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04-20-2005 Articles

Profile-Megan Pingston- Forensic Facial Artist
As a child, Officer Megan Pingston used a Fred Flintstone tracer to draw faces. These days, she combines her artistic talent with her duties at the Hamburg Township Police Department to catch criminals.

Skip Tracing- The Art Of Finding People
A several page online tutorial on what a skip is and how the pros track them.

Tracking The Global Criminal
Catching today's sophisticated white collar criminal is like peeling an onion, going through layers and layers of business entities, paper trails and false identities, ring by ring, coming ever closer to the core of the crime. By Ed Pankau

Do You Invite People to Lie to You?
No one wants people to lie to them. Yet, I have encountered numerous parents, teachers and investigators who regularly invite deceptive answers from people they question. I am certain they do not do this intentionally. Rather, these individuals have little understanding of the psychology of deception. This web tip is written for individuals who are not dealing with rapists and murderers everyday. Rather, it is written for those of us who face everyday issues about a person’s credibility. A John Reid article.

Profiling an Internal Fraudster
"As internal auditors, we are obligated to be familiar with the characteristics and warning signs of fraud. The main purpose of this article is to examine some of the characteristics of those who commit fraud." By Mark R. Simmons, CIA CFE

New Technology-Car Computers Track Traffic
Picking up doughnuts on the way to work recently, George List slid back into the driver's seat and heard a voice from the cup holder suggest an alternate route.The car wasn't talking, exactly. The voice came from a handheld computer nestled in the holder that links his car to 200 other vehicles in the area. Data from all the vehicles -- where they are, how quickly they move -- is being used to create snapshots of area traffic patterns.

Hunting Down E-Commerce Bandits
Retailers and manufacturers are using teams of undercover agents to find products being sold on the Web illegally. On a typical night, some 20,000 violations are discovered.

Tracking Criminals ( A Radio Interview)
Seattle radio station, KPLU, interviews computer forensics examiner Pamela Quintero about law enforcement's ability to trace e-mail and track down criminals. An Arizona man runs away with a 13-year-old girl. After months of pursuit, the FBI tracks him down yesterday in the Seattle Public Library because of e-mails he and the girl sent from there. You might wonder just how police were able to do that. The FBI says it never reveals its investigative techniques. So KPLU Law and Justice Reporter Paula Wissel turned to someone who follows cyber trails for a living.



Study-Is Technology And The Internet making Us Dumber?
It's not clever to send too many texts and e-mails!

Cutting Edge Research-Virtual Jail- Global Positioning Satellite Tracking System Of Sexual Predators
The group that I am profiling is sexual predators who are being tracked by a new surveillance tool used by law enforcement. This information technology tool tracks sexual predators while they are on probation and parole. This GPS monitoring system is currently being used in 27 states ( Eyes in the Sky 27 States). The Global Positioning Satellite technology, or GPS, is a method that enables correction facilities to aide in their overcrowding problem. The probation and parole agents are able to track these predators at all times while they are on probation or parole. This protects the victims and any prospective victim. A research paper by Albert De Amicis -Masters of Public Policy and Management.

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Profile- Myriam Marzak- Morocco's Lady Detective
I am the only woman private detective in Morocco. When I started up, people came to my office in Casablanca out of curiosity, saying ...

Detecting OC Spray with an Alternative Light Source
Recently, in the early morning hours, a woman was run down by an automobile. The automobile was operated by a female, with another female passenger. The victim suffered compound fractures to both legs and her jaw. She also suffered extensive "road rash" abrasions to her body. The ensuing investigation showed that this was not the average hit and run. Rather, it seemed to be an intentional act. After striking the victim, the car drove off. by H.W. "Rus" Ruslander

Cyber Sleuthing
From the FBI to the County Sheriff, crimes are being investigated with the aid of electronic tools. Software can look for patterns between crimes, and computer networks give law enforcement officers an advantage when approaching suspects.

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New Net Technology-Startup Helps Control Personal Info on Web
A Cambridge startup is offering a service it says gives a measure of control over the personal data Latest News about personal data the Internet disgorges, giving new meaning to a practice commonly termed "ego surfing" or "Googling yourself."

New Biometric Technology-May I See Your Voice, Please?
As speech-related biometric technology joins the fight against identity theft, your credit card may start asking you to speak louder.

Geekfathers: CyberCrime Mobs Revealed
Organized gangs are taking over crime on the Web. The dons aren't traditional gun-toters and roughnecks, but they're not script-kiddies or digital pranksters, either. In this report we map out some of the major players, what they call themselves, how they work, and how big a threat they really are to legitimate businesses online.

In The Security Hot Seat
Symantec's network security chief, Tim Mather, talks about attacks on his company, the folly of regulations and why he'd never hire a hacker.

Why Google Is Like Wal-Mart
One is an internet search powerhouse, the other a massive retailer. They have more in common than you might think. Commentary by Adam L. Penenberg-a WiredNews Article

PI TinyCam!
World's Smallest Camcorder,
Digital Camera & Audio Recorder! You Have To See It To Believe It

A Beginner's Primer on the Investigation of Forensic Evidence
Sponsor of The Forensic Resource and Criminal Law Search Site- By Kim Kriglick

Profile-U.S. Military's Elite Hacker Crew
The armed forces assembles a clandestine cadre of hackers capable of launching cyberwar against enemy networks. By John Lasker-A WiredNews Article.

Introduction to Spyware Keyloggers
Spyware is a categorical term given to applications and software that log information about a user's online habits and report back to the software's creators. The effects of these programs range from unwanted pop-up ads and browser hijacking to more dangerous security breaches, which include the theft of personal information, keystroke logging, changing dialup ISP numbers to expensive toll numbers, and installing backdoors on a system that leave it open for hackers.

Tips to Help Businesses Avoid Break-Ins
Southern Pines business owners learned recently that the best way to prevent burglaries and break-ins is to have secure locks and good lighting.

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Skeletons On Your Hard Drive
Tax records, resumes, photo albums--the modern hard drive can keep increasingly larger volumes of information at the ready. But that can turn into a problem when it comes to effectively erasing the devices.

Check Yourself Out on Google
Google is experimenting with a new feature that enables the users of its online search engine to see all of their past search requests and results, creating a computer peephole that could prove as embarrassing as it is helpful.

How Podcasting Works
Have you ever dreamed of having your own radio show? Or, are you a recording artist hoping to have your songs heard by the masses? Decades ago, you would have had to have a lot of connections -- or a fortune -- to get heard.

GPS Can Track Offenders
Butler County Commissioner Mike Fox says he has found a low-cost but high-tech way to keep track of convicted sex offenders, people who are on probation and those who are under court orders to stay away from specific locations.

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Video Promises To Liven Up E-Mail Messages
Little by little, the traditional barriers that have hindered video transmissions over the Internet are beginning to fall. Inexpensive, quality Web cameras and microphones have been integrated into desktop systems, laptops, and even handheld devices; and LAN and WAN bandwidth has increased so networks can support video transmissions.

How Cell-phone Jammers Work
It's great to be able to call anyone at anytime. Unfortunately, restaurants, movie theaters, concerts, shopping malls and churches all suffer from the spread of cell phones because not all cell-phone users know when to stop talking. Who hasn't seethed through one side of a conversation about an incredibly personal situation as the talker shares intimate details with his friend as well as everyone else in the area?

New Technology- Holographic Memory Becomes A Reality
InPhase Technologies Inc. demonstrated a prototype of commercial holographic data storage at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas.

World's Smallest Digital Camcorder Only $195.00

New Technology- GPS Enabled Digital Camera
Ever taken a picture and forgotten where it was shot? A new GPS-enabled camera lets Marines tag photos with precise location, a written memo an even an audio recording -- helping them with perimeter defense, reconnaissance, and keeping tabs on locals.

The Changing Nature Of Innovation
Early developments in electronics came out of big labs
Rampant competition on a global scale means big changes for the way that companies carry out research and produce new products.


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04-20-2005 Articles

Tracking And Tracing With PDF Files
Remote Approach has launched a new service that will give you the ability to track and trace PSF files sent through the internet.

Case of The Year
You are going to get a lot out of this one!

Financial Elder Abuse Investigations
The year was 1994 and I had just begun working for The Rat Dog Dick Detective Agency.  The owner, Fay Faron, had been investigating, for the past year, an alleged murder-for-profit scheme involving several elderly men in San Francisco.  The main suspects were all part of a Gypsy family.  As word of this unusual type of crime spread through the media, our agency became inundated with cases of financial elder abuse.  I was thrown into this an area of investigation, learning everything and anything I could about crimes being perpetrated against the elderly.

Interviewing And Defensive Demeanor Profiles
HIghly interesting article on profiles of those in defensive demeanors during an interview. A PDF file download. by Martha Davis, Stan B. Walters, Neal Vorus, Brenda Connor.

The Six Things You Need
to Know About Executive Protection

Shielding executives from threats is about brains, not brawn. Best practices from practitioners and the Secret Service show CSOs should rely on risk assessment, cost-benefit analysis and old-fashioned legwork.

Six-Figure Jobs: Crime-Scene Cleaner
This career is truly a case of "no guts, no glory." But don't expect much in the way of glory. It's not just the blood. It's not just the gore. It's not just the stomach-turning stench. It's also the anthrax, the hazardous bodily fluids and the combustible chemicals used to make illegal drugs that make the job of crime-scene cleaner so challenging.

Profile-Mary Brazas-Forensic Artist
When Mary Brazas was in high school, she would get in trouble for drawing. She would doodle on napkins, newspapers, book covers, homework, anything she got her hands on. It would drive her parents and teachers crazy....

Profile-Jacque Poppe-Small Town Private Investigator
Private investigators have been the topic of TV shows over the years, but Jacque Poppe's life doesn't necessarily imitate art.

Is Identity Theft Inevitable?

A giant data brokerage company exposes the records of more than 145,000 people. A cell phone conglomerate admits that its system was compromised. Anyone with Senate clearance can learn the Social Security number of Brad Pitt.

Web Browser Forensics
Electronic evidence has often shaped the outcome of high-profile civil law suits and criminal investigations ranging from theft of intellectual property and insider trading that violates SEC regulations to proving employee misconduct resulting in termination of employment under unfavorable circumstances. Critical electronic evidence is often found in the suspect's web browsing history in the form of received emails, sites visited and attempted Internet searches. This two-part article presents the techniques and tools commonly used by computer forensics experts to uncover such evidence, through a fictitious investigation that closely mimics real-world scenarios.

