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In The Above Documents - Oswald Worked For CIA - CIA Instructed Oswald To Marry Russian -
KGB Investigation Concluded That Military Industrial Complex Assassinated JFK

Smoking Guns From The New JFK File Release
Summary Of 40 New Major Facts In The JFK Assassination

1) There Was More Than One Shooter And Shots had Been Fired From The Front

There is a report containing evidence of a surgeon general report that states that JFK was shot from the front and there had been at least two shooters. This was likely a very early report on the Kennedy Assassination done before the JFK autopsy was done and Air Force One with Lyndon Johnson was back in Washington DC. This can be extensively collaborated by other evidence that is covered in this material. The evidence that collaborates this fact is over 40 eyewitness and ear witness accounts as well as each and every doctor who treated JFK at Parkland Hospital and every nurse that was in the emergency room thought shots had been fired from other locations than the rear.  Further evidence that collaborates this is the fact that the description of wounds described in the official autopsy is very different from the description of the wounds described by all doctors at Parkland Hospital.  Further collaboration of this is found in an FBI report from observation of the official autopsy that states that there “had been surgery to the head” which was not performed at Parkland Hospital. If the “surgery to the head” had not been performed at Parkland Hospital (and that it not disputable), the only other place it could have been done is at Bethesda Naval Hospital before the official autopsy.  Extensive details of this evidence are covered in this investigation.

2) Two Year Soviet Union Investigation Concluded LBJ Was Responsible
The Soviet Union conducted it’s own two year investigation on the JFK Assassination and concluded that LBJ was involved.  This tends to be collaborated by other evidence that is covered in this investigation. The collaboration includes the fact that LBJ was about to be dropped from the ticket. Bobby Kennedy had arranged for Life Magazine to do a story about the corruption of LBJ. LBJ’s secret mistress Madeline Brown stated that she was told the night before the assassination by LBJ that, “come tomorrow the Kennedys will never embarrass me again.”  As the motorcade turned into the plaza for the assassination, there is photographic evidence that LBJ ducked down in the back seat of a vehicle two vehicles behind the Presidential vehicle. LBJ then lied about it and stated that his Secret Service agent had jumped on him from the front seat.  LBJ just happened to have a copy of the Presidential Oath Of Office before he was sworn in as President after Kennedy’s death. Retired attorney Barr McClellan in his book Blood, Money And Power- How L.B.J. Killed J.F.K. claims L.B.J. actually confessed to his involvement in the assassination before he died.  Aside from Barr McClellan’s evidence in his book, there are several other well-researched books that conclude the same thing.  More details of the Soviet Union’s investigation on the assassination of JFK and Lyndon Johnson’s roll is covered in depth in this investigation.

Another Released Document from the CIA on the JFK Assassination states that a Soviet source by the code name Shamrock stated that the KGB conducted another investigation and concluded that Kennedy was killed by representatives of a group of “monopolists characterized as the military-industrial Complex in the United States. 

3) CIA Cash Disbursement Clerk Testimony That Oswald Worked For The CIA

 A CIA employee by the name of James Wilcott was interviewed by the House Select Committee On Assassinations under oath in the 1970s and stated that it was common knowledge within the CIA that Oswald worked for the CIA and was an agent. Wilcott was a cash disbursement clerk and claims to have issued funds for a case officer for OSWALD or the OSWALD PROJECT.  The Wilcott testimony can be collaborated by five other witnesses that state that OSWALD worked for the CIA and was recruited while a Marine stationed at the US Atsugi Japan military base. It can be further collaborated by over seven other people that Wilcott mentions in his testimony and a number of other witnesses who claim they were told OSWALD worked for the CIA.  Extensive details of this developed evidence is covered in this investigation.


4) Oswald Was Being Impersonated
There is clear and convincing evidence that Oswald was being impersonated in Mexico City as well as in other places and at other times.  This investigation establishes various impersonations of OSWALD in Mexico City as well as establishes many other impersonations of OSWALD at other times including the fact that two OSWALDS had been arrested in the Texas Movie Theater in Dallas, Texas.  There are several accounts of OSWALD being impersonated on the day of and days before the assassination by different witnesses when it was established that OSWALD was at another location.  Details of this evidence are covered in this investigation.

