Each Year?

A lot! This interesting research project answers that question in a number of ways you can understand.

Current Awareness Discovery Tools
On the Internet

AN18 page PDF research paper lists many resources both new and existing that will help anyone who is attempting to do information and knowledge research about current awareness tools currently available the Internet. by Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A.

The Components Of A Thorough Investigation In Subrogation
A thoughtful and timely investigation can pay significant dividends months and years later in contributing to a successful result in a subrogation action. The key is in performing the investigation as soon as possible after the accident (with followup, if necessary) and being as thorough as possible in anticipating the issues that may arise. A PDF article from Laughlin, Falbo, Levy & Moresi LLP

Employee Theft Investigations
With the passing of the EPPA (Employee Polygraph Protection Act) in 1988, the field of investigating employee thief has shifted from the polygraphist to the private investigator. By Pete Trahan

Before It Makes the Headlines
Effective Threat Detection Strategies and Tactics
By Joe Autera From the Securitydriver.com web site.

Forgery Finder
A look at the various ways experts can verify documents.An About.com Article

Deep Content! Guide To Effective Searching On The Internet
An indepth 12 part resource.

Test Your Statement Analysis Skills
Study the statement and see how you do. From the statementanalysis.com web site By Mark McClish
Adv. Learn To Detect Deception From Statements

How To Investigative A Specific Company Or Specific Industry
An organized procedure to learn about an industry OR a specific company is provided in this article annd links section.
Adv. How To Conduct Just About Any Type Of Advanced Corporate Investigation

What is a Vehicle History Report?
A vehicle history report is the quickest and easiest way to research the history of a car. It gathers all of a vehicle's insurance and DMV records into one place. At a glance, you can tell if there are major accidents, odometer problems, flood damage issues or if the car is a lemon. With this info in hand, you can make an informed purchase decision AND negotiate the best price.

Some Famous Cold Case Files
Unlike television dramas -- where investigators track down criminals in a half-hour or hour at most -- it can take years before some real crimes are solved. And some never are.

Understanding Voice Tape Enhancement
This article deals with the enhancement and authentication of tape-recorded voices and is adapted from two articles on the subject by forensics specialist Steve Cain, president of Applied Forensic Technologies, Intl., plus discussions with Cain.

Too Old To Be a "Missing Child"
An article about the special problems faced by parents of missing college-age children. By Bill Bickel

PC To TV Bridging For $200.00
It's Easier than you would think.
A PopSci article.

Employment Background Checks
And What Employers Can Legallly Say And Not Say An About.com article

Preventing Violence in the Workplace
Few would argue that over the past ten years, occupational violence has become a serious problem facing workers and employers alike. by Jurg W. Mattman, CPP

Anybody can set up a website about you, even claiming to be you -- and your options are somewhat limited.

Understanding The Legal Issues In Premises Liablity
This article discusses the liability of owners and occupiers of real property for personal injury sustained by entrants upon the land. The terms "owner" and "occupier," along with "possessor" and "landowner" are used interchangeably throughout this outline. by Michael F. Schmidt
Adv. Offer Premises Libility Investigations As An Investigative Specialization

An FTC look at the most popular Internet frauds

Statement Analysis In the Courtroom
Iindividuals who testify at a trial do so under oath. Therefore, they usually tell the truth. However, every once in a while a witness will become reluctant, or the defendant will take the stand doing his best to deny he committed the crime. This usually provides us with some interesting statements.

Texas-A Deadly Distinction
An in-depth look at why Texas continues to lead the nation in execution. Houston Chronicle article.
Adv. Develop Hardcore Criminal Defense Investigations And Techniques for Uncovering Reasonable Doubt

Feb. 20, 2004

Lieing By Pixels: Instant Video Minipultation Technology Comes Of Age
Seeing is no longer believing. The image you see on the evening news could well be a fake—a fabrication of fast new video-manipulation technology. By Ivan Amato

Email Wiretapping
Imagine a world where your email could be bugged, your every forwarded word spied upon. Welcome to that world. Email can be wiretapped, forwarded text can be retrieved, and it can be used against you.

