A Summary Of Some Facts That Are
Covered In JFK Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy

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Other Aborted Assassination Attempts: There had been at least three other aborted assassination plots to kill the President in the weeks before Dallas that involved a patsy. Arrests were made in two of these attempts but the incidents were covered up. These aborted attempts happened in Chicago, Miami and Tampa. Thomas Arthur Vallee was arrested in Chicago. He had a very similar background to Lee Harvey Oswald. Other Cubans had also been arrested in Chicago who had rifles and a map of the motorcade in their room. Both the Cubans and Vallee were released. The arrest and incident had been covered up. Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden attempted to advise the Warren Commision about the Chicago aborted plot but was never able to do so as he was arrested, convicted and jailed on trumped up charges. Gilberto Policarpo Lopez was arrested for a short time in Tampa. Lopez had a very similar background as Oswald. Lopez was released and the incident covered up. In Miami, Joseph Adams Milteer was recorded by a Miami undercover police informant that President Kennedy was going to be assassinated with a high powered rifle from a window in a building and a pasty would quickly be picked up to throw people off the trial or what really happened. This incident was kept secret and covered up for a number of years. The Assassination Records Review Board requested that the United States Secret Service turn over any and all security travel records in the months leading up to Dallas. Instead of turning them over to the AARB, the records were destroyed. Complete indisputable details of all three aborted assassination attempts before Dallas are covered in this investigation.

The Official Government Investigations: The Warren Commission was set up to appease the public that Oswald was a lone nut assassin, there was no conspiracy and Jack Ruby acted alone when he murdered the assassin. Their job was merely to analyze an FBI Report from J Eager Hoover. Hoover leaked these findings to the press three days after the assassination. With little exception, the Warren Commission confirmed and rubber stamped the FBI findings and issued a report. Aside from the general final report, they issued twenty-four additional volumes that backed up the report. In many places the twenty-four volumes contradicted the smaller report. The House Select Committee On Assassinations re-investigated the assassination in the 1970's and concluded that their was likely a conspiracy, at least one shot from behind the wooden fence was fired and that Jack Ruby had substantial connections to the mob. When the committee started looking into connections to people within the CIA, their funds were cut off and several people resigned. It was later determined that the liaison the committee had that was set up with the CIA was brought out of retirement and should of been a suspect. His name was George Joannides. The Assassination Records Review Board was set up to review all remaining records pertaining to the assassination and release them to the public. Although substantial additional facts were developed because of the board, thousands of documents have not been released that related to the assassination. This material studies the evolution of the official government investigations.

Lee Harvey Oswald: There had been two Oswalds arrested in the movie theater. This is confirmed by eyewitness accounts and Dallas Police reports. Oswald's wallet was found at officer Tippit's murder but he had his wallet on him when he was arrested. The wallet at the Tippit murder scene disappeared. Witnesses who worked in the Texas Movie Theater claim that Oswald was in the movie theater at the time of Tippit's murder and had been sold popcorn. An over abundance of witnesses have come forward and claim that Oswald had been engaged in intelligence operations for the United States. Witnesses saw two men with a rifle in the upper floors of the School Book Depository Building that did not match a description of Oswald. Several witnesses saw Oswald minutes before and minutes after the assassination on the first and the second floors of the School Book Depository Building. Oswald was given a paraffin test on his cheeks to determine if he had fired a weapon on the day of the assassination and the test proved that he had not. Several experts have conducted PSE lie detector tests of Oswald stating that he was just a patsy and did not shot the President. Every one of them concluded that he was telling the truth. A few weeks before the assassination, an intelligence agent entered a bank in El Paso, fired a gun and then waited for the police to come and arrest him. He claimed he had been ordered to murder Oswald after the Kennedy Assassination. This man had ID cards with Oswald's photo on them in the trunk of his car. Four Witnesses now confirm that Lee Harvey Oswald was recruited by intelligence agencies while he was stationed as a Marine in Japan. This material contains an in-depth background of Oswald as well as facts for his defense in the actual murder.

The Rifle: Neither the Dallas Police nor the FBI could find Oswald's fingerprints on the rifle. On the Monday following the assassination, federal agents took the rifle to the Oswald funeral home and placed his dead hand on the rifle. Just after this was done, it was then announced that Oswald fingerprints were found on the rifle. The rifle that is now in the National Archives is not the same rifle that was allegedly ordered from a mail order catalog by Oswald. One of the bullet hulls now in the National Archives was never place in the alleged murder weapon. The serial number of the Mannlicher-Carcano 6.5-Millimeter Italian Rifle traces back to a large lot military purchase and was not sold to Klein's Sporting Goods which is the Chicago company Oswald allegedly ordered the rifle from. A complete investigation of the rifle and the ballistics evidence are covered in this material.