Profile: Matthew Hilty, John Bukovack and OC Investigations
here is a house in West Ocean City with a textbook, "Criminalistics," on a ground-floor bookshelf, next to a copy of "The Da Vinci Code." The surveillance equipment and computers are upstairs, while a dog's chew toys are in the downstairs living room.

What Search Sites Know About You 
For most people who spend a lot of time online, impulsively typing queries into a search engine has become second nature. Got a nasty infection in an embarrassing spot? Look up a treatment on your favorite search site. Obsessing about an ex?

Technology-New Way Of Mapping Gemstones
American forensic experts say they have come up with a way to map the profile of individual gemstones. Jewelers and scientists say each gemstone is unique, but until recently, proving this had been difficult.

Protecting Horses From Theft
This is a very good article from NetPosse which specializes in and has a database and other services related to horse theft. At the end of he article is a collection of state-by-state laws.

Counter-Surveillance And Papal Deliberations
As cardinals gather in Vatican City to choose the successor to Pope John Paul II, the temptation to eavesdrop on their deliberations could prove too much for some.

Identity Theft: Are Organizations Obliged To Notify Clients?
"Although identity theft is not a new offense, the Internet has provided perpetrators with new means to misappropriate personal data. An ever-increasing number of people are using the Internet to disclose personal information, which in turn gives rise to significant risks related to identity theft and privacy breaches." A TechNews World Article.

Battling for the Future of Facial Biometrics
Grant Evans beams a smile as he ponders the potential of his company's 3-D face-recognition technology.

Developing an Interview Strategy
" Some interviews are free-flowing and spontaneous. Often, these interviews are conducted in an uncontrolled environment such as a street corner, an employee’s office or over the telephone. Because the person being interviewed in these situations is generally telling the truth, the investigator does not have to carefully structure an interview strategy. However, when interviewing a person who is motivated to lie to the investigator, the interview should not be haphazard or spontaneous. It should be carefully planned out and structured to achieve the desired goals." A John Reid Interviewing Article.

Instant Messaging – Expressway for Identity Theft, Trojan Horses, Viruses, and Worms
Never before with Instant Messaging (IM) has a more vital warning been needed for current and potential IM buddies who chat online.

Profile-Jay Patel, Data, For All
The World to See

Tucked away in the rodeo-ridden town of Cheyenne, Wy., is a small, seven-person company that is quietly blurring the conventional boundaries between public and private life. Founded by India-born Jay Patel, is a self-proclaimed "worldwide leader in people information, verifications and profiling" in the emerging field of person-to-person search technology. The firm utilizes proprietary person-based data query/extraction systems (akin to old-fashioned intelligence gathering) in addition to online algorithmic searches to deliver "All Best Information Known Accurately.

Microsoft New Forensics Cybercime Tools
Microsoft is developing analytical tools to help international law enforcement agencies track and fight cybercrime.

The Perfect Worm- Coming Soon, A Cell-Phone Virus That Will Wreck Your Life.
Two weeks ago, antivirus companies discovered CommWarrior, the first significant mobile-phone worm to be released "in the wild." The previous phone viruses you might have heard about were all pretty harmless.

Company Bypasses Cookie-Deleting Consumers
United Virtualities is offering online marketers and publishers technology that attempts to undermine the growing trend among consumers to delete cookies planted in their computers.

Smuggling Case Reveals a Nuclear Anti-Proliferation System in ...
... recent trip to South Africa where he interviews Karni's lawyer and rabbi, as well as the lawyer who interrogated Karni and a private detective who trailed him. ...

Profile-London Private Eye Exposes
Illegal "Lap-Dance' Club

A SHOCKING insight into the sordid world of an illegal London lap-dancing club emerged this week through the eyes of a private detective .

Keeping Online Daters Honest
One of the clichés about online dating is that you never know if the people behind the profiles are who they say they are. A WiredNews article.


04-10-2005 Articles

Early Warning Signs Of Internal Dishonesty
A thirty-one point red flag checklist on signs of employee dishonesty every investigator who does business investigations needs to know about. By R.L. Lesnick

Clara Barton- World's First Missing Persons Investigator
Ok guys, it' time to bite the bullet! The world's first missing persons investigator in the USA was not a male but a female. It was not Allen Pinkerton but Clara Barton!
By Barbara Maikell-Thomas

Police And Surveillance Ten Code
This is a very extensive ten code list you will find very useful for surveillance. Page developed by Ralph Thomas

Observation for Professional Investigators
In today's high tech world of computers, online searching and a huge assortment of surveillance aids, it's important to note that observation skills for the professional investigator still matters and this article will help you develop and fine tune that skill. By R. L. Lesnick

You Cannot Hide From Public Record Search Engines!
"As a search engine optimization specialist, I often run across search engines of different sorts than most people are aware of. This week I stumbled across a free site that is used by journal- lists to do background checks and fact checking on sources of news stories. I am also an advocate for personal and financial privacy and find privacy invasion particularly offensive, so this search engine offends me. " By Mike Banks Valentine. A article.

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Mining Email Content For Author Identification Forensics
This PDF download describes an investigation into e-mail content mining for author identification, or authorship attribution, for the purpose of forensic investigation. A ten page PDF article.

Some New Web Challengers In Both Web Browsers And Search Engines
"Watch out, Internet Explorer and Google: A pack of powerful browsers and search engines are gunning for you. 45 new tools rated and explained.." A PC World Article.

New Technology And Assignment Trends-DataDots! Installing DNA Identification Systems On Everything One Owns
Remember the term micro dots from the 1960's and 1970's. These small dots the size of a period with data on them now have a new use. Datadots have serial numbers on them that one registers online which can be placed on everything from cars and electronics to jewelry and computers. Investigators and security consultants are finding a new sideline specialty with mainstream revenue by offering a service that installs and registers everything a client owns using DataDot technology.

ID stolen? Call A Privacy Gumshoe!
"Every year, millions of Americans have their computers hacked or personal information compromised. Now, 21st-century Sam Spades can make your problems go away - for a price." A Christian Science Monitor article.

Find Out How You And Your Investigative Agency Can Help People With Identity Theft Problems

Stalking And Identity Theft Not Easy Crimes To Solve Although some crimes are age-old and predictable, there are others that emerge with each new technological advance that is made. Identity theft is one of those crimes. Combine it with stalking and you have a very illusive trail, but one Union Township detective kept his nose to the grindstone and wasn't willing to give up until this particular crime was solved. By Gina DiMario Staff Reporter UNION TWP.

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Finding the Real You Online
" Many people get a thrill when they look for their names on the Internet and something actually comes up. That is not always the case when the information or the photograph recalls some past embarrassment or humiliation. " Washington Post Article

How Vulnerable Are We To A Cyber Attack?
Is Armageddon just around the corner, or is 'cyber-terrorism' over-hyped? -"The Eastern seaboard was thrown into panic last August when it was hit by a massive power cut which caused widespread disruption. Traffic lights failed, trains stopped running, people were trapped in lifts and business ground to a halt." A article.

Profile: Tom Gorgen-Silverhawk Investigations
Tom Gorgen said he misses pulling surveillance work as a private detective but enjoys seeing the “young guys” in action for his Silverhawk Investigations firm based in Omaha, Neb. “We used to sit in vans all day spying,” he said with a laugh. “I´ve got a bad back and can´t do that anymore, but I miss it.”

Cell Phones Tells All

A survey by an Italian private investigation company says that in nearly 90 per cent of cases, it is the mobile phone which reveals or betrays extramarital activities.

Ten Internet Trends To Watch
This article hands you the top ten Internet trends that are emerging this year and described them. By Neville Hobson -a article.

Amazing Wireless Color Camera With Color Screen Receiver
This video camera set contains a 2.4 GHz wireless color camera and a 5.5 LCD wireless receiver/monitor. Both the camera and receiver/monitors are four channel. The color monitor contains a 5.5 inch LED screen for sharp crisp clear full color viewing. The camera has 330 lines of resolution and a 2 lux rating. FCC approved. Very limited supply at this price. On Sale Only $350.00

Profile-Forensic Accountant Andrew Firth
Forensic accountant Andrew Firth became involved in programming because he found IT people too rigid in their thinking. "You have to give them the exact specification to get something done," Mr Firth says. "That was the impetus for me to learn programming, as in most investigations you need the information very quickly."

Reading Email Headers Tutorials
The page and resource gives you access to several different approaches in HTML and Power Point presentations on how to go about reading email headers.

Computer Countermeasures - Combating Spyware
This is an extensive article on what spyware is and how you can combat it. Re-"How would you feel if a group of strangers started to follow you around, taking note of what you did, where you went, who you spoke to and what you said? Aside from being more than a little freaked out, most of us would be pretty annoyed. But similar things could be happening when you use the internet, thanks to software known as spyware."

New Technology-CounterSpy The Best Countermeasures for Your Computer
This is a review of the new CounterSpy software that is only $19.95 but has been rated as the top countermeasures software for your computer! Find out why with this extensive review.

Technology-How to Spot a Terrorist 
"A British technology group has created a scanning device that sees under people's clothes to spot not just metal but other potential threats like ceramic knives or hidden drugs. The electromagnetic technology, known as Millimeter Wave, or MMW, is just one aspect of a potential revolution in security screening being pioneered at QinetiQ, formerly part of the research arm of the British defense ministry." A Wired News Article.

Profile-Sofia Egana Goes Where The Bones Are
Her probing look and occasional shy smile are her most obvious attributes, but it is the big heart in her petite frame that keeps her going.

'CSI' Wannabes Can Seek To Solve Mystery Behind Museum 'Corpses'
One body is sprawled on the carpet of the living room floor; upstairs two decaying corpses lie in their respective bedrooms. What happened? Solve this mystery and you'll qualify as a budding forensic pathologist.

Keeping An Eye On Your Online Privacy
It seems that barely a day goes by without another computer security scare story hitting the headlines. As a home PC user and web surfer, it is easy to feel vulnerable.

Does IM Stand For Insecure Messaging?
An interesting article on the insecurity of Instant messaging.

Do Passwords Provide True Protection?
Don't Count on It!

This PC World article provides details on the how's and the whys that you are not are secure as you think you are along with tools that make it better. A PC World Article.

Search Rank Easy to Manipulate
An entire industry is built around search engine optimization -- the art of making sites rank high in search results. Much of the business consists of manipulating weaknesses in Google's site-ranking technology. Commentary by Adam L. Penenberg. A Wired News Article.

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ID Theft: The Real Risk
Internet hackers stealing info make headlines, but most ID theft happens in the low-tech world. Since the recent ChoicePoint hacking, online identity theft has people frightened, but a recent study shows that consumers are most likely to get fleeced away from their computers.

