"Countermeasures Services: This Booming Business Opportunity For Investigative Agencies Has A Market Growing Faster Than Any Other Investigative Specialization"
By Ralph D. Thomas

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Recently federal law enforcement officials raided spy shops across the country and confiscated huge amounts of illegal bugs and wiretaps which was spurred by a national conspiracy to import and distribute illegal bug and wiretapping devises into the United States from Japan. You likely saw some of the articles in newspapers or on national television concerning these raids. This incident provides an indication of the massive amount of illegal eavesdropping that is going on in the United States and should be a good economic indicator to you of the upwardly mobile demand for countermeasures services. Sweeping offices, homes, cars, airplanes, phones and yachts for bugs and wiretaps and providing other secure communications services as an investigative specialization has been steadily on the rise for the past ten years and it has been identified as a major specialization trend for the private investigative industry. It's one of the biggest growth areas of the private investigative industry there is.

In NAIS surveys of investigative specializations it has moved from way down on the list of one hundred investigative specializations to near the top in the top twenty and continues to steadily move up the list. Understanding why countermeasures services is booming is easy to understand when you look at what has happened to the driving forces that are moving the American economy. A decade or two ago, the national economy was driven by the sales of goods and services. However, today the American economy is driven by information. It's called the information age and almost every segment of business, industry and government is being driven by propritory information. Information then, just like goods and services, needs security and needs to be protected and guarded against theft. This has opened a floodgate and boom for those few investigative agencies who offer countermeasures services and information security services.

Here is six major reasons why you and your agency should consider entering the countermeasures and information security field.

The number of assignments for countermmeasures and communications security is increasing so fast, no one can really keep up with the growth. With the information age driving the American Economy, this type of investigative specialization has moved from way down on the list of one hundred investigative specializations to the top twenty and it keeps moving up every time figures are compiled.

Countermeasures and security communications services almost always pay you well beyond your typical hourly rate for other investigative services. Most companies are charging $500.00 for a small job that takes only a few hours to several thousand dollars for a larger job that might take all day.

Contrary to what many people who have attempted to place a monopolistic lock on the market for this type of service would like you to think, this type of specialization can easily be learned by anyone with average intelligence.

There are some techno people around that will tell you that you need twenty grand or more to purchase the equipment you need to perform professional services in this market. It's quite true, you don't want to go into a professional countermeasures specialization with a $99.00 bug detector but you don't need twenty grand in equipment either. A moderate investment of between $2,000 to $4,000 should get you started on the right track.

Countermeasures and secure communications services are easy to market and the professional, business and private citizen segments of the population who would use this type of service are extremely easy to identify.

One of the major keys to building an investigative practice is to identify markets and clients that will provide you a steady stream of business and use your services again and again. Many people who utilize countermeasures services will have repeated periodic needs for this type of service and use your company again and again. In fact, many countermeasures services have yearly contracts with certain businesses and industries which will provide monthly or quarterly communications security checks and countermeasures services.


The P.I. Catalog features an extensive selection of countermeasures books and manuals that contain the hardcore information and training you'll need to enter into this field. Not only do you learn about conducting countermeasures services, you'll learn about all kinds of bugs and wiretaps and how to locate and exterminate them and you'll gain vast insight into how to go about marketing your services and working in a way to maximinizing profit.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of expert hardcore tips contained in the Thomas Publications Countermeasures Library:

Frequency Hopping Bugs: This are bugs that chance frequency in attempts to avoid detection by countermeasures services. You are shown exactly what this type of equipment is and what you can do about it.

Snuggling Techniques: Snuggling techniques are sometimes used by eavesdroppers in attempts to avoid detection by you. By tuning the bug very near an existing radio station, they are hoping you will get indications that what you are picking up is just another radio station. This countermeasures library fully explains this technique and shows you how to defeat it.

Telephone Tape Trick: Once a telephone has been cleared, many agencies are taping the bottom of the telephone and up along the edge which provides a seal on the telephone. The tape is printed with the name and address of the company doing the service and states that the telephone has been cleared and sealed. Of course, any time someone notices that the seal has been broken, the agency gets another call.

Really High Tech Services: It's no longer enough to merely sweep telephone lines for wiretaps and rooms for bugs. Clients today need to worry about the security of computers, fax machines, cellular telephones, and trash. There are a number of options the communications security expert needs to offer included extended security checks, consulting, surveys and equipment sales of inscription and software locking programs, voice and fax machine scramblers, paper shredders and many other communications security devices the client will need.


At the very minimum, you will need at least two basic specialized pieces of equipment. The first piece of equipment is the all important RF bug detector. You will want certain features in this such as sensitivity adjustments to adjust for areas with lots of radio signals. You'll also want to be in a position to quickly determine what you are picking up. That is, is it ambinant voice such as a radio station signal or an actual bug. You need to have the ability to perform the sweep covertly so you need a bug detector that doesn't make a lot of noise so you will not alert an eavesdropper. The second type of equipment you want is a good telephone and telephone line tester. The CMS professional countermeasures kit available from Thomas Investigative Publications contains two basic pieces of countermeasures equipment in the form of an Advanced Transmitter Detector and Advanced Wiretap Detector with three additional probes for the Transmitter Detector. You'll find the features on this kit meeting the requirements of a basic kit and it's popularly priced at under $1,500.

You'll also want a tool kit that includes little mirrors, screw drivers, pliers, flashlights, a magnifying glass and those types of things. Good countermeasures services rely on visual inspection as much as they do black box equipment.

Many countermeasures services add things like Video Detection, IR Light Detection that can act as audio carriers and hardwire testing units. These types of add-on testing equipment is included in the CMS Professional Countermeasures Kits.

The P.I. catalog offers an extensive line of countermeasures kits and individual countermeasures equipment as well as an extensive training library. It's time to take a look at entering the information age countermeasures services. We urge you to take a look at the booming and fast growing market for this type of investigative service and urge you to carryfully review the countermeasures library and countermeasures equipment found in the P.I. Catalog. Should you have any questions, feel free to call our office at 512-719-3595.

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