Orginial NAIS Announcement On The death Of Hal Lipset

World Famous Private Investigator Hal Lipset Passes Away In San Francisco.

The National Association Of Investigtive Specialists would like to release it's condolances on the passing of perhaps one of the most famous and outspoken private investigators in the United States, Hal Lipset, out of San Francisco. Mr. Lipset's biography can be found in a quite interesting book titled:


Hal Lipset started in the days before there were tape recorders as we know them today and video cameras as we know them today and a time in US history when there was no law against wiretapping and bugging. His book talks about using crimped wire to record audio and huge big and bulky surveillance cameras that made so much noise--the subject of the surveillance could often hear the surveillance camera running in the bushes.


A few years ago, Mr. Lipset has a cover story writeup in PI MAGAZINE and has kind'a come to be known as the father of private investigation in of this century. Mr. Lipset had become a ledend in his own time for the thousands of cases he had worked, some of them very high profile. He's perhaps best remembered for his invention:


I know that the investigative industry shares the sorrow and the grief of Mr. Lipset's passing that his family is currently undergoing. Mr. Lipset, despite his controversal nature, will be dearly missed by myself and by thousands of private investigators throughout the free world. The Reverend Bill Grahram recently remarked that there is a certain democracy about death--as it doesn't matter who you are nor what you become nor what you do on plant earth--we are all mortal and we all must someday face death. I would ask that investigators worldwide take a moment of silence and prayer for the loss of Mr. Lipset.


Services will be held at:

Temple Sherith Israel
2266 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
Phone: 415-346-1720
Thursday, December 11 at 12:00 Noon (California Time GMT -08:00)


Ralph Thomas, Director
National Association Of Investigative Specialists, Inc.