Technology-Airport Scanners Keep It Anonymous
The "suicide bomber" clips a shrapnel-filled belt around his waist and buttons up his jacket to conceal it. As he turns back and forth in front of a semicircular white panel about the size of a shower cubicle, a computer monitor shows the metal-packed cylinders standing out clearly in white against his body. A article.

PI TinyCam!
World's Smallest Camcorder,
Digital Camera & Audio Recorder! You Have To See It To Believe It

Marketing-The Truth Behind Why So Many Websites Fail
" Your website is quite simply, a brochure that is now lost in a very large online ocean of literally billions of other brochures. We'll compare it to a stack of beautifully printed brochures sitting on your desk; your prospects will never see it unless you place your brochures in a visible place where people look for what you have to offer -- true? Your online brochure, (your website), also needs to be positioned in a visible place where your prospects can find you -- on major search engine directories." A article.

What On Earth Is RFID-radio Frequency Identification
Imagine, if you will, a supermarket without queues; a retail paradise where you could conclude your weekly grocery shop by simply pushing your trolley through the checkout, pausing only to sign the payment slip.

New Kid In Internet Search War
"A Cambridge startup is offering a service it says gives a measure of control over the personal data the Internet disgorges, giving new meaning to a practice commonly termed "ego surfing" or "Googling yourself." A CBS News Article.


03-20-2005 Articles

Your Cost Per Mile!
What Does It Cost Per Mile To Run Your Vehicle And How Much Are Your Charging?

It might be time to change your per mile vehicle rate. Most people think the cost of owning a car is simply the amount of their monthly payment. We generally think of mileage as gas money but running a vehicle is a lot more than that. When you take a close look at these figures, you may determine that you are not charging enough to cover your expenses.

Bob Brown's Infidelity Checklists And Tell Tale
Signs Of A Cheating Mate

30 years Of conducting domestic investigations has made NAIS Lifetime Member Bob Brown of Orlando, Florida one of the nation's top experts on infidelity. Obtain his infidelity Checklists and Tell Tale Signs of A Cheating Spouse information.

ID Hijacked? Hire A Private Eye!
CBS News Now Reporting Private Investigators Using Their Skills To Help People Fight ID Theft!

Computer Detection Techniques Of A
Cyber-Cheatng Spouse

Tips and techniques on how to check out a cheating spouses's computer without installing any software Along with extensive resources.

Eyewitness Identification Incorrect 50% Of The Time
Eyewitness identification is one of the most potent and effective tools available to police and prosecutors.  It is compelling, and time after time, it convinces juries of the guilt of a defendant.  The problem is, eyewitness identifications are WRONG at least 50% of the time!

Guess What? Fingerprint Evidence May Not be So infallible After All
Fingerprinting has not been put through the same process as DNA profiling to determine error rate, validity and statistics.

Tracking a Computer Hacker
A report written near the start of the Information Age warned that America's computers were at risk from hackers. It said that computers that "control [our] power delivery, communications, aviation and financial services [and] store vital information, from medical records to business plans, to criminal records," were vulnerable from many sources, including deliberate attack. "The modern thief can steal more with a computer than with a gun. Tomorrow's terrorist may be able to do more damage with a keyboard than with a bomb." National Research Council, "Computers at Risk," 1991. -By Daniel A. Morris- Assistant United States Attorney

New Forensic Science?
Remote Physical Device Fingerprinting

We introduce the area of remote physical device fingerprinting, or fingerprinting a physical device, as opposed to an operating system or class of devices, remotely, and without the fingerprinted device's known cooperation. We accomplish this goal by exploiting small, microscopic deviations in device hardware: clock skews. Our techniques do not require any modification to the fingerprinted devices. A PDF Download.

Pioneering Surveillance Science
You aren't going to believe your eyes and ears on the breakthroughs and stuff that's just around the corner. Hyperspectral Sensing, and Millimeter Wave scans just to name a couple.

High Technology-New Generation Screening Equipment
The next word in security is a system so thorough that it will reveal even the contents of a cigarette pack hidden in your coat pocket.

Homicide, Blood Spatter Evidence
" It was the defendant’s word against two eyewitnesses–until allegations of perjury surfaced. In this homicide case, reconstruction of the defendant’s story proved he was telling the truth, as demonstrated by crucial blood spatter evidence. A dramatic animation proved instrumental in illustrating what really happened."

Credit Reports To Help Consumers Fight ID Theft
Demand for financial, personal data mounts

Identity theft has been called the fastest-growing crime in the nation, but experts say the cops have a long way togo to catch up with the robbers.

Best Practices for Electronic Service of Process
Best Practices for Electronic Service of Process (adopted as of 9/1/04 from the American Bar Association)

High Technology: DNA Testing Goes Mass Market
Commercials hawking prescription drugs directly to consumers have driven doctors crazy for years. Now comes a new kind of medical marketing that is already troubling some medical professionals: at-home genetic testing.

Handling Digital Photographs for Use in Criminal Trials
The focus of this page is the admissibility of digital photos in criminal trials. Many of the huge number of links deal slightly off-topic – such as forensic examination of seized drives.

Sensors & Sensibility
It's alarming! It's no big deal! How personal information is being collected and protected, used and misused

An Identity Theft Nightmare
Almost 10 million Americans were victims of identity theft last year. And the recent revelation of a major security breach at the private data broker ChoicePoint has focused even more attention on the growing problem. CBS News

ID Theft Victims Could Lose Twice 
The recent security breach at data aggregator ChoicePoint that exposed at least 145,000 consumers to identity theft and renewed a call for regulation of the data industry will likely leave victims of the breach twice bitten -- first from the identity theft itself and second from thwarted attempts to recover damages for their losses if they decide to seek recur.

Tax Season Puts Consumers At High Risk for Identity Theft; Identity Theft Resource Center and Fellowes Urge Tax Payers to Protect Information
The days and weeks leading up to Income Tax Day, April 15th, can be an especially vulnerable time as tax filers are reviewing financial information that is highly attractive to identity thieves, such as bank records, payroll forms and loan documents that contain very valuable and private information.

Find Out How You Can, As A Private Investigator, Cash In Big And Have A Massive Case Load Because Of Identity Theft

Neurolinguistic Evaluation During An Interview
"The outer cortex of the human brain is divided into left and right hemispheres. When performing different activities, one hemisphere dominates over the other. In 80% of the population the left hemisphere is associated with creativity and assessment whereas the right hemisphere is associated with analytic thinking and factual recall. Furthermore, the direction in which a person breaks gaze (right or left) reflects the hemisphere of the brain being accessed for information. Because of the arrangement of neuropathways, breaking gaze to the left indicates that the right hemisphere of the brain is being accessed and breaking gaze to the right means the opposite." A article.

Police, Prosecutorial And Judicial  Misconduct
"There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under cover of law, and with the colors of justice ..."

Blood Spatter - What Is It?
Interpreting blood spatter (not splatter) is an art unto itself. The laws of physics concerning liquids apply; therefore a basic understanding of physics is useful. Math is also handy.

Understanding GPS Tracking Technology
GPS is a complex technology but understanding it can be quite easy if you take it one step at a time. This tutorial is designed to give you a good basic understanding of the principles behind GPS without loading you down with too much technical detail.

The Surveillance State
If we believe in yesterday's utopias of technological progress, we must be happy now. We are happy to turn into handy consumer data on customers' and credit cards in the world of goods, because on their basis our wishes and needs can now and in the future be determined even better than we ourselves could do.

It's Time to Dump Internet Explorer
...or so says the Department of Homeland Security, computer security experts, and even (surprisingly) Microsoft---at least, some of the time. A PC World Article.

Online Data Brokers: How Consumers Can Opt Out of
Directory Assistance and Non-public Information

There are many web sites that sell or provide for free, personal information about individuals. This information is gathered from many sources including white pages listings (directory assistance), publicly-available sources and public records.

Profile: Dennis Parsons-Forensic accountant and investigator
Here is a profile on what the career is like for Dennis Parsons-Forensic accountant and investigator of In depth Forensic.

Skip Tracing Sniffs Out Debtors
Barb Owens has a pithy description of people who skip out on loans: "They won't do the things most people do to keep in touch or be found." That means moving frequently, not publishing their phone numbers, and leaving no forwarding addresses. "This is the pattern of people, who, unlike those who lose jobs or get divorced and experience a temporary financial setback, have no intention of paying."

Product Liability/Personal Injury: Dietary Supplement Containing Ephedra
"Ephedra-based litigation that attempts to tie the use of dietary supplements containing ephedrine to a variety of health problems is increasing. In this case, the plaintiff alleged that his non-fatal incident of Sudden Cardiac Death after a day of recreation in a hot climate was caused by his ingestion of defendant’s product despite any clear medical evidence in support of his claim."

Interpreting Verbal Phrases Of An
Investigative Interview

"During an interview a subject freely chooses which words or phrases to use when responding to the investigator's question. This choice is not random or haphazard; it is carefully selected to offer either the most accurate response possible or to avoid the anxiety telling less than the truth would cause." A article.

Fight Back Against Surveillance Software
 Detect and disable key loggers; reject e-mail return receipts; and use hardware and software firewalls. You probably know by now that using a computer can be hazardous to your privacy, especially if you use your system online. But your privacy can be compromised even if you never link to a network. Sure, Web sites track your browsing habits with ads, cookies, and Web bugs, and they sell your personal information to marketers. Also, spyware and adware install on your PC by piggybacking onto file sharing utilities and other free software downloads. This column frequently discusses such privacy threats. A PC World Article.

ANI and Caller ID spoofing
This article will explain many methods of caller ID and ANI spoofing that can still be used as of today. I have also included a brief FAQ for those of you who may not be familiar with the terminology and should help you understand this article more.

Profile: On A Forensic Nurse
Forensic nurse stresses importance of rape evidence
Public education, examiners help catch perpetrators
Rape is not about sex but instead about power and control over another person, a forensic nurse examiner said.

Human Interest -Hollywood -A Lawless Place
With PI Pellicano

The 77th Oscars was bursting with Hollywood glam and glitter. But away from the gloss and hype lies a tarnished side of Tinsel town - a world full of sex, drugs and murder.

Human Interest- Clara Harris Blames
Unready Defense Attorney

Clara Harris, the Friendswood dentist sentenced to prison for murdering her husband by running over him with her Mercedes, blames defense attorney George Parnham for her conviction.

Guide to Common Cyber scams
Here is a list of common Internet fraud schemes drawn from the 100-plus investigations launched under Operation Cyber Sweep, a government initiative to combat online crime. The investigations were prompted by referrals from the Internet Fraud Complaint Center, which posted the list.

