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Texas Association Of Licensed Investigators (TALI) Mid- Winter Conference
Sponsored By NAIS, LawMate America And Thomas Investigative Publications
February 18-19, Omni San Antonio Hotel - San Antonio Texas


Brianne "Sly Fox" Joseph, LPI is the Owner and Head Investigator at Sly Fox Investigations.


Articles On Brianne "Sly Fox" Joseph, LPI
ESSENCE MAGAZINE: More Than One Way To Catch A Cheater
ATLANTA POST: Former Model Making Sly Business Moves in P.I. field
BLACK NEWS: Model Turned Private Investigator Opens Unique Private Investigation Agency
PI NEWSWIRE: Former Model Making Sly Business Moves in P.I. field

SecurityTeK Newswire Reporting- 2011 Trend To Professionalism By Cody Woods
Ralph Thomas Named SpyMaster Of The Year By Security Industry News Today

Meet The Real "Q" - James Bond's Q Is Fiction But Sabar Yang Is Real!
Magazine Cover Story: A Glimpse Into The NAIStv Phenomoneon
Upcoming Conferences And Shows- SecurityTeK Newswire Reporting

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Top News Today

Security Industry News Today Names Most Interesting People For 2010
Pursuit Magazine Reporting: NAIS' Ralph Thomas Unveils Top NAIS Member Websites
Security Industry News Today Reporting: NAIS Unveils Top Outstanding Websites In Industry
NAIS Member: Brianne Joseph - Model Turned Private Investigator Opens Unique Private Investigation Agency

Tracking You Through Your Photos
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New ‘Private Eye’ School Spits Out Gumshoes
Fox News At TALI Conference In Houston-
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Nick Beltrante

Nick Beltrante In The News
Washington Post: Former police officer wants to keep the Fairfax Police Department in line
See: Virginia Citizens Coalition for Police Accountability

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Criminal Justice Carreer Profiles

Criminal Justice Profiles: Your Online Guide to Criminal Justice Careers, Degrees, Schools and More

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Curbside Investigator PodCast

Curbside Investigator

American PI PodCasts

Artchix Magazine Names Ralph Thomas Person Of The Year For 2010

When ArtChix Magazine chose its ‘Person of the Year for 2009, President Barack Obama was the clear favorite. For reasons that were anything but political, we chose President Obama for meeting the criteria we set in a profound way.

This year our readers helped us narrow down the list like they did last year. But this year it wasn’t a politician or a Hollywood member of the glitterati that came out ahead.

Our 2010 ArtChix Magazine ‘Person of the Year’ beat out two big names on our list. George Clooney and Angelina Jolie represented Hollywood and despite their contributions in other areas, our readers wanted what they called ‘a real American’ who was ‘a real influence’. It was funny that our readers looked outside of Hollywood or Washington to find those qualities (laughing) and, as they say, the rest is history.

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pi newswire
American PI
curbside investigator
New Podcast! Ralph Thomas Talks On The Digital Age! The iPhone,
The iPad and Internet TV
New Podcast! Frank Haley Interview With Alysyn Bourque And Will Grifith From Griffth Colson Intelligence Service- A Private Intelligence Agency On The War On Terrorism Frank Haley Is The News Caster For KKIM Christian News Radio

NAIS/Ralph Thomas Twitters

Breaking News! From GCIS, Art Chix Magazine And Bramford Times
Texas Spy Legend & ArtChix Cover Spook boosts network support for private intelligence network

In an effort to increase intelligence and communications resources for the public, Thomas Investigative Publications, Spy Exchange and Security Center and the National Association of Investigative Specialists have teamed up with Griffith Colson Intelligence Service (GCIS)and its affiliates in boosting broadcast and publication network support for the various GCIS online television channels and online newspapers and magazines.

In a bold move, CEO Ralph Thomas announced this morning that two of his media interests, PI TV and PI DAILY would now host portals for GCIS broadcasting and publication venues.

GCIS recently acquired the Griffith Media Center, after The Griffith Corporation the parent of Griffith Media Center), merged with the security and intelligence communications firm to increase its media reach and providing a larger base for intelligence and security information reports in the event of a national emergency. Homeland TV Network, Griffith broadcasting network, ISTA, and ArtChix TV are just some of the channels operated by Griffith Media Center. ArtChix Magazine and The Bramfrod Times are two of the firm’s most popular online publications. These venues cover art, dadily news and a variety of security topics. Read more......




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Jana Mashonee

Breaking News!
ArtChix Magazine Names Jana Mashonee Artist of The Year!

Last year, ArtChix Magazine chose female vocalist and music sensation Crystal Sunshine as our ‘ARTIST OF THE YEAR’. This year, we have opted to choose another female vocalist who has filled the hearts and ears of her listeners with what has been described as “a spiritual experience in music”.

In making our choice, we choose from among the most promising, most unique artists. We had considered choosing someone from the genre of film or visual art this year and more than 30 candidates were vetted. Their talents are just amazing. But then we came to know Jana Mashonee, who has graced the cover of ArtChix Magazine before and has been a popular figure among our readers.


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