A Short Aritcle And Glossary On Bugging And Wiretaping

Bug - A hidden microphone, usually connected to a radio transmitter. Also, may be wired directly to a listening post.

Bumper Beeper - A radio transmitter which is attached to a vehicle for use as a beacon or homing device for tailing.

Carrier Current Device - Transmits a signal, modulated by audio, along a pair of wires (electrical or phone line) to a compatible
receiver. The signal travels along the wires with very little radiated from the lines.

An impressive array of electronic equipment is available for use in invading your privacy. Practically none of it is marketed for this purpose, but it takes only a little thought to realize that most of these devices can be used for illegal bugging and/or wiretapping. Most toy stores carry inexpensive walkie-talkies that are ideal for a quick and dirty room bug. The eavesdropper simply installs the battery, tapes down the transmit button and hides the walkie-talkie in the target room.

Another inexpensive room bug is the "FM Baby Monitor". Not only can mom use it to keep an ear on her little one, but since it has a transmit range of about three blocks, it makes a nifty bug also.

One of the most common telephone bugging attacks is the hookswitch bypass. When a telephone has been bypassed, it becomes "hot on hook". This means that even though the phone is hung up, it intercepts all room conversation and passes them down the phone line to a listening post. The cost of components to perform this little trick? About 45 cents.

We have barely scratched the surface of what is readily available for bugging and wiretapping. In the following pages we present some equipment that can help you detect and locate these threats to your privacy. Our equipment is geared toward detecting and/or locating commercially available bugs and wiretaps planted by your friends, lovers or business associates. If your problem is with the
FBI or other three letter agencies, our equipment probably won't be of much help to you. We also recommend that you educate yourself about the techniques of bugging and wiretapping to help you understand the threat.


Contact Mic -
A microphone that picks up sounds by amplifying vibrations from a solid surface such as a door, window or wall.

Harmonics - Multiples of a basic frequency. Their presence indicates a clandestine transmitter.

Hookswitch Bypass - A modification to the telephone instrument so that room sounds are picked up and passed down the phone line to a listening post even with the telephone handset hung up. Turns the telephone into a room bug.

Hot mic - See Hookswitch Bypass.

Jammer - A device that produces noise in hidden microphones, so that conversations are unintelligible to the listener.

Mail Cover - Interception of mail by the Post Office for a government agency.

Parallel Tap - Connected across both wires of a telephone line. Usually used to activate a tape recorder. DC resistance ranges from 10 megohms to 35 megohms. May also be a radio transmitter, in which case, a separate battery is required for powering the

Parasitic Device - A type of eavesdropping device that pirates its operating power from a source such as the telephone line or house
wiring. It requires no battery of its own.

Series Tap - Usually a radio transmitter. It obtains its power from the telephone line to which it is attached. It is installed in series
(in line with one wire). Generally has a DC resistance of 70 to 300 ohms. Can also be used to activate a tape recorder.

Spike Mic - Similar to a contact microphone, but has a metal spike that is driven into a wall, etc. to pick up voice vibrations.

Tap - See Wiretap.

Wired Mic - An installation where a microphone is connected to a listening post by a pair of wires.

Wiretap - Clandestine interception of a telephone conversation. Operates when the phone is in use.




Books, Manuals And Training
TSCM BIBLE: The Countermeasures Cookbook

Wiretap Detection Techniques
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One Day Workshop On Countermeasures

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