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How it works: We are happy to announce ebooks at substantial savings. Here is how it works.You purchase the ebooks you want at substantial savings. Once your order is processed, we email you a temporary link to go and download the ebook online in a PDF file. All you need is a free PDF reader on your computer. Most computers come with a PDF reader but if you do not have one, it's free software. When you order any eBook, we will also send you links to download the following two free ebooks:

Professional Judgment Recovery
Second Updated And Expanded Edition
By Jon S. Kahlkopf

Professionals Guide To Conducting
A Surveillance

By Ralph D Thomas

Tracing Missing Heirs
With Ralph D. Thomas And
Harvey Morse

Professionals Guide To Auto Repossession
By Chris Cantrell - eBook $28.00

Professionals Locate Investigstions
By Dean Beers


Bail Enforcement- Fugitive
Recovery Operations

The Encyclopedia On The Bail Recovery And Enforcement Profession $28.00

Covert Video Mystery Shopping For Professional Investigators $19.95

The Executive Protection Manual $28.00

Complex Legal Investigations By James W. Harbert, CLI, FCi - $35.00

Tatical Surveillance - An Investigators Bible By Doug Hagman $19.95

Accident Investigation In The Private Sector Volume I - By Jack Murray eBook $19.95

Expert's Guide To Successful Legal Testimony $19.95

Tatical Surveillance - An Investigators Bible By Doug Hagman $19.95

Investigative Reports In eBook Form



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