5) Oswald Was In Ruby’s Club Known As The Carousel Club And They Knew Each Other
A document reveals a source that states that OSWALD was in RUBY’S night club known as the Carousel Club before the assassination. This information is collaborated by many other witnesses who say the same thing and also state that RUBY and OSWALD knew each other well. The evidence and accounts of other witnesses who place OSWALD and RUBY together is covered in this investigation.

6) The CIA And The Mafia Were Working Together
Documents in the JFK Assassination records clearly show that the CIA and the Mafia were in a partnership to assassinate Castro.  This evidence is no longer disputable and covered in this investigation.

7) The FBI Had Been Tipped Off That Oswald Would Be Murdered
The FBI had been tipped off by telephone that OSWALD was going to be murdered the day before it happed.  This evidence can be collaborated by the fact that someone also attempted to tip off the Dallas Police the day before the murder and that person was JACK RUBY. This information is covered in this investigation. Other related evidence covered in this investigation reveals that the police detective that was handcuffed to OSWALD at the time of the RUBY shooting told OSWALD that he had hoped a shooter would be a better shot than OSWALD was right before OSWALD appeared in the basement for the transfer and then murdered.   Other related evidence covered in this investigation reveal the fact that when RUBY was going to be transferred in the same manner, he was fearful he would be murdered in the same manner. Ruby’s few statements made in public tend to confirm that he murdered OSWALD to silence him.

8) There Was Foreknowledge And Warnings Of The Assassination
A British newspaper was tipped off that something was about to happen 20 minutes before the assassination.  In the new 2017 releases there are two other sources that claim to have had foreknowledge of the assassination. There is extensive evidence of other sources who had  foreknowledge along with various types of warnings that the assassination was going to happen. This tends to indicate that there was a conspiracy.  This information is collaborated with over twenty other witnesses who had foreknowledge of the assassination, which is covered in this investigation.

9) Evidence Of Plans For False Attack On US Soil And Project Northwoods
The US Military had plans to stage a fake attack on the United States and blame in on Castro. These attacks would of involved killing Americans in order to obtain pubic support for an invasion of Cuba. Aside from the 2017 document release in 2017, this investigation details a covert operation known as Operation Northwoods that was developed by the Joint Chiefs Of Staff  (JSC).  Operaton Northwoods was a plan to stage various types of false flag attacks on US soil in order to gain support for a US invasion of Cuba.  These plans had been rejected by President Kennedy.

10) Evidence Of Covert Attacks On Cuba
There are documents that describe details of covert operations that involved various types of attacks of Cuba in various forms. These include actual covert military attacks, various ways to affect the Cuban economy and various ways to attack the crops of Cuba in order to effect a change in leadership.  The evidence that supports this is covered in this investigation.

11) FBI J Edgar Hoover Memo To Issue Something That Oswald Actually Did It
A J. Edgar Hoover memo states: “The thing I am most concerned about and Mr. Katzenback is having something issued so that they can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin.” Note that this Hoover statement doesn’t say to convince the public that OSWALD acted alone but that OSWALD actually did it.  This could be a freudian slip made on paper.  This statement by Hoover tends to indicate that he himself had his own doubts! Acting US Attorney General Katzenback reiterated but modified this statement in a memo to an LBJ aid right before LBJ set up the Warren Commission for the purpose of appeasing the public that OSWALD did it and acted alone.  The Katzenback statement indicated something needed to be issued to indicate to the public that OSWALD acted alone and there had been no confederates at large.  Details of these memos which resulted in the creation of the Warren Commission is covered in this investigation.

12) Control Of The News Mainstream Media And Operation Mockingbird
 The newly released JFK Documents reveal a CIA document concerning how they had in place inside the mainstream news media various journalist assets. Another document in this release stated by a major television network to the FBI that they had information on OSWALD and the assassination but would only air what the federal government wanted them to air.  This evidence clearly indicates that the CIA’s long suspected program known as Operation Mockingbird in which control of what is reported and not reported in the main stream news media was in force and fake news stories could be planted in both the print and television news media when needed. The details of this evidence is covered in this investigation.