How Location Tracking Will Work
Location tracking is one of those double-edged swords of technology. It can help find people in an emergency, but it can also make your whereabouts known to strangers. Explore these new systems.


Built-In Monitor
Measures only
5.1 Inches X 1.3 Inches!
Tiny 40 Hour Digital Video Recorder

Profile: Ronald Wojciechowski Forensic Scientist
Ronald Wojciechowski is a forensic scientist. He's been around -- and on the job -- longer than "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and the many other forensic science shows on television. He has come into contact with fibers, paint, soil, glass and explosives associated with real serial killers and other criminals.

Digital Photography Evidence Raises Many Questions
Ease of manipulation could present problems for justice system

Profile: Keith Represents New Breed Of Private Eye
Davy Keith was too busy running to know if the man he tried to serve court documents on was actually shooting at him. He wasn't going to wait around to see. Instead, he found himself a nice big oak tree to jump behind. By Brian Livingston.

Why Most Hackers Excape The Law
The nightmare for Ecount, an online gift certificate service, began last year when a hacker broke in to the company's system and stole personal information belonging to its customers. Nine months later, the criminal is still at large.

Technology Breakthough: Transfering Data At The Speed Of Light!
In an advance that could inexpensively speed up corporate data centers and eventually personal computers, researchers used everyday silicon to build a device that converts data into light beams. A Wired News Article

How E-mail Works
Have you ever wondered how e-mail gets from your desktop to a friend halfway around the world? What is a POP3 server, and how does it hold your mail? The answers may surprise you, because it turns out that e-mail is an incredibly simple system at its core! In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at e-mail and how it works! A HowStuffWorks Presentation

Willingness to Repay Stolen Funds Not Always An Indication of Guilt
From John Reid Intrerviewing.

Email Tracing And Reading Email Headers
The primarily intenrt of this article is to show people how to determine the real source of the (generally forged) email that plagues them; it should also help in attempts to understand any other forged email.

Online Search Engines And The Lifting Of The Cover of Privacy
 Though it does not technically trespass, the practice of finding private or putatively secret documents online, sometimes called "Google hacking," is becoming increasingly common.

"For a variety of reasons -- improperly configured servers, holes in security systems, human error -- a wide assortment of material not intended to be viewed by the public is, in fact, publicly available. Once Google or another search engine finds it, it is nearly impossible to draw back into secrecy."

The Fantasy Defense
Pedophiles accused of using the Internet to entice minors into sex are claiming that it's all just pretend. Are they telling the truth when they claim they were lying all along. A CyberCrime Article

Foiling Laptop Data Thieves
A mobile computer loaded with valuable data is an attractive target for those who want the data stored there. More and more tech is designed to help protect those files and even to locate a stolen
computer.A Wired News Article

Abduction and Kidnapping Prevention Tips for Parents
Straightforward safety tips and guidelines for parents to consider when talking to their children about personal safety along with recommendations to better safeguard homes and surroundings. A PDF Download

Understanding And Reading Email Headers
An article much like the one above with even more helpful information.

Missing and Abducted Children:Guide toCase Investigation and Program Management
Authored by a team of 38 professionals from local, state, and federal agencies, this guide outlines a standard of practice for law-enforcement officers handling missing-child cases whether runaways, thrownaways, family/nonfamily abductions, or when the circumstances of the disappearance are unknown. It describes — step-by-step with definitive checklists — the investigative process required for each of these types of cases and offers a wealth of resources to assist an investigator. (224 page PDF Download)

B.A.s, M.A.s, and Ph.D.s on Sale Now!
The Internet has become the place to go to buy fake college degrees, diplomas, and transcripts. Find out how not to get conned by doctors, employees, and even universities with false pedigrees. A CyberCrime Article

Techniques To Use To Keep Interviewers On The Truthful Side Of Their Brain
by Shelala

How Workplace Surveillance Works
Admit it -- you've used your computer at work to view non-work-related Web sites. Heck, if you are reading this article at work, you might already be guilty as charged. More than 70 percent of the adult online population has accessed the Internet at work for personal use at least once.