Spam Blocking Dangers-Lawyer Who Missed Court Date Because of Spam Blocker Won't Be Sanctioned
A plaintiffs' attorney in a wrongful-death lawsuit, who missed a court date because his firm's spam blocking software automatically sidetracked the court's e-mail notice, has narrowly escaped being sanctioned for failing to appear at the scheduled status conference.

Auto/Truck Black Boxes And Privacy Issues
As James Fitzgerald wheeled his tractor-trailer down Interstate 40 near the Nashville International Airport last summer, little did he know that a small black box aboard the truck might later help clear him of homicide charges. His truck collided with a police car, killing an officer who had stopped to assist a disabled vehicle. Police alleged that Fitzgerald was traveling at least 80 mph at the time of the crash, and he was jailed on charges of vehicular homicide and aggravated assault.

New Technology-'Sperm Clock' Could Pinpoint
Time Of A Rape

The predictable death of sperm in condoms laced with spermicide could help police pinpoint the time of a rape, and possibly even corroborate the testimony of the victim or the defendant. An increasing number of rapists are using condoms, forensic medical examiners report. A 1999 study in Oakland, California, found that 13.5% of assailants used one, probably to protect themselves from identification by DNA profiling. Those condoms are sometimes recovered if they are discarded at the crime scene, or at a suspect's home, and can be useful in a police investigation

Click Through Buyers Beware! Click Fraud:
A New Kind Of Fraud

Last week, I served on the "Click Fraud: Problem or Paranoia" panel at the Search Engine Strategies conference in New York. At one point, Jessie Stricchiola, one of my fellow panelists, tried to gauge the extent of the problem by asking the 80 people in attendance to raise their hands if they had ever been victims of "click fraud." About half of the audience members, most of them small businesses owners, raised their hands. A Wired News Article.

Bad Data Fouls Background Checks
ChoicePoint data brokers erroneously reported that subject's misdemeanor was a felony. It also stated that he spent seven years in prison when he spent 51 days in county jail.  

What Exactly Do Forensic Scientists Do?
TV gives students wrong impression of profession
Lab rats. That's the term William Eggleston uses to describe forensic scientists. By Blake Ellett

New Technology!
Student ID Badges Raise Privacy Questions

A pilot program that used radio frequency ID badges to take attendance at a small California school may have failed, but the founder of the company that provided the technology says this isn’t the end of what could be a forward trend in American schools

Eyewitness Identification Of Suspects In Criminal Cases
Eyewitness identification of suspects in criminal cases is often subject to impeachment if it can be demonstrated that variables such as lighting, distance, positioning, obstructions, or impaired sight existed at the time. In this case, almost all of those factors were in play. Compounding the problem was accurately reconstructing the line of sight at a location no longer in existence.


03-10-2005 Articles

Forensic Graphics And Investigations
The Art and Science of Graphic Investigation Work. Everything you wanted to know but didn't know who to ask.

Tape Recording Laws At A Glance
This very good and up-to-date chart gives you the run down for each state concerning tape recording issues and the law.

ListenRadio! Fraud Investigator Has Plenty
of Experience

Barry Minkow is a San Diego private investigator who has helped shut down several business scams totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. The detective -- whose second job is preaching at an evangelical church -- has some unique insights into the criminal mind. Minkow served several years in prison for running his own multi-million dollar fraud operation. Real Player Or Windows Media Player Needed.

Huge Business For Investigative Agencies
Installing Video Cameras

NAIS member Kelly Riddle installs surveillance systems starting as low as $350 for a camera and wireless receiver that record onto your VCR. There’s also a Digital Video System that you can access via the internet, they’re more convenient, but also a little more costly starting at around $4500.

Hear -e, Hear –e: When E-mail Evidence is Thrown Out of Court as Hear S@y
"Two recent 2002 court cases show the need for e-mail authentication. In one case, submitted e-mails might have swayed a North Carolina court to change its judgment, but the they could not be authenticated, and the plaintiff lost her case. In another court case in Illinois, an e-mail message was introduced as evidence but thrown out of court as inadmissible hearsay. Whether the e-mails were the critical pieces of evidence that could have turned the cases around will never be known. What is known is that those who want to use the e-mails felt that they were critical enough to be submitted, and that these e-mails were all thrown out." An eTimes Article.

Free Tool Identifies Hidden Data in Office Docs
Use Workshare Trace software to remove incriminating hidden comments in your next Office document .Office documents, there is often a lot more in them than meets the eye. Most people don't realize that when two or more people collaborate on a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document, hidden information--such as deleted text, names of authors, and revision marks--are sometimes unintentionally left in final draft. A PC Word Article.

Homeland Security Fact Sheet for the Business Community
See the big picture with all the relevant information and concise analysis in Equity International, Inc.’s Homeland Security Fact Sheet for the Business Community. This powerful report gives you the most current look at: Congressional activity, Department of Homeland Security reorganization, Department of Homeland Security budget, Homeland Security market outlook. A 19 page PDF download.

Interviewing for Credibility: Accurate Identification
of Deception Behaviors

"Whether conducted by the patrol officer, the victim’s advocate, the prosecutor or the investigator assigned to a special unit in the criminal investigation division, the interview of a victim, witness, suspect or informant is a critical element of any investigation. Precious resources in the form of man power, money, time and equipment can be wasted because of the failure of the interviewer to conduct a complete interview and accurately evaluate the credibility of the information gained from the subject interviewed." by Stan B. Walters

Email Trace and Email Tracking How To
Email tracing can be useful to tracking down spammers, but you must be careful since spammers can fake the host names of the mail servers they send their unwanted email through. To begin, turn on the option to view all headers in your email client. You should see a bunch of fields, a majority of which may start with "Received: ". These "Received" headers form something of an electronic trail through the Internet, showing the path the email took through the Internet. The top header is the server nearest you and the bottom header indicates where the mail was originally sent. But beware...some of these headers may be forged.

Words To The Wise: Expert Witness' Resume Not The Whole Truth
A medical degree from Harvard University. A doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A former scholar-athlete in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Fraud Is A Repeat Business
Cape Town - A staggering 91 percent of fraud by employees was repeat crimes and in one out of six cases other employees were aware of what was taking place, an analysis of fraud investigated by KPMG Forensic in South Africa has revealed.

Understanding Workplace Identity Theft
Identity theft affects consumers and businesses in a multitude of ways. Not only do businesses suffer direct loss due to this crime but inadequate security and poor business practices may open a company up to liability suits, fines and loss of clientele.

Find Out How You Can, As A Private Investigator, Cash In Big And Have A Massive Case Load Because Of Identity Theft

24 Reasons Why TV Piracy Is Soaring
Popular US TV shows such as 24 and Star Trek are being pirated in vast numbers online where whole shows can be downloaded free of charge, without adverts, and within minutes of first screening, much to the annoyance of TV bosses. And it is The UK which leads the way, accounting for around one fifth of global television piracy, ahead of Australia in second and the USA in third.

Alert-Expert: Baby Swings Can Trigger Dog Attack
New Orleans- Rocking your baby to sleep in a mechanical swing can trigger a deadly attack on the child by the family dog, a coroner warns.

Authenticating On-line Communications and
Making Them Count

"After months or even years of investigation, preparation and perhaps even a little anguish, it all comes down to this. It’s that single statement that will make the difference between conviction and acquittal for a murder defendant; or cement a finding of liability in a million-dollar medical malpractice case; or sway a custody determination in a dissolution of marriage trial. All you must do is convince the judge to receive the statement into evidence. The only trouble is that you’re dealing with a statement recovered from a computer. The statement is not spoken, not heard, and not in the declarant’s own hand." By Craig J. Chval and Keith G. Chval  From The DCBA Brief

Family Abduction
Produced in cooperation with the American Bar Association, this fifth edition, which was formerly titled Parental Kidnapping, contains step-by-step information for parents who have experienced a family abduction — whether domestic or international. The handbook guides parents through the civil- and criminal-justice systems, explains the laws that will help them, outlines prevention methods, and provides suggestions for aftercare following the abduction. In addition Family Abduction thoroughly details search and recovery strategies and contains valuable advice for attorneys, prosecutors, and family-court judges handling these difficult cases. 224 pp. A free downloadable PDF Book.

Tracing Former Military Personnel In The U.S.
It is difficult to trace someone in the United States when their whereabouts are completely unknown, as there are no central records of names and addresses available to the public. For those trying to locate former colleagues, friends or relations the following information may be of assistance. When writing to an agency or organization listed below, you should provide as much information as possible about the person you seek. At least the full name, date and place of birth should be given. For military personnel, the rank, serial number and branch of service should also be specified.

On The Cutting Edge -DNAPrint genomics Introduces New Product for Law Enforcement
Ancestry Typing Kit Developed for Forensics and Crime Laboratories - DNAPrint genomics, Inc. announced the introduction of its new DNAWitness(TM) testing kit utilizing the Company's proprietary DNAWitness(TM) forensics technology for the law enforcement market, the only testing method available with predictive capability that can identify the percentage of a person's genetic makeup.

Identity Theft-Overcoming Emotional Impact
You've been spending hours writing credit card companies, calling merchants and spending time on hold with credit bureaus waiting to report the crime and request your credit report. Each time you answer the telephone or go to the mailbox, you wonder what new bill will appear. The idea of dealing with yet another collection agency or a newly discovered credit card leaves you filled with dread, rage and helplessness.

Find Out How You Can, As A Private Investigator, Cash In Big And Have A Massive Case Load Because Of Identity Theft

Fight 'Phishers': Tips To Avoid Identity Theft
Criminals are using e-mails to lure victims onto fake Web sites. At these sites, the victims willingly enter their own credit card numbers, bank account numbers and other important information. This is called "phishing." Here are tips to stop this.

Geographic Profiling
Analysis of the crime scene location can help solve serial murder cases.

Hide and seek on the Web
"I found out the Internet Protocol address (of her computer) and delivered her a static page anytime she visited," said Allen, an author and software developer. "That worked really well, until one day she went to an Internet cafe and found a month-and-a-half worth of postings and left a bunch of ugly comments again."

Free Tool Identifies Hidden Data in Office Docs
Use Workshare Trace software to remove incriminating hidden comments in your next Office document. When it comes to Microsoft Office documents, there is often a lot more in them than meets the eye. Most people don't realize that when two or more people collaborate on a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document, hidden information--such as deleted text, names of authors, and revision marks--are sometimes unintentionally left in final drafts.

Traditional Martial Arts Training - Does it Really
GRAPPLE with Reality?