Under Oath Testimony- Oswald's Defection Was Faked - Marina Oswald "recruited"

13) Oswald’s Defection To The Soviet Union Was A Fake Defection
When OSWALD defected to the Soviet Union, there is evidence and testimony under oath that the defection was fake and was actually a US Intelligence operation.  This was stated by James Wilcott in a HSCA deposition. It can also be collaborated by several other people. There is evidence of other fake defections to the Soviet Union in this time period, which would tend to collaborate this. There is also evidence that would tend to indicate that OSWALD was instructed by the CIA to marry Maria before he returned to the United States. This investigation details the evidence that supports this.

14) The CIA Was Given Advanced Copies Of Both The Warren Commission Final Report As Well As The Final Report Of The House Select Committee On Assassinations And Had Editing Authority.
One of the most startling developments in the new 2017 November 9, 2017 JFK file release is that there are memos and notices back and forth from the CIA to both the Warren Commission and The House Select Committee On Assassinations. These memos clearly show that the CIA was given advanced copies of reports to make “recommendations” for the final version. They seemed to have the authority to change  wordage and make omissions and redactions.  So what we end up with is  reports that are edited and approved by the CIA.  Below is a memo on the CIA review of an advanced copy of the HSCA report. You can obtain a copy of this online off of: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/104-10067-10156.pd

15) The CIA Was Monitoring Jim Garrison, JFK Assassination Books And Authors, JFK Assassination Seminars And News Media Coverage
When you go through the November 9, 2017 release of JFK Assassination files, there are many references to CIA memos in which they had been monitoring Jim Garrison, JFK Assassination Books And Authors, JFK Assassination Seminars and any published news articles and TV appearances concerning anything that did not go along with the Warren Commission findings.

Aside from the above revelations from the 2017 JFK document dump, the following information was developed from the massive Assassination Records Review Board JFK file releases from 25 years ago.

16) KGB Soviet Union Investigations
FBI Top Secret Memo Dated Dec 1, 1966 concerning An Extensive Soviet Investigation that Indicated Lyndon Johnson was Responsible For Kennedy Assassination.  Many people think that this was just revealed in the new 2017 document release but it was also revealed in documents released by the AARB 25 years ago.

17) Memo Rejecting Proposed Law Because Of What Could Be Covered-Up
U.S. Secret Service Inspector General Thomas J.  Kelly Memo Objecting To A proposed Federal Law On The Murder Of The President Because He Felt A Federal Investigative Agency Could Cover-Up What Really Happened.

18) Evidence LBJ Was In Contact With George De Mohrenschildt
An Army Intelligence Report by Clemard Joseph Charles stating Vice President Lyndon Johnson was having meetings with George De Mohrenschildt in 1963. De Mohrenschildt had admitted he had been a CIA asset sent to contact OSWALD by the Dallas CIA office.  De Mohrenschildt died of a gunshot wound to the head right after he learned he was going to be interviewed by Gaton Fonzi from the House Select Committee On Assassinations in the 1970’s.  Extensive information on the activities and background of De Mohrenschildt is covered in this investigation.

19) Document That Prove The President’s Body Covertly Arrived At Bethesda 20 Minutes Early And Was Not In The Official Motorcade To Bethesda Naval Hospital
The ARRB uncovered and made public an Action Report From USMC Sergeant Roger Boyajian that stated that JFK’s body arrived at Bethesda Naval Hospital 20 minutes before the motorcade carrying the official expensive bronze coffin in a navy ambulance that was also carrying Mrs. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.   The coffin that arrived at the rear of the Bethesda Naval Hospital 20 minutes ahead of the official motorcade was taken into the autopsy room and opened.  The JFK body had arrived in a plain grey shipping casket.  It contained the body of the President inside a standard body bag that was zipped up.  The President’s body was removed from the body bag and placed on the autopsy table.  This investigation contains extensive reconstruction and time line analysis material that details this activity.