How Internet Search Engines Work
If you're like most people, you visit an Internet search engine. Internet search engines are special sites on the Web that are designed to help people find information stored on other sites.

Cheapskate's Guide to a Safe PC
If you're concerned about the health of your computer, there are plenty of free ways to keep the bad guys at bay. By Michelle Delio. A Wired News Article

How Identity Theft Works
Innocent people are being arrested because someone is committing crimes using their names. Can you prevent this from happening? Can you protect yourself from these white collar criminals? What is law enforcement doing about it?
by Lee Ann Obringer

Guide on International Parental Kidnapping
The guide provides practical, detailed advice about preventing international kidnapping and increasing the chances that children who have been kidnapped or otherwise wrongfully retained will be returned. The publication also offers descriptions and realistic assessments of the civil and criminal remedies available in international parental kidnapping cases, explains applicable laws and identifies both the public and private resources that may be called upon when an international abduction occurs or is threatened, and prepares parents for the legal and emotional difficulties they may experience. (A 138 page-PDF Download)

How Lie Detectors Work
Lie detection is a consistently controversial topic -- how can a machine tell truth from deception? Does everyone have the same physiological reaction when telling a lie? If so, how can some people "beat the box"? Find out what these devices measure and if they really can detect lies.

It's Gotten Easier To Search For
Sliver Of Your Past

As the Internet approaches planetary saturation, not a day passes when someone doesn't search online for an old friend or acquaintance to get in touch with or just check out their success.

Feb. 10, 2004

Voice Identification: The Aural/Spectrographic Method
By Michael C. McDermott. An extensive nine part article from Owl Investigations.

Workplace Violence A Report To The Nation
A PDF article from a study conducting by The University of Iowa Injury Prevention Center

Amazing Homicide Investigation Of The Decade!
You just aren't going to believe this one but it's true. Submited By Bob Brown.

Private Investigators In China!
They work in the shadows operating in a legal twilight zone, 700 to 1,000 small investigations companies now ply their trade in China, doing whatever it takes to solve their cases. Business Is Booming!
A Miami Herald Article

Investigative Strategy For Sexual Assult
By Dr. Kimberly A. Lonsway, Research Director, National Center for Women & Policing

Complete Online Manual On Sexual Assult Investigations
Researched And Compiled By The Violence Against Women Office, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. Points of view in this document are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Inductuvie And Deductive Criminal Profiling
Comparing Applied Methodologies Between Inductive and Deductive Criminal Profiling Technique. By Brent E. Turvey, MS

Profile: Hi, Pedophile ... ! Meet Yur Worst Nitemare :-)
In the dark and chatty world of avatars and assumed identities, this cybercop is a virtual Sybil, trolling for creeps and thieves. A Popular Science Article

What Everyone Should Know About Process Serving
Law schools seem to minimize the importance of the laws related to service of process. As with most laws, those involving process serving are continually changing and many legal professionals find it difficult to find the up-dates. By Nelson Tucker

Easy Guide To Digital Cameras
A very good article on the features of digital cameras and how to pick on.

A ShortCourse On Digital Video
Everything you wanted to know about digital video but didn't know who to ask.

Nigerian Email Scam
Despite countless warnings, lure of wealth keeps classic scam flush with new victims.A CyberCrime article

Gun Shot Residue
By Dagmara Grabowska
One of the most dependable techniques for proving whether a person has recently fired a gun is the analysis of gunshot residue (GSR) by scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersable X-ray analysis (SEM/EDX). 

Cell Phone Technology to Prevent Those Embarassing Moments
Based on user's circumstances or context, development is under way so the phone can respond appropriately. This
"context aware phone could automatically switch profiles when the user enters a restaurant, sits in the driver's seat of a car, etc.