Police hand-to-hand tactics are NOT the same as self-defense or protective arts. Self-defense training instills a "reactive mindset" and develops skills that emphasize responding to an attack. Defensive tactics used in a law enforcement environment are meant to equip the officer to successfully restrain, control and hand-cuff a non-compliant subject. This is far different from the karate way of doing things.  - by Kevin James

How To Conduct a Background Check
Originally published in Law Office Computing (October/November 2004) under the title, "Background Checks Online." Revised to reflect resources and strategies current as of the date appearing at the end of the page.

Shoulder Surfing! I've Got My Eye On You!
The twenty-first century is filled with many new gadgets and technological innovations. At first glance, our society may appear to be rather advanced. However, looks can be deceiving. In reality, we are only at the forefront of what is in store for the near future. With the passing of each day, we may not know it, but our lives are becoming more and more digitized. A fully paperless society is on the horizon. As the digital world ushers itself in it will become important for one to protect his/her identity and privacy from those lurking in the distance. From Crime And Clues

Sniffing Around The Fourth Amendment: The Constitutionality of Warrantless Dog-sniff
"Canine sniff inspections are becoming increasingly more frequent in our society, especially in light of the events of September 11, 2001. This article will focus specifically on dog sniffs of automobiles under both the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article I, Section 6 of the Illinois Constitution as interpreted by the Illinois courts." By Hon. Mark W. Dwyer From DCBA Brief

Special Considerations for Sexual Assault Evidence
When dealing with sexual assaults, the investigator usually has a living victim who can provide the investigator with information which will help in collecting and preserving the pertinent evidence. The investigator should glean as much information as possible, so he or she will know which evidence to collect. For example, if the victim tells the investigator (which in this case may be the examining physician) that no oral penetration occurred, then the investigator knows that no oral swabs will need to be taken. Any information should be passed on to the crime lab, so the forensic scientists will know how to process the evidence submitted. Evidence should never be submitted without communicating relevant information. by George Chiron

Interview with Roy Hazelwood
Original FBI profiler of sexual crimes and serial rapists. Updated to include information from Hazelwood's new book Dark Dreams.

Beyond Fingerprints- A look At Footprints and Earprints
How the forensic "print" technologies have developed over the years and famous cases in which they were used.

Profile: Working In The Face of Death
Heads molded in different stages of facial reconstruction stared down from the top shelves in the lab. Their vacant eyes eerily reflected the banality of their existence. A numbered skull, cleaned and devoid of fleshy residue, was lying on top of the table.

Trace Evidence: Hair
Edmond Locard was the founder of the Institute of Criminalistics at the University of Lyon in France. Locard believed that that when on person came in contact with another person or object a cross transfer of minute particles occurred. This theory became known as the "Locard Exchange Principle". Locard believed that crimes could be solved by inspecting the "dust particles" carried to and from a scene. This science is known today as criminalistics and has led to the rise of the forensics laboratory (from Mount Royal College background notes FORE 4407 section 3: Unit 4) Francois Goron, head of the French Surete, seems to be one of the first modern investigators who tried to use hair to identify a killer. In his first case hairs found clutched in a dead woman's hand could not be identified as human simply because there was no information on the subject. by Kathy Steck- Flynn. From Crime And Clues

Capital Punishment Reform in Illinois – A Model
for the Nation

"Over the last three to four years the legislative and executive branches of Illinois government have sought to reform the capital punishment system in the State. By Illinois State Senator John Cullerton, Illinois State Senator Kirk Dillard and Peter G. Baroni." From DCBA Brief

02-20-2005 Articles

New Trends In Private Investigation- Covert Video Mystery Shopping Booms For Private Investigators
This new explosive trend is going to amaze you! There is a new type of mystery shopping service you can become involved in called Covert Video Mystery Shopping and growth for this type of service has been explosive.

New Trends In Private Investigtion- Criminal Profiling
for Private Investigators

Investigative Criminal Profiling has become a well-received concept with the law and the general public. Sadly, the portrayal of profiling on television and in literature includes the use of psychic measures or presents profiling as an infallible science that requires only the input of variables to obtain an exact description of the suspect. Either viewpoint greatly discredits the critical involvement of law enforcement's investigative inputs and experience and greatly discourages investigators from bringing in profilers to aid in the investigation. By Allen Elfman

Investigating Reality
An investigator had best perk up when someone says "I believe..." For that is a very tricky statement. This article teaches you how to deal with that. By Jim McCord

The Lady of Foreclosure- A New Use Of Public Records
This public-records sleuth extraordinaire trawls city hall for oddball real estate opportunities.

Ten Ways Process Servers Can Grow Their
Business In 2005

here ae then easy to follow tips you can use to get more clients and grow your process serving business. A article.

Understanding People Is Still A PI's Top Priority- Hi-Tech Investigation Not Always The Answer
Private Investigators see the answer in clients searching for hi-tech solutions to their problems. These clients assume that their "answers" are also waiting to be discovered scientifically.

Free Public Record Databases Are The Future
There's an increasing trend toward offering public records indexes and documents, for free on the internet. Paradoxically, there's a parallel thrust to close or curtail access to some or all of the content in court, real property, voter registration, motor vehicle and other government records, either in the electronic form, or in hard files.

How Technology Has Changed Us-
Information is Power and Geeks Rule

And Whosoever Holds the Keys to the Information, Holds All of the Power! Not only that, it's all about Google. Just how evil is Google... really? As you read this ask yourself this question - are you prepared to hand over everything to Google?

A Review of Legal Issues Concerning Trickery and Deceit During an Interrogation
A number of recent cases involving an investigator’s use of trickery and deceit during an interrogation have caused problems in the subsequent trial. In some of these cases the confession was suppressed. These cases have not involved a novel legal argument or radical interpretations of current law. Rather, existing laws have been applied in a predictable manner in situations in which investigators attempted to push the envelope to test the court’s tolerance. This web tip offers a review of some of the legal aspects regulating an investigator’s use of trickery and deceit. An appropriate starting point is to define trickery and deceit from a legal perspective. A John Reid Article.

Digitized Prints Can Point Wrong Finger At Innocent
Deep inside a sprawling complex tucked in the hills of Clarksburg, W.Va., a roomful of supercomputers attempts to sift America's guilty from its innocent.

TinyTech! World's Smallest
Digital Recorder! Amazing Results
With Automatic Telephone Recording Control

Cell Phone Mapping And GPS Locates
All new cell phones have what's called. E911. An E911-capable phone can give your wireless carrier continual updates on your location. The phone is embedded with a Global Positioning System chip, which can calculate your coordinates to within a few yards by receiving signals from satellites.

Identity Theft-When Facts Become Fiction
February 6 - 12, 2005, was designated National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) to highlight consumer protection and education efforts around the country. The subject of this year’s NCPW is Identity Theft: When Fact Becomes Fiction.

The global counterfeit business is out of control, targeting everything from computer chips to life-saving medicines. It's so bad that even China may need to crack down.

Some May State-GPS Cell Phones May Cost Privacy!
But determining the location is the most important thing in any call to 911. Problem it, it has other uses like for ah......say...a private investigator!

How To Copy A Microsoft Outlook Mailbox From A PC
Very good article on how to do this found by Joanne Waldron

Google Eyes-The Other Evil Side Of Google You
Might Not Have thought About

There is another side to Google, and it’s one that the company would just as soon you not think about. It’s what happens each and every time you look up a piece of information. Maybe an old boyfriend.

Profile: Joan Shirley, An Investigative Role Model
Joan Shirley laughs, a common occurrence, while making the rounds at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe. Shirley was at the Legislature on Wednesday to support a funding bill for New Mexico Survivors of Homicide.

Can Terrorists Build the Bomb?
It’s the ultimate nightmare: a nuclear attack in the U.S. masterminded by terrorists. Here’s how that could happen— and how we can prevent it.
A Popular Science Article.

Interview With The Keystroke Caperist
A former claims adjuster for a US insurance company is the first to be charged under federal wiretap law for the covert use of a hardware keystroke logger, after he was caught using the device while secretly helping consumer attorneys gather information to use against his own company.

New Study Shows That Identity Theft Is More Prevalent Offline with Paper than Online
One Surprising Finding: In Half of the Cases Where the Perpetrator is Known, Identity Fraud is committed by Someone Close to the Victim

Dating Dangers: Love's a Minefield And Why
The Need Background Checks

Your parents did it. Hitchhikers, rocket scientists, even nuns probably do it, at least once. The topic is dating, and the custom is as old as Adam and Eve.

Mapping the Risks: Assessing the Homeland Security Implications of Publicly Available Geospatial Information
After the events of September 11th, the United States government and its diverse set of agencies became very concerned about the amount of publicly available geospatial information. The primary concern was that terrorists and other militant groups could use such data to attack key parts of the country's infrastructure. Utilizing the resources of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, a team of researchers at the RAND Corporation wrote this report in order to develop a framework for assessing the implications of making such geospatial information available. The report itself consists
of five chapters and an appendix that details which federal agencies were examined, which federal geospatial data sources where identified, and so on.
Chapters contained within the work include one on key policy recommendations and another that outlines what the key information needs of potential attackers might be. A PDF Download

New Technology-PodCasting
Podcasts are audio files created to be distributed over the Internet. They’re available for free and usually encoded in MP3 format. But the cool part is the way they get to you. With the right software, you can subscribe to podcasts and have new shows downloaded automatically (and even transferred to your iPod) while you sleep.

New Technology-More Mega Pixels And Wireless Transfer With Cell Phone Cameras
Your mobile gets more megapixels. You get legit prints.Last year, camera cell phones were something of a novelty. Their optical sensors captured VGA-quality stills at best (that's about half a megapixel), so the resulting shots were destined to live in the digital realm. This summer, 1-megapixel combos capable of producing album-worthy 3-by-5-inch prints hit stores. One-hour photo outlets are capitalizing: Already you can point your 1MP mobile at a wireless, digital photo kiosk and—like that!—print your snapshots. A Popular Science Article.

The Secret List of ID Theft Victims
Consumers could be warned, but U.S government isn't talking. Linda Trevino, who lives in a Chicago suburb, applied for a job last year at a local Target department store, and was denied.  The reason? She already worked there -- or rather, her Social Security number already worked there. 

FTC Special Yearly Report And Study On Identity Theft
This is a 71 page report in a PDF download that gives you the complete study with the explosive growth of ID Theft.

Profile: Joe Collins : Sleuth Finds The Needles In Adoption Haystacks
The details of Joe Collins' latest case came over his fax machine last week, and immediately it didn't look good. His 18-year-old client wanted to find her birth mother named Patricia Murphy, but it was far too common a name for Collins' taste. (need to input any DOB and zip code to access)

Find Out Why Women Cheat
Mike Lewis i a private investigator at Cleveland's Confidential Investigations Inc. reveals warnings signs.