20) Substantial Autopsy Evidence Is Missing
By reviewing interviews conducted by the ARRB concerning the autopsy and comparing it to the evidence that now exists in the National Archives, substantial and key evidence is missing.  This includes autopsy photographs, bullet fragments removed from the President’s head, the brain and several x-rays. Based on careful eyewitness interviews, this evidence is undisputable. The evidence of the missing evidence is covered in detail in this investigation.

21) Autopsy Evidence Is Forged And Altered
By reviewing interviews conducted by the ARRB concerning the autopsy and comparing this to the artifacts that now exists in the National Archives, several pieces of evidence have been forged or altered. This includes several autopsy photographs and x-rays.  The evidence of the forged and altered evidence is covered in detail in this investigation.

22) The President’s Body Was Altered
By reviewing all of the ARRB records and interviews, evidence has been developed that the body of the President was altered before the official autopsy was conducted in order to make it appear that all shots fired were fired from behind.  This investigation covers the details of this activity. This evidence is based on the description of wounds from eyewitness accounts at the time of the assassination and eyewitness accounts from doctors and nurses at Parkland Hospital compared to the description of wounds detailed in the official autopsy.  It is also based on the activity that occurred in the autopsy room and at Bethesda Navel Hospital before the official autopsy was commenced. This investigation develops this evidence in a time line manner.

23) The Secret Service Destroyed Travel Records
 The Secret Service destroyed travel records after being informed that they needed to be turned over to the ARRB and to not turn them over would be illegal.  This material covers the fact that there were three other known and aborted assassination plans on JFK in the weeks before Dallas and that all of them involved a conspiracy and a patsy to take the fall. These aborted attempts happened in Chicago, Tampa and Miami. These facts are now undisputable. Instead of turning over the Secret Service Protection records of these travels and their protective records of Dallas, the Secret Service destroyed the records on them.  This investigation sets out the details of this evidence.

24) The Zupruder Film Was Altered
 The ARRB interviewed various people involved with the Zupruder film and uncovered evidence that would support the fact that the Zupruder film was altered.  There had been two processes done of the Zupruder film by the CIA’s Photographic Interpretation Center in Washington DC on the weekend after the assassination.  This investigation tracks the movement of the Zupruder films as well as various copies made.  This investigation analyses what witnesses who worked on the Zupruder film at the Photographic Interpretation Center saw in the film and compares that to what the Zupruder film as we now know it shows. This investigation also covers accounts of people who viewed the original Zupruder film and how their accounts differ from what the Zupruder film shows today. The conclusion in this investigation is that the Zupruder film as we see it today has been altered.

Aside from the information released from the Assassination Records Review Board and the 2017 released JFK documents, this investigation studies other evidence developed and sets out the following points.

25) Forensic Evidence Of The Presidential Limousine Was Destroyed
 Just after the assassination, evidence within the Presidential limousine known as SS-100-X was destroyed. The blood spatter evidence in the back seat of the limousine was destroyed by Secret Service agents by washing out the back seat with a bucket of water at Parkland Hospital. The following week, the limousine was shipped to a Ford Motor Company Factory and completely stripped down and redone. The Windshield of the limousine that five witnesses stated had a bullet hole in it from front to back was destroyed.  This investigation sets out the detail of the evidence on this.

26)Forensic  Evidence of Governor John Connally’s Clothing Was Destroyed
Governor John Connally’s shirt and jacket that contained bullet holes in them had been dry-cleaned then hidden away.  This evidence would have determined the direction of gunshots but the evidence was destroyed.  This investigation sets out the detail of the evidence on this.