Why is Cyber Security A Problem?
You've heard the news stories about credit card numbers being stolen and email viruses spreading. Maybe you've even been a victim yourself. One of the best defenses is understanding the risks, what some of the basic terms mean, and what you can do to protect yourself against them.

A Brief History of Forensic Entomology
By Mark Benecke Interesting topic and coverage.

Biometrics Enters Third Dimension
While biometrics experts mainly depend on features like retinas and thumbs to determine identity, another approach is gaining steam: 3-D facial scans. A Wired News Article By Lakshmi Sandhana.

Web Guide to U.S. Supreme Court Research
By Gail Partin

Mood Ring Measured in Megahertz
Military researchers work to develop a computer system that can monitor emotions and capabilities so leaders can know who's up for a task. By Michelle Delio a Wired News Article

The Truth About Big Brother
An article on public records on the internet. by Lynn Peterson and Genie Tyburski, Guest Writers. A Search EngineWatch artlce.

Reviews: Full-Motion Video Comes To The Compact Digicam
Until now, digital still cameras have produced shoddy video (with only 240 lines of resolution and 15 frames per second). Now, thanks to faster and cheaper chips, digital shooters are starting to boast VGA full-motion video (that is, 480 lines of resolution at 30 fps).by Suzanne Kantra Kirschner

Dog Scent Evidence...Is it Scientific?
A Forensic Evidence Article

A Fiercer Battle In Today's Divorces: Who'll Get The Pooch?
A Christian Science Monitor Article

Spam Filters Grab Good With Bad
The growing use of antispam filters that weed out messages containing words commonly used by junk e-mailers is forcing legitimate e-mail senders to choose their language carefully. By Michelle Delio.A Wired News Article

Graphology / Graphoanalysis - What The Heck Is It?
Handwriting analysis" is a term that is often misunderstood. Perhaps that is because there are two different kinds of handwriting analysts, who each study handwriting by entirely different methodologies and for different purposes.

Helping Children Deal With the Terrorist Attack
An article from The Virgina Youth Violance Project.

Cyber Tools Online Search For Evidence
A new investigative science

Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity?
By Geanina Hent- In reality, being found not guilty by reason of insanity is fairly a rare occurrence.

Personal Identification by the Iris of the Eye
Imagine being able to go to an ATM to withdraw money without the need for a card or a password.

Forensic Palynology: A New Way To Catch Crooks
By Stephanie Natale- The term "forensic palynology" refers to the use of pollen and spore evidence in legal cases

What Works in Youth Violence Prevention
By Dewey G. Cornell- Virginia Youth Violence Project
University of Virginia

Psychopaths: Finding Point To Brain Differences
Psychopaths are characterized by shallow emotions, impulsiveness, irresponsibility, egocentricity, and a lack of empathy or guilt. A Crime Times Article

Thrill-Seeking Gene Identified
Thrill-seekers as a group are more crime-prone than their risk-avoiding peers Two new research studies indicate that people who seek out excitement -- whether legal or illegal -- are influenced, at least in part, by their genetic makeup.

Facial ID Systems And Privacy
Facial identification is the fastest growing biometric technology today


Jack Murray Being Awarded
NAIS Author Of The Year At The New Jersey Super Conference-Read All About It!


Jan 20, 2004

PIs And Reality TV
By Logan Clark

Net Searching Techniques And Hidden Tools For For Private Investigators in 2004 - A Huge assortment of "WOWS"
By Ralph Thomas

Shadow Data: The Fifth Dimension of Data Security Risk
By Curt Bryson and Michael R. Anderson
Have you every wondered why some government agencies require that computer data be erased by overwriting it at least seven times? Have you ever wondered why classified government agencies destroy computer hard disk drives rather than surplus them?

