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NAIS Benefits

PEN: The Private -Eye Network: AS an NAIS member, you can log in now! The first time you log in you will be promoted to creative a user name and password and set up your page. Once you do that, inside you will find activity, networking marketing, training, news, videos, TV, podcasts, live chat, resources, links aids and much more for you and your agency. Click here and do it now.

Get On The NAIS Facebook: NAIS On Facebook: Facebook has become the largest social media marketing tool in the world and gives you massive exposure. If you do not have a Facebook page, set one up NOW. Then search for the page The National Association Of Investigative Specialists Once you are on it, post your company information, business card if you like and a link back to your web site. This will then show up in search engines.Click here for Facebook Now.

Get On The NAIS LinkedIn Directory: NAIS Is LinkedIn And You Need To Be To! LinkedIn is the largest network of professionals in the Internet and you need to be LinkedIn too! Once you set up your page, click here to go to the NAIS member LinkedIn group and join it. Your LinkedIn page is then linked into the NAIS LinkedIn directory and will show up on many search engines.

Get Profiled In The NAIS Yahoo Group: NAIS has started an NAIS member Yahoo Profile Group with the new Profiles Application. This gives you another free directory listing source. Input your company name, logo or photo, description of your agency and service and link to your web site. Click here to access it now and do it now. Note; Once you join this group, you think need to click here and set up your profile.

PICase Assignments for NAIS members: NAIS maintains two places where case assignments are posted. Click here to join the Yahoo eGroup for case assignments and click here for the case assignments found inside PEN. Every week surveillance assignments, asset checks, door knocks, and other requests for assistance are found on these forums so join them and grab the case assignments in your area to add more business to your bottom line!

Your Own Page Inside PEN: Setting up your own page inside PEN is easy and shows up in the PEN directory. You can customize your page with a template you select, add your information including a link to your web site, add a profile photo or logo much like you would do on Facebook and even add music, videos, links, blog posts and about whatever you want to add. Click here to access now.

NAIS Benefits

NAIS Training inside PEN Resource Centers: Inside PEN: You will find massive training videos, podcasts, articles and white papers, resources, aids and links for various topics including: Skip Trace Resource Center , Surveillance Resource Center, Investigative Trends Resource Center, Criminal Investigation Resource Center , Bodyguarding & Executive Protection Resources , Countermeasures Resource Center , Process Serving Resource Center, Marketing For Investigators, Piracy & Counterfeit Brand Investigations, AOE/COE Resource Center, Nursing Home Abuse Investigations, Accident Investigation Resource Center, Bail Enforcement Resource Center, Auto Repossession Resource Center, Cell Phone & Computer Forensics , Pre-Employment Investigation Resource Center, Domestic Investigation Resource Center, Interviewing & Deception Detection Resources , Mortgage Fraud With Kevin Bousquet, Computer Security Resource Center , Forensic Document Examination Resource Center, The Forensic Topics Resources , Other Topics Of Interest. Click Here To Access the Resource Centers Inside PEN.

Investigative Trends For NAIS Members: Investigative Trends is something that NAIS has monitored for decades. You can see the latest in up and coming investigative trends on the Trends Page inside PEN. Click here to view it now.

State And Local Public Records Access For NAIS Members: NAIS members obtain instant access to free searches on the internet for state, county and local public records. This section gives you massive and instant access to the public records that are online that you can search for all fifty states. Click here to access it now.

Unique People Searches Online: Unique People Searches Online is a page that lists very unique people searches you can use. for 20 years NAIS has been collecting these for you through recommendations from NAIS members. Click here to use them.

PI News On Demand: Aside from PI Bytes which is found inside PEN, NAIS also maintains news feeds that are updated daily from a huge collection of security and investigative sources. It's all found on the font page of PEN. Click here to access the latest news for investigators from many different source feeds. Aside from online print media news feeds, you will also find TV news by clicking here.

TV On Demand: Through NAIStv and a collection of TV feeds, PEN delivers to you old and new TV shows on and about private investigators, movies you can watch, training and a whole lot more. Just go to the front PEN page and use the pull down menu called NAIStv to access the channel and show selections. Click here to go there now.

PodCasts And PI Radio On Demand: NAIS has placed all the known podcasts and radio shows for easy access all in one place inside PEN. To access this page, click here now.

Free eBooks And Online Books For Investigators: There is a huge collection of free ebooks and online books you can access that deal with private investigation. As an NAIS member, you can access these. Click here to access them now.

NAIS email News Notification: NAIS maintains a news notification service that is email driven through am egroup. To receive alerts and NAIS news, click here and join now.

Other Specialty eGroups: NAIS sponsors other egroups on various types of investigation such as skip tracing, background checks, accident investigations, countermeasures, legal investigation, bail recovery, marketing, process serving and more. Click here for the complete list and join the ones you are interested in.

Other State, National And International Associations: NAIS maintains a link list of other state, national and international associations for you to look at and join inside PEN. Just access the pull down menu under NAIS resources inside. Click here to access that now.

Investigative Articles And White Paper Archives: NAIS maintains a huge collection of articles and white papers on various aspects of conducting investigations inside the NAIS members only section PEN. Just select that under the Training pull down menu inside PEN. Click here to access that page now.

Forums Inside PEN: There are forums inside PEN you will want to access and if you are an expert on a certain topic of investigation, you can also start one inside the NAIS Network. Click here to access current forums and join the ones that would be useful to you and consider starting your own NAIS forum.


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