27) Problems With The Evidence Of The Murder Weapon

Evidence of the alleged murder weapon covered in this material develops the following facts.  The rifle that is in the National Archives today that is claimed to be the rifle that was used by OSWALD to assassinate the President is not the same rifle that is seen in the backyard photographs of OSWALD holding the rifle. The rifle found in the School Book Depository Building was first described as a different make and model than the rifle now in the National Archives. More than one rifle was discovered in the School Book Depository Building. The mail order company that OSWALD ordered the rifle from did not sell the make and model of the rifle that now resides in the National Archives.  The money order used to purchase the rifle from the mail order catalog was never deposited or cashed. No fingerprints of OSWALD could be found on the rifle until after he was murdered and agents went to the funeral home where the body of OSWALD was being prepared and placed his palm print on the rifle. The serial number of the rifle that now resides in the National Archives was not wholesaled to the Chicago Mail Order Company that was alleged to be where OSWALD had ordered it from but was a serial number of a rifle sold in a large lot that was sold to the military.  The telescopic sight was mounted for a left- handed person but OSWALD was right handed. The telescopic sight was not correctly aliened and defective. The package OSWALD carried to work on the morning of the assassination was too short to have been a package that contained the rifle.  ODWALD claimed he was carrying curtain rods. After the assassination, a package of curtain rods was found in a shed on the property of the School Book Depository Building wrapped in brown paper.  This investigation sets out the detail of the evidence on this as it relates to the rifle.

28) Problems With The Evidence Of The Bullet Hulls
Evidence in this investigation developed the following facts concerning the bullet hulls.  Only two bullet hulls had been at first entered into evidence by the Dallas police.  A third bullet hull was later entered into evidence, which had been claimed carried around in a police officer’s pocket that had “forgot” about it.  This third bullet hull did not have a crimp on it which was a unique feature of this rifle which was caused when hulls where ejected from the gun. This means that the third bullet hull placed into evidence had not been ejected from the rifle.  This investigation sets out the detail of the evidence on this as it relates to the bullet hulls.

29) Problems With The Evidence Of The Location Of Oswald During The Shooting
The evidence of the location of OSWALD in the School Book Depository Building developed from witness accounts would tend to indicate that OSWALD was not on the sixth floor of the building when the assassination occurred. This is based on the following developed evidence. Several witnesses place OSWALD on the first and second floors of the building minutes before and minutes after the shots were fired. Several witnesses observed two men on the upper floors of the building just before the assassination and neither of these individuals had a description of OSWALD. This investigation sets out the detail of the evidence on Oswald’s location and the two men observed in the upper floors of the School Book Depository Building that had not been OSWALD.

30) Paraffin Test Proves Oswald Did Not Fire A Rifle
 A paraffin test conducted on OSWALD by the Dallas Police Department indicates that OSWALD did not fire a fire.  This investigation provides the details of the  OSWALD paraffin test.

31) Direction Of, Number Of And Timing Of Shots Proves A Conspiracy
 The following evidence has been developed from ear witness and eyewitness testimony concerning the direction of, number and timing of shots in the investigation.  The overwhelming number of witnesses heard three shots. The timing of those shots by the overwhelming number of witnesses stated that they heard one shot followed by a pause and then two shots almost on top of each other. The bold action rifle found on the sixth floor of the School Book Depository Building could not have fired two shots almost on top of each other.  A number of witnesses stated that the second two shots sounded like they had come from a different location than the first shot. Over 40 witnesses stated that they thought at least one shot came from the grassy knoll and picket fence area.  Four witnesses thought that they SAW someone firing from the area of the picket fence.  Several witnesses who thought shots came from the grassy knoll - picket fence area were asked to change their testimony before the Warren Commission for the “good of the country” and did. A half a dozen witnesses described a puff of smoke coming from the area of the picket fence as the last shots were fired. Other witnesses state that they heard more than three shots. Moments after the assassination, several witnesses and police officers encountered suspicious people in the vicinity of the picket fence on the knoll flashing Secret Service Identification.  No Secret Service agents had been in the area.  An air conditioning mechanic had found a bullet hull on top of the Criminal Records Building years after the assassination. There is eyewitness accounts and photographic evidence of other shots that missed the vehicle. One of these shots hit the middle section of the plaza and at least one hit the pavement in the roadway.  Ear witness testimony needs to take into account the fact that sound suppressors might have been used in the assassination. There is considerable evidence of shots that may have been fired from the front of and to the left of the vehicle as well as in front of and to the right of the vehicle.  This investigation analyses the number, timing and location of shots fired from eyewitness accounts and acoustic evidence.