Investigation Company Sites and Why They Don't Work!
By Terry Neller 

Using DNA To Solve Cold Case Files
An NIJ article

There's a Gaggle Chasing Google
Google may be king of the search-engine world right now, but advances in technology and some strategic maneuvering by Yahoo and Microsoft mean there is formidable competition nipping at the company's heels. By
Amit Asaravala. A Wired News Srticle

Deductive Criminal Profiling: Comparing Applied Methodologies Between Inductive and Deductive Criminal Profiling Techniques- By Brent E. Turvey, MS

Top Internet Trends for 2004
Yet we tech-focused folk have a lot to keep us cheery. Sometimes it seems like most people just don’t realize how much technology is changing all of our lives, mostly for the better. It will continue to do so in 2004.  By Rob Greenlee, Host WebTalk Radio

Data Mining And Value-Added Analysis- What It Is And How To Use It
Data mining serves as an automated tool that uses multiple advanced computational techniques, including artificial intelligence (the use of computers to perform logical functions), to fully explore and characterize large data sets involving one or more data sources, identifying significant, recognizable patterns, trends, and relationships not easily detected through traditional analytical techniques alone. By Colleen McCue, Ph.D., Emily Stone, M.S.W. and Teresa Gooch, M.S. A Law Enforcement Bulletin Article

The Ability to Disclaim Liability Resulting from Inspection Duties
An irmi.com article--By Kenneth A. Slavens

Computer Evidence Processing Steps
A Forensic-Intl.com article

Errors in Accident Reconstruction
by Joseph E. Badger

Why Insurance Fraud Succeeds
An irmi.com article-By Barry Zalma

Crash Data Recorders
When a traffic crash reconstructionist wanted to know the speed of a car in the seconds before it crashed into the side of a school bus, he found that information, and more, in the car's Event Data Recorder (Crash Data Recorder), a feature quickly becoming standard on all cars.

Electronic Monitoring: How Far Can You Go?
by Nancy J. King
Assistant Professor, Oregon State University

Behavioural Interviewing Techniques
By Steven Van Aperen

The Internet: A Breeding Ground for Online Pedophiles
An In Depth Analysis of Crimes Against Children Via the Internet
By: Robert B. Fried, BS, MS

Strategies to Avoid Interview Contamination
By Vincent A. Sandoval
Sometimes, investigators can impede or negatively influence the interview
process and hinder their quest for the truth.-A Law Enforcement Bulletin Article

Statement Analysis: What Do Suspects' Words Really Reveal?
By Susan H. Adams, M.A.
Special Agent Adams teaches statement analysis as part of interviewing and interrogation courses at the FBI Academy.

The Polygraph As An Investigative Tool In Criminal And Private Iinvestigations
By Steve Van Aperen 

Statement Analysis Put to the Test
A Case Study

Detective Wesley Clark
Connecticut State Police Department
Western District Major Crime Squad
This Article originally appeared in Connecticut Trooper Magazine.

Computer Animation, Is It the Right
Tool to Use?

by Matthew Beier

Important Steps To Take If A Dirty Bomb Were Detonated.
U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft announced Monday that a U.S. citizen had been arrested and charged with plotting to detonate a "dirty bomb," probably in Washington, D.C. Dirty bombs do not use a nuclear reaction, but instead use conventional explosives to disperse radioactive materials. CNN Health Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen spoke with CNN anchor Leon Harris about what steps to take after a dirty bomb detonates.

The "Signature" Aspect in Criminal Investigation
By Vernon J. Geberth, M.S., M.P.S.
Former Commander, Bronx Homicide, NYPD

Civil Liability for Violations of Miranda
By Kimberly A. Crawford
Law enforcement officers who conduct interrogations must maintain a full understanding of the complexities of Miranda law.- A Law Enforcement Bulletin Article

Spousal Privileges in the Federal Law
By Robert Kardell
Investigators must keep the rules and limitations of spousal privileges in mind when considering the consequences of using privileged information. .- A Law Enforcement Bulletin Article

Deadly Decoys-New Concealed Weapons Hit The Market Place
Calculator Knifes, Cell Phone Guns, and other deadly weapons on the market
An iacsp.com article

Obtaining Admissible Evidence from Computers By Stephen W. Cogar
Evolving investigative procedures and legislation impact the process of obtaining evidence from computers. .- A Law Enforcement Bulletin Article.