New Trend? Privatising Police
Call it an evolution of the good old private detective service. Or see it as a revolution in private security services. But it is a case of privatization breaking into the domain of policing, which is a public service run for the people's welfare on their money. It is the new police force - that will be at your beck and call, well, for a payment - that has come to town with a private detective company announcing a new service called 'help line'.

Deception Detection- Psychologists Try To
Learn How To Spot A Liar

"Is he lying?" Odds are, you'll never know. Although people have been communicating with one another for tens of thousands of years, more than 3 decades of psychological research have found that most individuals are abysmally poor lie detectors. In the only worldwide study of its kind, scientists asked more than 2,000 people from nearly 60 countries, "How can you tell when people are lying?" From Botswana to Belgium, the number-one answer was the same: Liars avert their gaze

Herbert MacDonell:Forensic Scientist Uses
Blood To Solve Crime

Herbert MacDonell discussed the techniques he developed for blood spatter analysis as part of the Forensic Science Seminar Series, which is located in Pastore Chemical Lab on Friday evenings.

Investigating Possible Fabricated Claims
A recent case involving a University of Wisconsin student who falsely claimed that she was abducted highlights some important characteristics of these investigations. This particular case quickly achieved national attention and was followed on a daily basis by morning talk shows. The reason for this attention was probably because the media were able to build suspense by showing surveillance video of the victim leaving her apartment the night of her alleged abduction. It certainly was not because of the scarcity of missing person cases nor was it the rarity of claims of alleged abductions. Indeed, while this drama was unfolding in Madison, Wisconsin, police 150 miles to the northeast were investigating another mysterious disappearance of a school teacher that also turned out to be faked. Because these cases tend to be high profile, an agency must be sensitive, but also diligent, in their investigation.

ID Theft: Strategies and Help for Fighting Back
Your personal and financial information can be as good as cash to a fraud artist. Here is our latest "to do" list for keeping your identity to yourself.

Identity Theft Exposed
Bill’s first hint that something was wrong was when he applied for a new car loan. Although his credit was always excellent, he was turned down for the loan. When he asked why, the auto dealer told him that he had too much debt to take on any more.

Project Honeypot Aims To Trap Spammers
A blow-by-blow account of how one of the world's most prolific senders of spam email was tracked down and prosecuted had an audience of spam fighters on the edge of their seats last week.

Most ID Theft On formation Found Offline, Not On Net
Not every identity thief is trolling for your personal and financial information on the Internet. Most are looking in a much more accessible place -- your wallet.

Protect Yourself And Your Clients From Identity Theft
As with any crime, you can't guarantee that you will never be a victim of identity theft, but you can minimize your risk. By managing your personal information widely, cautiously and with an awareness of the issue, you can help guard against identity theft.

What Is A Private Investigator Worth?
Very good prospective on what you should charge.
By Nelson Andreu

Fighting Back Against Surveillance Software
Detect and disable keyloggers; reject e-mail return receipts; and use hardware and software firewalls. You probably know by now that using a computer can be hazardous to your privacy, especially if you use your system online. But your privacy can be compromised even if you never link to a network. Sure, Web sites track your browsing habits with ads, cookies, and Web bugs, and they sell your personal information to marketers. Also, spyware and adware install on your PC by piggybacking onto file sharing utilities and other free software downloads. This column frequently discusses such privacy threats.

Remote Picture Blurring
Celebrities bedeviled by paparazzi may soon find recourse in a new Hewlett-Packard technology. The company has applied for a patent on a system that would allow people to remotely blur their faces in digital photographs. "A captured image of a scene is modified by detecting an inhibit signal emanating from an inhibitor device carried by an object within the scene," reads the patent application.

How Private Investigators Are Cashing In
On Identity Theft

This page explores the swelling demand for identity theft services that private investigators can provide. It's a new area of specialization you can offer with huge demand.

Microsoft to Require Windows Piracy Check
 Users will have to validate their OS before using two downloads. Microsoft in mid-2005 will put a piracy lock on two of its download Web sites, requiring all Windows XP and Windows 2000 users to validate their copy of Windows as genuine before downloading software, the company says.

Video: The Next Big Thing in Searching?
Just when you thought search-engine companies were pouring all their resources into new tools to search your hard drive, there's suddenly a new Holy-Grail-of-Search: Video content. Google has launched an experimental search engine for video, and Yahoo has responded by unveiling its

Digital Cameras Are Good For The Environment
As we consider the digital camera revolution that has taken place over the last decade, most people think about it in terms of enhanced benefits for consumers. We can take a lot more pictures at much lower cost with digital cameras versus film cameras. We can also more easily manipulate and share those...

02-10-2005 Articles

Degree Of Separation Part II
My previous article on the degree of separation we talked about locating a subjects by directly not looking for them but looking for family members and friends and others. By Sgt. Nicholas Ciullo C.M.P.I.

The Future Of Lying And Liers Beware
Imagine the Pentagon equipped with a machine which can read minds. Sound like the plot of a Hollywood thriller? Well, it might not be that far away.

New Net Technology Review
Now You Can Recall, Erase And Self Destruct Email You Have Sent And Send Email That Doesn't Print

Sending an e-mail in haste and instantly wishing you had not done so, is not very uncommon. One is left helplessly staring at the blank screen or cursing oneself for even thinking of writing that e-mail in a haste.

Transition Of The Bodyguard
To have one is a status symbol but to have a retinue of them portrays someone who occupies an exulted position, either in government or in private business with connections in the high echelon of power. In recent years, the bodyguard has undergone transformation. He is now called a security escort. And in most cases, he cuts a menacing figure in egg-white polo barong. By Elinando B Cinco

Are Your Clients Villains In Disguise?
Due dilligence on targets identified by the client is the stock in trade for investigators, but what if the client wants to use the information for dubious reasons?

Types of Identity Theft
It sounds like some dastardly Orwellian plot that involves making a plaster imprint of your face and fashioning silicone fingerprints and fake passports. But identity theft is an all-too-real modern-day phenomenon. According to the Federal Trade Commission, more than a half-million Americans will have their identities stolen in a year.

Protect A Person's Identity
Phishers and other online thieves are targeting people's money and personal data--and they're getting sneakier. Here's how to defend against it, and how to erase the damage when one gets scammed.

How Private Investigators Are Cashing In
On Identity Theft

This page explores the swelling demand for identity theft services that private investigators can provide. It's a new area of specialization you can offer with huge demand.

Surveillance and Security - Personal and Corporate Espionage / Spying- Are you being bugged ?
Surveillance is getting easier. Bugs are getting better. The other day I was lecturing to twenty senior executives from a major international high technology company on the future.

Family Member's Identity Theft May Create Credit Crisis Sticky situation puts onus on the credit-card holder to clear up the problem.

New Threat Slurpware: You Heard It Here First
The newest term in Internet security threats has just been coined: slurpware. "It's when all the effective Internet attack elements come together to potentially steal a lot of money," said Jay Heiser, a vice president and research director at Gartner said.

Profile: Joseph Culligan-The Find'em King
Sally Jessy Raphael calls him a "guardian angel." To Vicki Lawrence, he's a miracle worker. Maury Povich jokingly complains about the size of his fees. If you're a fan of daytime television, no doubt you've seen the man who has all the talk-show hosts talking. He's Joseph Culligan, a Miami private investigator who's fast becoming America's favorite gumshoe.

Employee Screening Today
The information is there, but be careful how you use it
Hotel Security Report

Doing a good job of conducting thorough reference checks and background investigations of job applicants has become increasingly important in the hotel industry in preventing personnel-related crime and the legal consequences of such crime. However, there are many obstacles to obtaining information on applicants. In this report, we'll explore in depth the current state of background checking as described by officials at companies who provide background checking services, as well as the latest in legal practices from a leading attorney in the field. By Barry Nadell of InfoLink Screening Services.

Biometric Identifier Adoption Accelerates
Having trouble remembering whether your Amazon password is your dog's name or the year you graduated from high school? Never fear. It appears that biometric identifiers are the identify verification method of the future

Listening In to Net Phone Conversations
The solution that serves law enforcement needs also compromises users' privacy.

The ability to make phone calls over the Internet creates new communication options for all of us--including, unfortunately, criminals. Federal law enforcement officials want to make sure that when bad guys use Net phones, the cops can listen in.

Between You, Your Doctor, A PC And Ah The Internet!
Medical records go online and privacy issues are in the air.

20 Google Secrets You Might Not Know About
You got'a read this if you wannt to use Google as your ppower search source.
This article tells you how to do some searching that you might not even know could be done using google.

Google GuideBook
And if the abve article isn't enough, here is a huge online guidebook so you can learn all the ends and outs of google. If it was a printed version, this online guide alone would be hundreds of pages long.

Stopping Google Hacks Simple
Hackers who turn to search engines like Google to sniff out network vulnerabilities or unsecured devices and documents can be stymied with a simple technique, a security analyst said .

Should Big Brother Visit Your Home?
Parents, experts debate idea of taping the sitter- To tell or not to tell? That's the burning question for many parents when it comes to videotaping the nannies they bring into their homes to care for their children.

The Future Of Fire And Arson Investigation
As the legal climate for arson and fire investigations becomes more demanding,their need for a rigorous scientific foundation is growing.Fortunately,federal research efforts are already starting to close the gap. A PDF Download.

For 2005-Talk Is Cheaper As Internet Phones
Come Of Age

For Voice over IP (VoIP) 2004 was a trailblazing year, as consumers got a first peek at home broadband's next big thing. Promising lower phone bills and enhanced phone features, the technology caught on quickly, garnering close to 1 million paid subscribers in the U.S. by year's end, according to The Yankee Group.

Smoke, Mirrors and Silence: The Browser Wars Reignite
Think the web browser wars are over? Think again. World War I was dubbed “The Great War" and "The War To End All Wars.” Alas, that was an optimistic prediction; WWII followed in short order. The browser wars are here again.

New Generation Trojan Horse Makes Secret Video
Recordering Through One's Web Cam

Spanish police have arrested a man suspected of creating a Trojan horse software program capable of making secret recordings of Internet users through their Webcams and stealing confidential information

Looking For Someone? Private Investigator Joseph
Culligan Shares His Secrets

Joseph Culligan believes with some tenacity and ingenuity you can locate whomever it might be. "By the time I get a case, usually it's been worked to death, or it is a news case and is a breaking story," said Culligan, author of "You Can Find Anybody"

Profile: C.J.: Frisco's Palladino: Have eyes, Will Travel
Robin Williams' private investigator is on the case of the St. Paul man who fronts for a Williams impersonator.