32) Oswald’s Pistol Would Not Fire
 The following evidence was developed in this investigation concerning the J. D. TIPPIT murder. The pistol OSWALD had in his possession at the time of his arrest had a bent firing pin and would not fire. Automatic pistol ejector markings of shells ejected from a gun had been at the TIPPTT crime scene. OSWALD carried a revolver.  A witness described two men at the crime scene involving the J D TIPPIT murder and neither matched a description of OSWALD.  Witnesses at the movie theater place OSWALD inside the movie theater at the time of the JD Tippet shooting.  There was not enough time for OSWALD to have walked from his rooming house to the location of the J D TIPPIT murder. A wallet was found with OSWALD ID cards in it at the J D TIPPIT but OSWALD had his wallet on him at the time of his arrest. The wallet found at the J D TIPPIT murder scene disappeared from evidence.  This investigation details the evidence as it’s related to the J D TIPPIT murder.


33) Jack Ruby Was  A Member Of Organized Crime And Knew Oswald
The following evidence was developed concerning JACK RUBY. Jack Ruby was a local member of organized crime engaged in drugs, gambling, gun running and prostitution in Dallas, Texas.  His strip club was actually owned by crime boss Carlos Marcello.  Ruby was obtaining ten percent off the top for running the strip club. His long distance telephone records clearly show he was in contact with people associated with Johnny Roselli, Carlos Marcello, Sam Giancana, Santos Trafficante and Jimmie Hoffa shortly before the assassination.   Jack Ruby knew more than half of the Dallas Police force and was a payoff man for Dallas officials for Carlos Marcello. There is substantial witness testimony that JACK RUBY knew and was seen with LEE HARVEY OSWALD before the assassination. JACK RUBY was given the assignment of murdering LEE HARVEY OSWALD if he had been captured alive. JACK RUBY received $7,000 in cash just before the assassination. $7,000 in 1963 has the value of about $55,500.00 today.  This investigation details the evidence as it is related to JACK RUBY being involved in organized crime and associations with organized crime members.

34) Evidence Of Confessions And Admissions Show A Conspiracy
This investigation contains evidence that the following people have made confessions at some point in time that they had been involved in a conspiracy to assassinate the president.  E. Howard Hunt - CIA, David Morales – CIA, Frank Sturgis – CIA,  Santos Trafficante – Mob, Johnny Roselli – Mob,  Sam Giancana – Mob,  Carlos Marcello- Mob,  Rafael Chi Chi Quintero – Anti Castro Cuban, James Files- convicted murderer. There are also many people who have made admissions that they had played some part in the training of certain individuals or the handling of certain individuals that had a connection to the assassination. Some of these people include Karl Jenkins- CIA,  Antonio Veciana- Anti-Castro Cuban and Marita Lorenz.   This investigation details the confessions and admissions of the listed people involved.

35)  The President’s Body Was Hijacked In Dallas At Gunpoint
In Dallas Texas the Secret Service was told that by law an autopsy had to be done on the President at Parkland Hospital. The Secret Service drew guns, removed people from the front of the coffin and illegally hijacked the President’s body. It was whisked away by plane to Washington DC where a military autopsy was conducted. Extensive details relating to the evidence of the illegal hijacking of the president’s body at gunpoint is covered in this investigation.

36) With No Jurisdiction, The FBI Hijacked All Of The Evidence
By law the FBI had no jurisdiction to either the investigation nor the evidence in the JFK Assassination. The FBI requested and was given all evidence pertaining to the JFK Assassination by the Dallas Police Department which was flown to Washington DC. Extensive details relating to the evidence of the hijacking of all of the evidence by the FBI pertaining to the JFK assassination is set out in this investigation.

37) Films And Photographs Taken During The Assassination Have Disappeared
There have been at least three known films of the assassination and many photos taken during the assassination that had been confiscated by the FBI that have disappeared. This evidence includes the film taken by Beverly Oliver, film taken by Gorden Arnold and missing photographs from Father Croft. Evidence of the details of these films and photographs and their confiscation and disappearance is covered in this investigation.

