By Joseph Seanor
Private-Eye Mailing list FAQ: Update March 1997
What is Private-Eye?
Private-Eye is the Internets FIRST and FREE mailing list for Private Investigators. Started over 2 years ago by Joseph Seanor the list continues to provide information about the world of Private Investigators and the business of PI.
Please read this FAQ in its entirety. By joining this list, you agree to all of the rules and legal notices in the FAQ.
Who is the Owner?
The owner of Private-Eye is Joseph Seanor. Please remember that Mr. Seanor runs a PI business besides this list and is away on cases from time to time. Response time may vary. He can be reached at the following addresses:
Who helps with the List?
The people that help me with the list (besides the office people at CIBIR) are: Dan Draz George Pilat
Rules of the list
These are the rules of the list. They are simple and straightforward. I ask that all members of the list adhere to them.
1. Everyone on the list is a professional. and should act as such.
2. No foul language is to be directed at anyone on the list, if you want to flame them, do it in PRIVATE.
3. If you must comment on a post, make sure that it is something the GROUP will benefit from.
4. Please avoid sending out one or two line replies to a note, unless the GROUP will benefit from it.
5. FLAMES ARE NOT ALLOWED! If you MUST FLAME, then do it in private.
6. Please feel free to talk about your business and how you can help people, but do not start discussing how you are better then someone else. This will end up in your removal.
7. Any fake accounts will result in your immediate removal from the list.
If you can not follow these rules, then you will be removed.
Where is Private-Eye?
Private-Eye is located on the server INTNET.NET This server is run by George R. Pilat. If you need the BEST in Internet service for your business, then send email to: The Private-Eye mailing list supports their Internet Services 100%
How do I join Private-Eye
To join Private-Eye just send email to:
SUBJECT: leave blank
BODY:: Subscribe Private-Eye Email address Your Name
(example: Subscribe Private-Eye Joseph Seanor)
How do I Unsubscribe from Private-Eye
To unsubscribe from Private-Eye send email to:
SUBJECT: leave blank
BODY: Unsubscribe Private-Eye
Subject Lines
If you are posting a note that is relating to the PI business please put as your first word in the Subject line: PI
If you are posting about a job please place in your subject line: PI NEEDED XXXXX (where XXXX is the area the PI is needed)
If you are posting just general comments please place in your
subject line: GENERAL
Replies to a Post (PLEASE READ)
To try and ease the problems of long replies to postings on the group, please follow the suggestions below to make things easier for all.
1) Do not include the FULL copy of the original posting in your reply.
2) Try and avoid the "Me too" replies.
3) When in doubt, do not copy the original posting into your reply.
I am not getting any more mail, what happened?
Odds are that your server had a problem and sent an error message to the List Owner and the account was removed. Or your mailbox was full and sent back an error message. To solve this problem, just send a new note to the list owner or re-subscribe to the list.
How do I read past messages?
To access the archives, all you have to do is send email to:
Body index Private-Eye
To retrieve a digest, send email:
Body get private-eye digest number
Important List Commands:
SET list-name [option arg [args]] Alias: QUEry
With no option or arguments specified, SET list-name or QUEry list-name
returns a list of all of your current subscription options for the
specified list, if you are subscribed.
The MAIL option requires one of the arguments ACK, NOACK, DIGEST, or
POSTPONE. The argument ACK causes ListProc to include you in the
distribution of each message you send to a list; NOACK causes ListProc
not to include you when you send the message. Thus, Set dummy mail ack
causes you to receive a copy of each message you send to the list dummy.
The DIGEST option causes you to receive your mail from the specified list
in the "digest" collection of messages (including messages you sent to
the list) whenever that digest is distributed. SET list-name MAIL
POSTPONE causes listproc to exclude you from all list distributions until
you send another set list-name mail command with one of the other arguments.
Where can I learn more about computers and the Internet?
Contact CIBIR Corporation for more information about using
computers and the Internet for Private Investigators. Mr. Seanor wrote
the first book on Private Investigators and the Internet and has a long
history of teaching PI
List Notes
The Private-Eye Mailing list is service marked by CIBIR Corporation. The
Private-Eye mailing list is a PRIVATE list and membership is not open and
must be approved by the owner. Any misrepresentation by anyone on the
list will result in your immediate removal and possible civil action
against you. Any reproduction of this mailing list in any format must
be approved by the owner Joseph Seanor. The Private-Eye mailing list is
unmoderated and by applying for membership you are fully aware and
accepting that any of the list owners, maintainers, their agents or
representative are held harmless from any action resulting from a
posting, by a posting or by any comments from anyone that is on the list.
This is a service that is provided by CIBIR and as such we retain right
to ownership of the list and list traffic. CIBIR Corporation, Joseph
Seanor, Dan Draz, George Pilat and or its representatives, agents, or
others associated with CIBIR, Joseph Seanor, Dan Draz, and George Pilat
are held harmless from any damages, loss or problems of any nature
arising from the Private-Eye mailing list. As creators, owners and
maintainers of the list, CIBIR and Joseph Seanor provide of their time at
no charge. By subscribing to this mailing list you are accepting this to
be true and agree to these conditions. If you do not agree with any of
these terms, you are required to unsubscribe from the list.
Joseph Seanor
CIBIR Corporation
Computer Crime Investigators