Code Amber, The Web's Amber Alert System
Year End Report - 2004

Mandeville, LA -Triumphs, Tragedies and Powerful Partnerships Mark an Eventful Year for Code Amber. In a year that began with the horrible, senseless murder of Carlie Brucia in February, in Sarasota, Florida, Code Amber has seen the extremes of emotion across the country.

Privacy May Be The Price for Certain Conveniences
For many a resourceful investigator, criminal or nosey, wanting to gain insight onto your life, information is just a phone call away. With the advancements in technology, and in a race to be at the forefront of their particular industry, some public service providers such as a large bank, the traffic police, and Saudi Telecom amongst others, are providing anyone who asks, with some personal information about their clients.

PC Safety Toolbox--Five Steps to
Protecting Your System

The ins and outs of backing up, defragging, defending against intruders, and creating an emergency boot disk.

Is Your Corporate Culture on Drugs?
Strong corporate values can be undermined or fall on deaf ears. As is often the case, there is a cost for doing something and a higher cost for doing nothing. Every organization has its "corporate culture," its atmosphere and attitude. Unfortunately, the corporate culture perceived by management may not be the culture in practice. What standards of right and wrong exist in those areas out of management's immediate view and control? How high are those standards? How well are they maintained? These questions are the prime focus of any company's culture. By Barry J. Nadell of InfoLink Screening Services -first appeared in Occupational Health and Safety.

Remote Observation System - REMOBS
Some of you may have heard of devices called REMOBS which stands for Remote Observation System. These Devices allow supposedly authorized telephone employees to dial into them from anywhere, and then using an ordinary touch tone phone, tap into a customer's line in a special receive only mode. [The mouthpiece circuit is deactivated, allowing totally silent observation from any phone in the world (Wire tapping without a court order is against the law)]. by Jolly Roger

Records Resources
Through the wonders of micro-technology, we can now search a wide range of resources to analyze information and find information about almost anyone and anything. While the computer itself does not conduct investigations, it can narrow the parameters of a search and focus the investigation far faster than any means previously available. Today's technology enables investigators to network with other resources at agencies around the globe. by Edmund J. Pankau

To Catch A Thief In Hollywood!
A new crime wave is sweeping America's wealthiest streets. Burglary gangs armed with inside information are targeting the millionaire mansions of Hollywood's elite - and the LAPD is baffled. Gary Humphreys investigates

Technology Innovation Will Continue To Outstrip
Privacy Legislation

A recent edition of Fortune Magazine reported that an independent body of experts was commissioned by the US Defense Secretary to evaluate the privacy implications of a proposed universal database holding billions, if not trillions, of pieces of information about the citizens of the USA. “In concluding that today’s privacy laws are often inadequate to keep up with the new technologies for snooping ... ” the body of independent experts observed that” ... these inadequacies will only become more acute as the store of digital data and the ability to search it continue to expand dramatically in the future.”

Making Sure Sensitive Files Are Really Deleted
Don't rely on the "Delete" key for removing confidential files from a computer. Misconceptions about the Delete key can create serious problems for people who discard old computers, do personal business on company time or share computers at home or work.

Model Phone Buying Tips
Few tools of modern technology have become as prevalent as the cell phone, which allows you to be in touch (almost) all the time, (almost) anywhere. And you can do more than just talk--modern phones let you send and receive e-mail and text messages, and even surf the Web. Sifting through the sea of service plans and handsets can be difficult, but we'll walk you through what you need to know to get the phone and service plan that's right for you.

Raising Awareness Key To Thwarting Spyware
A new study by InformationWeek Research on spam, spyware, and adware makes it clear that companies will have to rely on increasing user awareness about not opening suspicious-looking E-mails, visiting unfamiliar Web sites, or downloading and running .........

Adoptee/Reunion Law Reform
Adoption laws in California continue to deny adoptees access to their birth records, even if those records contain important medical information. Such antiquated laws are ostensibly kept in place to protect the privacy of birth parents, but those laws hurt adoptees!

Alert! S uprise! BlackBerry PIN Messages Can Be Traced
In a lawsuit recently filed in Toronto, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) submitted multiple messages sent on Blackberry wireless handheld devices as evidence that several former executives misappropriated confidential information from the bank and attempted to recruit others while they were still employees at the bank.

Alert! Cars May Be The Next Target For Virus Writers
Kaspersky Labs is investigating reports of Lexus cars being infected



The FTC On Pretexting
Jimmie Mesis Interview with Joel Winton of the FTC.
In an effort to get a definitive definition of pretexting and understand the potential risks and penalties for conducting pretexts, PI Magazine was granted an interview with Joel Winston, Associate Director of the FTC, Division of Financial Practices. This unprecedented interview specifically details the various areas of pretexting including, personal and financial information, toll records, CNA's, utility company searches, as well as general telephone and in-person pretexting. The answers that were provided by the FTC will certainly be of interest to all. A article.

Profile: Carrie Brechtelsbauer The Document Shredder Service- That Fights Identity Theft
Specialty: The Auburn Hills company operates four mobile shredding trucks around Metro Detroit that turn discarded customer records into confetti. With 10 employees the firm earns almost $1 million in revenue.

A Hidden Investigative Market For Private Investigators.
Learn All About A new Investigative Service With Identity Theft That Give You $500.00 Per Case And be People's Lifesaver At The Same Time.

Gathering Evidence In The Digital Age
The Age of The Computer has changed the way businesses around the world conduct their daily transactions. Almost everything they do will find its way to the computer, from a sales transaction to the purchase of paper clips. by Timothy Q.Delaney and Stephen C. Smith.

"National" Criminal History Databases
Les Rosen and Carl R. Ernst explain how criminal record databases are created and maintained and when you can use them to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. A BRB article PDF download.

Find Anyone on the Internet... Myth or Reality?
You have heard of companies selling cyber spy-net programs — (Clue: They usually begin with the word Net or Spy) They proclaim that anyone can find out everything about anybody Don't worry your privacy will not be compromised by these guys. Here's the lowdown and the myths revealed. by Pamela Sween, Private Investigator.

Unmanipulated Photos
Why Declare That An Image Is Not Manipulated?

In many applications of photography, it is extremely important that a photograph be created through as as straight-forward a transfer as possible from what was recorded on the film or the imaging sensor of the camera to the image the viewer sees. Obvious examples would be photographs presented as evidence in a court case, as part of a medical record, with an insurance claim, or as an illustration of a news article in a newspaper or journalistic article.

Industry Trends- Business Embraces World Of Spies
Private detectives are traditionally seen as inhabiting the shadowy world of cheating husbands and estranged wives. But nowadays they are more likely to work for businesses.

Profile:Joe Tadlock Private Matters
Roseville investigator has been on the case for 30 years
The client always lies. This is the edict of Joe Tadlock, a veteran of 30 years in the business of investigating what his clients want known, but so rarely entail the full scope of.

Lipsky Says He Left FBI Early To 'Tell The Truth'
And Becomes A Private Investigator

Jon Lipsky stepped to the podium in a hot, cramped press room Wednesday and began his testimony. "I've been muzzled since 1992," he said.

Trap Lines And Blind Line Services
For Skip Tracers And Other Investigators

Trap lines have become a very effective investigative tool in skip tracing and other types of investigations such as when you need to find out where someone works.The idea behind using a trap line is that if you capture the telephone number that the party is dialing from, you have a fact that they were at this location at the time of the call. This could be their home address. If you set it up right and ask them to call at a certain time, they could be calling from their work number. Of course, once you get the number they call from, you need to turn the telephone number you captured into an address. By Ralph Thomas

Justice by Machine: Living With Lie Detector Tests
A former public defender recounts his first experience with a lie detector test and argues for their place in American courtrooms A Nolo Press Article

Signs of Infidelity - 30 Clues to Cheating Spouses
A cheating spouse or significant other will tend to exhibit some of the signs of infidelity listed in this article.

The Writing Specialists: More Than TNT
 If you thought handwriting analysis was for fortune telling, carnivals and parlor tricks guess again. In fact, over 8,000 U.S. corporations use it for employee screening and solving employee theft. Lawyers use it for jury selection, Investigators use it for help with cases, Genealogists use it to profile their deceased ancestors, Singles use it to screen their prospective mates and much more.

Keeping Yourself Safe from Stalkers
"The only difference between me and a stalker is intent," said private investigator Bill Vann. "I've been stalking for 9 years but I've been licensed to do so."

No Fault Divorce Vs. Fault Divorce FAQ
One can get a no fault divorce in any state, but one may want to understand "fault" grounds for divorce as well. A Nolo Press Article

How To Increase The Response You Get From Your
Lead Generating Ads

I received two postcards in the mail yesterday. One was cluttered with so much small text I had difficulty trying to read it. I gave up and trashed it. The second postcard had a total of 48 words on it including a website address listed on the bottom of the card. The card announced a new book on one of my favorite business topics. Part of one chapter was available to read free at the website listed on the card. I did... then ordered the book. by Bob Leduc

Electronic Monitoring In The Work Place.
This article deals with privacy laws pertaining to telephones, voicemail, email and Internet use. Advances in technology now make it possible for employers to keep track of virtually all workplace communications by any employee -- on the phone and in cyberspace.

Nighttime Tractor Trailer Side Underrides- (The Invisible Semi)
In 1967, near New Orleans, actress Jayne Mansfield received fatal injuries when her automobile struck the rear of a semi tractor, underrode it, causing her virtual decapitation. The remarkable aspect of that crash is that it happened over thirty years ago and received much publicity, yet very little has been accomplished in the ensuing years to prevent similar accidents. By: Robert L. Parke, CLI

Sleuth Or Consequences - How To Tell If A Person Is Lying
How to tell in five minutes or less whether someone is lying
Wouldn't it be great if everyone around us -- spouse, friends, business partners, job candidates, employees -- always told the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Well, as recent news events have made painfully dear, when confronted with an accusation of misbehavior, many people compound the problem by backpedaling, obfuscating, denying, and flat-out lying.

The War Against Retail Return Abuses
With the holiday season comes fruitcake, traffic jams and an anticipated onslaught of must-be-returned gifts from well-meaning (and possibly colorblind) friends and relatives. But sprinkled amongst those gift-receipt-clutching consumers are what the industry considers thieves: people who deliberately use return policies to steal. The tactics vary, from “free customer rentals”—where someone purchases an outfit, wears it to an event, and then returns it the next day—to those who purchase two items that look similar but are priced very differently and then switch the boxes so they return the cheaper item and get the refunded money from the higher-priced item.