38) Statements Made By Witnesses Have Been Altered
Many witnesses to the assassination have come forward and have stated that statements that they had given during the course of the investigation have been changed and altered.  Evidence of the details of these alterations is covered in this investigation.  There are at least sixteen witnesses who state that their Warren Commission testimony had been altered.  These witnesses include Jean Hil, James Tague, Orville Nix, Wayne Hartman, Phil Willis, Butch Burroughs, Ronald Fischer, Linda Pipes, Ed Hoffman, Nancy Powell, Edna Hartman, Julia Ann Mercer, Roger Craig, Chester Breneman, Victoria Adams and Robert West all claimed that their witness testimony was altered in the published version of the Warren Commission findings.  This investigation goes back through these witness accounts to determine exactly what they said.

39) The Warren Commission Cherry Picked Witnesses And Conflicted It’s Own Report
By only calling certain witnesses who gave accounts that went alone with a certain narrative and then adding some token witnesses who did not go along with the same narrative and discounting them, the Warren Commission was able to build a report based on a pre-defined narrative. There are dozens of witnesses that the Warren Commission did not interview or had opposing accounts concerning their pre-defined lone nut no conspiracy narrative.  The Warren Commission wrote a report that stated that OSWALD acted alone and there was no conspiracy. Aside from the official report, which was widely distributed, 26 volumes of evidence had been published that was not widely distributed. There is a great deal of evidence in the 26 volumes that conflict with the findings and conclusions found in the basic report.  This investigation reviews the circumstances leading to the creation of the Warren Commission, why it was created and why it was flawed from its inception.

40) Secret Service Protection In Dallas Was Cut Back
In a conventional presidential motorcade, the Presidential vehicle is placed in the middle of he parade for security reasons.  His military aid would be in the same vehicle, The White House Physician would be in a close vehicle and press vehicles would be placed in front of the President in order to cover the details of the motorcade and obtain photos.  Six motorcycles would have been on the sides of, in front of and behind the presidential vehicle.  Two Secret Service agents would have been positioned on the back of the Presidential vehicle. A special branch of the military would have supplemented the Secret Service detail with hundreds of men deployed to watch for signs of trouble. All windows would have been closed in all buildings. 

The Presidential vehicle was placed as the second vehicle in the motorcade, the press was placed out of view of the Presidential vehicle towards the rear, the number of police motorcycles around the President’s vehicle was cut back to four and ordered to stay behind the President’s vehicle and Secret Service agents were ordered off the back of the Presidential vehicle.  The president’s physician and his military aid rode in vehicles that had been placed further back in the parade and the supplementary military detail was ordered to stand down and not go to Dallas. Windows in many buildings along the motorcade were open including the School Book Depository Building. When shots rang out, Secret Service agents riding in the follow-up vehicle of the President had been ordered not to move and the Presidential vehicle hit it’s brakes and slowed down to almost a complete stop instead of speeding up and taking evasive action.  If all of this flawed and cut-back security would have been done properly, Kennedy likely would of not been assassinated. This investigation sets out the facts and evidence on the cut-back of security and protection as it relates to the assassination.

41) Conclusions Based On The Evidences
This investigation concludes that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was a conspiracy that involved renegade elements within the CIA, the military industrial complex, organized crime and Anti-Castro Cubans. All of these groups were working together in a common goal involving overthrowing the government of Cuba. It also concludes that there had been several other assassination attempts that had been aborted in the weeks before Dallas that involved the same people who had a patsy or fall guy in place to take the blame.  Oswald was the pasty for the successful assassination in Dallas. The assassination itself was organized in a way that each element was forced to cover-up what really happened.  There had been a team of Anti-Castro Cubans given extensive training in Mexico to assassinate Fidel Castro will high-powered rifles. They had been given extensive practice firing at propped up watermelons set up in the back seats of old convertibles in a crossfire attack.

After the assassination, both Lyndon Johnson and J Edgar Hoover were used to cover-up the true facts.  Jack Ruby And Lee Harvey Oswald knew each other well. Oswald was a low level intelligence operative out of the Office Of Naval Intelligence on loan to the CIA. Jack Ruby was a member of organized crime and murdered Oswald to silence him.  This investigation details the evidence that supports the above points.

By fusing all of this new information and revelations into what is already known, you will soon see a picture of what really happened on November 22, 1963.



Examples Of Some of the photos and graphics found inside the investigative report.

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