A Four-Domain Model for Detecting Deception By Joe Navarro Investigators can focus on four domains to help them detect deception during interviews. - A Law Enforcement Bulletin Article.

Inside the Osama Bin Laden Investigation
By Steven Emerson- An iacsp.com article

The Psychology Of Suicide: An Investigative Assessment
By Vernon J. Geberth, M.S., M.P.S.
Former Commander, Bronx Homicide, NYPD

Nighttime Investigative Photography
by James O. Harris

Jan 10, 2004

Web Site Tactics for Private Investigators Or -Developing a winning web site strategy for your agency. An Article From The PI Coffee Shop.  by: Wayne T. Miles

Obsessional pursuit and the digital criminal. A Crime Library Article

Evidence and the Internet
In a new and exciting age, are you taking advantage of the some of the current technology? We work in an industry full of rich tradition and history. Many of us, and our supervisors have worked in law enforcement for several years and are used to traditional means of doing our jobs.

Signs of Asphyxiation
Asphyxiation, or death due to a lack of oxygen, can have many causes, including strangulation or compression of the neck, suffocation, drowning, choking, and hanging.

Forensic Sound Identification And Evidence Tamnpering
A short overview from the CFS files

A Brief History Of Profiling
by Jackie Rothenberg

The Significance of Listing in Behavior Symptom Analysis
Listing, as a behavior symptom, describes a series of events or information included within a subject’s response. In the following dialogue both of the subject’s responses illustrate an example of listing....A John Reid Article

Make Your Next Phone Call Online
Voice over IP is cheap, easy and available. Find out how it works and
where to get connected. By Xeni Jardin from Wired magazine.

The Insanity Defense
Evolution of a controversial defense and famous trials in which it was used. A CrimeLibrary Article

Bad to the Bone!
Detective Mark Gado looks at the evolution of the many theories on what causes crime and criminal behavior. Genes, environment, or eating too many Twinkies? A Crime Library Article

Sound Recordings AS Evidence In Court Proceedings
By Steve Cain

Beyond Google: Narrow the Search
Too much information, no matter how fast it appears, may muddy the
results of Internet searches. New technologies for mining the Web
attempt to make the quest more efficient.

101 Ways to Save the Internet
Worried about spammers and slammers, industry thugs and identity thieves? Never fear. By Paul Boutin from Wired magazine.

Stalkers And General Stalking
Often the victims are celebrities like Madonna and murdered young actress Rebecca Schaeffer, but one in 12 women is at some time a victim of a stalker. What makes these obsessive people tick. A Crime Library Article

Puting The Gene Back In Genealogy!
Your DNA holds the secrets of your ancestry, and at least a dozen
companies offer to crack the code. But there's more than a bit of hype here. A Popular Science Article

Verifying The Integrity Of Audio And VideoTapes
By Steve Cain 

Computer Security Worries for 2004
 Experts urge users to compute safely and take back the cyberstreets.
Paul Roberts, IDG News Service
For computer security experts, 2003 started with the Slammer Internet worm and went downhill from there. The year, which included four major worm and virus outbreaks in August alone, has been labeled the "year of the worm" and "the worst year ever" by more than one computer security expert.

Computer Security Predictions for 2004
In 2004, information security professionals will experience more of the darker side of human behavior, but organizations will also take more control over their network and computing infrastructures, particularly end-user systems. From ComputerWorld.

The National Identity Crisis
Bring up the subject of a national ID card and be prepared for a fight. It doesn't have to be that way: the key is verification, not identification. By Jeffrey Rosen from Wired Magazine.

Understanding Voice Print Technology
Is their a fingerprint like ID in an audio recording? A Crime Library Article

Common Questions Concerning
Forensic Video Imaging

From The TapeExpert.com web site