The Ethics of Competitive Intelligence: the Good, the
Bad & the Gray

To many, the term "ethical CI" seems to be an oxymoron, a lot like "jumbo shrimp". But, a more thorough exam of the professional literature reveals a broad spectrum of various competitive intelligence practices, including those that might be considered unethical by many. A PDF Download- By Arik Johnson

General Rules for Proving Fault in Accidents
This article covers general rules used to decide who is at fault for an accident. A Nolo Press Article

Internet Addiction: The Emergence Of A New Disorder
This article attempts to differentiate addictive from normal use of the Internet. The paper also documents significant behavioral and functional differences between those subjects classified as addicts and non-addicts. On-line addicts in this study spent an average of 38 hours per week on-line, mostly used interactive applications such as chat rooms and MUDs, and were unable to control their Internet usage which resulted in significant marital, academic, and job related Dr. Kimberly S. Young

01-20-2005 Articles

The Elusive Numbers On False Rape
Haws teaches journalism at Iowa State University.Readers of The Kansas City Star were told last March that, according to police estimates, perhaps 25 percent of all rape reports nationwide are false. But in Dallas, two months before that, the Morning News reported police findings that 6.2 percent of the 793 rapes in that city in 1995 (the most recent year available) were considered false. By Dick Haws

"MANHUNT - The Search For Abbie Hoffman" And Long Time NAIS Member Steve Rambam
Steven Rambam, Pallorium's Senior Director, was honored to be a featured investigative expert interviewed for this episode. Mr. Rambam, a recognized expert on locating missing persons and fugitives, and on international and multi-jurisdictional investigations, was interviewed in all three segments of the show.

How Airport Security Works
According to the Department of Homeland Security, 730 million people travel on passenger jets every year, while more than 700 million pieces of their baggage are screened for explosives and other dangerous items. Find out how high-tech solutions are being used to make flying as safe as possible.

Profle: Kimberly Hale The Bookish Private Investigator Shares
Books With Juvenille Prisoners In Boston

Books had made a difference in Kimberly Hale's life, and she was eager to share them with girls at a juvenile holding cell in Boston.
Hale didn't know that the impact would be so drastic.

A Study Of Children's Eyewitness Reports After
Exposure to Misinformation From Parents

This study examined how misleading suggestions from parents influenced children's eyewitness reports. By Debra Ann Poole and D. Stephen Lindsay

Consideration For an Investigator’s Attire
The very first impression a subject forms of an investigator will be based on physical observations -- not only gender, race and body type, but also attire. The desired perception a subject should have is that the investigator is professional, intelligent, non-judgmental and trustworthy. A John Reid Article.

Forensic Knot Analysis
This site uses graphic photographs to illustrate the concepts presented.

Digtital Evidence FAQ
This is a very good FAQ article on the investigation and examination of digital evidence while worth your time to read

Forensic Artist Helps Authorities Nab Criminals
Marla Lawson still keeps in her portfolio the cocky expression of an armed robber she committed to paper three decades ago.
The man has a sparse mustache, and his nose is turned up, and he seems to look down at whoever looks his way. By Tim Sturrock.

Sensitivity to Uncertainty
It is common practice for accident reconstructionists to rely on equations to guide them to some numerical answer. Each of the measured or estimated values that drive the equation will carry some degree of uncertainty. by Dr. Oren Masory and Bill Wright

False Reports - Red Flags
Laws surrounding false reports vary. New York State Penal Law defines falsely reporting an incident in the third degree as follows...

DNA Testing: An Introduction For Non-Scientists
An Illustrated Explanation- The explanation of DNA testing that follows is intended as an introduction to the subject for those who may have limited backgrounds in biological science. While basically accurate, this explanation involves liberal use of illustration and, in some cases, over-simplification. Although intended to be informative, this is a brief and incomplete explanation of a complex subject. The author suggests consulting the scientific literature for more rigorous details and alternative views. by Donald E. Riley, Ph.D

How Stun Guns Work
On the old "Star Trek" series, Captain Kirk and his crew never left the ship without their trusty phasers. One of the coolest things about these weapons was the "stun" setting. Unless things were completely out of control (as they frequently were), the Enterprise crew always stunned their adversaries, rendering them temporarily unconscious, rather than killing them.

How Autopsies Work
Medical examiners are doctors just like any other, except that their patients are dead, and the tools they use in their examination are more likely to come from a hardware store than a medical supply house ("Nurse, please hand me that bread knife..."). HowStuffWorks talked to Atlanta's Deputy Chief Medical Examiner to find out how autopsies work, and what we've learned may surprise you.

A Beginner's Primer on the Investigation of Forensic Evidence
Sponsor of The Forensic Resource and Criminal Law Search Site. By Kim Kruglick

The Faltering Common Law Jury System: A Psychological Perspective
A trial by jury is possibly the single most defining feature of the common law legal system.  As a people we hold a trial by jury as the ideal form of unbiased judicial procedure.  However, one should be concerned with this belief, especially due the the preponderance of experimental evidence that suggests the jury system is failing in almost every one of its goals.  This review considers evidence that portrays the 'jury of one peers' as a group that is highly susceptible to stereotypes, manipulation, and influences, all of which go far beyond the scope of legally relevant information. by Michael W. Decaire

Behavioral Profiling In Unsolved Serial Rape Cases
By definition, the serial rapist is a successful criminal because law enforcement fails to connect his crimes, fails to understand his motives, and subsequently fails to identify and apprehend him. It has been demonstrated that the serial rapist, as a career sex offender, develops over time any number of means for keeping his identity unknown, and evading detection by law enforcement.

Cruise Ship Liability; Rape and Injuries on the High Seas
The very same panoply of accidents that can occur on dry land can occur on cruise ships: slip and falls, falling objects, you name it. In addition, crime also occurs aboard ship - some of it committed by passengers and much by crew members.

Profile: Moving Up: Michael Booth
Earned accreditation as a certified institutional protection specialist through the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection.

Forensic DNA: How It Works
Invented 20 years ago by British scientist Sir Alec Jeffreys, forensic DNA has been used to identify rapists and descendants of kings and to settle paternity suits.

01-10-2005 Articles

NAIS Author Michael Corwin Reveals Difference In States
When It Comes To Capitol Murder Charges

Peterson wouldn't be convicted in New Mexico.....In California, Scott Peterson was charged and convicted for murdering his wife. But, had Peterson murdered his wife here in New Mexico, he and his new girlfriend would be settling in to a comfortable house in a new neighborhood without a care in the world.

The Evolution Of Electronic Surveillance
This is a slide show with explaining how electronic surveillance technology has evolved. Produced by the Discovery Channel.

Who's Watching You?
Do you have that strange, unsettling feeling that someone might be looking over your shoulder? Well, in this era of post-September 11 hypervigilance, consumer data-mining and nosy bosses at work, your suspicion may be correct. Take this quiz to assess your personal paranoia level.

Profile: Mari Frank: Theft Gave Her A New Identity
Mari Frank, a Laguna Niguel lawyer, went from victim to victims' advocate by educating herself during tough times. For someone who makes her living persuading others to lock themselves up with a key, Mari Frank takes surprising leaps of faith in people. Identity-theft victim turned advocate, Frank greets strangers like old friends, is generous to a fault and has helped people even when she was not sure she would be paid for her services.
For Frank, a lawyer in Laguna Niguel, the professional and personal payoffs for taking such leaps have been huge.

PI Profiles: Kenya's Private Eyes!
When the mistress opened the door, he took mental snap shots of her and left quickly. He then befriended the kiosk owners around, who told him at what times the Subaru was spotted at the place and whether its driver was the only male visitor to the lady. JOHN KOIGI takes you around the world of Kenya's private detectives .

Understanding Facial Reconstruction Techniques
When skeletal remains are found, and the victim remains unidentified after traditional means of identification fail, investigators may call upon the forensic artist to utilize the three-dimensional facial reconstruction technique. The three-dimensional process is initiated by placing the skull on a workable stand, where the skull can easily be tilted and turned in all directions. The skull must be positioned in the Frankfort Horizontal position.

Literary Forensics
Ransom notes and hoaxes -- what can you do to figure out what's t

Master File: How To Find People's E-mail Addresses
This is a massive article that has been and often is updated and is considered a work in progrtess so you might wannt to book mark it .

The Importance of Accurate Corroboration Within A Confession
Of all possible evidence presented against a defendant at trial, a confession is afforded the most weight. A John reid article.

Profile: Forensic Anthropologist Reads Clues Left By Bones
Southern Nevada investigators bring her in when skeletons are found in the desert. The skeletons don’t leave many clues. By the time they turn up in the desert surrounding Las Vegas, the extreme environment and curious animals usually have taken their toll, leaving little besides a pile of bones.

Skip Tracing Techniques
The ability to locate an individual depends on several factors.  These include:  type of locate (debtor vs. friend), length of time elapsed, available resources and geographic area. By Daniel Beers

K-9 Forensics
Dogs are used for many different law enforcement purposes. This article looks at the trem

Surveillance Training From A Military Prospective
This article gives you good techniques on conducting a surveillance as well as gives you an inside prospective of how the military does it.

Winter Surveillance Tips
Insightful, helpful and humorous is this string of tips from members of the surveillance forum.

Seveenteen Point Checklist For Working A Capitol Murder Case
"The smallest detail which was unimportant at the time maybe the one
thing that keeps your client from getting the death sentence." By Suzanne Serdahley

How Do Bullets Fly?
This article attempts to explain the basics of the complicated subject of bullet motion through the atmosphere and avoids formulas as well as mathematics, but expects familiarity with the way of physical thinking. It includes new experimental observations of bullets fired from small arms, both at short and at long ranges. Numerous illustrations are included and can be viewed via links to promote further understanding. This article is also thought as an introduction for all types of readers (hunters, sportsmen, ballisticians, forensic scientists), interested in the "mysteries" of the exterior ballistics of bullets, fired from small arms.

Forensic Voiceprints
How an offender can be identified with voiceprint.

Lying To ASuspect: How Far Can an Investigator Go?
During the course of an investigation an investigator often must rely on duplicity and pretense in an effort to develop evidence against the guilty suspect. Common examples include the use of undercover operatives, hidden surveillance video or "baiting" a cash drawer with extra money. Provided these procedures do not entice a person to commit a crime (entrapment), they are generally acceptable practices.

Profile: J. Edar Hoover
Hoover was buried in Congressional Cemetery, not far from the row house in which he was born, next to his parents and a sister who had died in childhood. Even though the Director was dead, his bureaucratic wars continued as though he were still alive.  The most immediate battle was over the notorious store of damaging information that Hoover had collected over decades. 



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