The President's Wounds And The President's Body: All Dallas Doctors who treated President Kennedy described an exit wound in the back of his head void or skull and scalp. The autopsy photographs do not show this wound. The Dallas doctors reviewed the autopsy photographs that now reside in the National Archives. Every one of them stated that the wounds depicted in the photos are not what they saw when they treated the President. The Dallas Doctors describe a neck would which was entrance wound that had to have been fired from the front. By the time the autopsy was done, this wound was vastly enlarged to make it look like an exit wound. During the autopsy, the back head wound was vastly enlarged from what the Parking Doctors say to include the side of the head towards the front. Kennedy's body was removed from Parkland Hospital at gun point when local authorities wanted to conduct a Texas autopsy which was required by law. There is now official evidence that the President's body arrived at Bethesda Navel Hospital before the official ambulance arrived. A national security autopsy was performed to change the wounds of the President so the official autopsy would look like all of the wounds were from the back. A complete investigation and focus on the wounds of the President and time line of the President's body are included in this material.

Number, Sequence And Direction Of Shots Fired: While the overwhelming majority of people who head shots thought that there had been three, this can be somewhat discounted as silencers could of been used in some locations while other locations could of been diversions. Those who heard three shots described the shots as one sound, a pause and then two shots almost on top of each other. Since Oswald was allegedly firing a bolt action rifle from the sixth floor window that was not capable of firing two shots on top of each other, all of these shots could not have come from his gun. Other witnesses through they heard four to six shots. Over forty witnesses through that some of the shots had come from the top of the grassy knoll behind the wooden fence. Some of these witnesses related this to officials and were asked to change their official testimony for the good of the country and did. At least two witnesses through they had saw someone behind the wooden fire firing at least one shot. All witnesses on of the railroad bridge through shots had come from behind the wooden fence and observed a puff of smoke coming out from the bushes. The number, sequence and direction of shots fired is analyzed in this material.

Destroyed, Missing And Altered Evidence: The Presidential vehicle as a crime scene was destroyed and flown to a Ford Motor Company plant to be rebuilt. Governor John Connelly's cloths were laundered and hidden away. The President's body was whisked off to Washington. The rifle found on the sixth floor was first described by police, in police reports and in the new media as a German Mauser. Many witnesses claim that their Warren Commission testimony was altered. The original autopsy report and notes were burnt. One of the autopsy doctors claim his original notes disappeared. The first signed autopsy report is missing. Skull fragments of the President's head are missing. Many photos taken during the autopsy are missing. The X-Ray photos of the President's head are forgeries. Two sets of bullet fragments taken from the President's head are missing. The President's brain is missing. At least one photo of the back of the President's head has been altered. The Zupruder film has been altered. At least four people had either their still film or movie film confiscated by various authorities. In the case of still film, key frames were blank. In the case of movie films, the films just disappeared.

Confessions And Prime Suspects: There are several confessions both public and private of people who state they had been involved in the assassination. Some of them creditable and some of them not so creditable. These include E. Howard Hunt- CIA, Carlos Marcello - Mafia from New Orleans, James Files - Convicted Felon, David Morales - CIA, Chauncey Holt, Charles Harrelson- Convicted Felon, Santos Trafficante- Mafia Tampa Florida. Other suspects based on evidence from various witnesses include, Lyndon Johnson, Frank Strugis - CIA, David Phillips- CIA, Antonio Vecina - CIA, William Harvey - CIA, Cord Meyer- CIA, Lucien Sarti - French Mob, Johnny Roselli- Mob, George Joannides - CIA, Eugene Hale Brading (arrested in front of the DelTex Bulding) - Mafia. This material dives into the details of the confessions and prime suspects. An analysis of confessions and prime suspects is covered in this material.

Strange Related Deaths: There are many strange and related deaths that include people who had foreknowledge of the assassination, witnesses who saw things that happened during the assassination, reporters who seemed to know too much, assassination researchers who had gotten too close to the truth, people who had been about to give official testimony and people who had been suspected of being involved in the assassination. This material documents over eighty of them.

The Legal Evidence And Official Investigations: Because of the way the majority of evidence in the case was handled, it would not be admissible in a court of law. Gerald Ford altered the location of the wound in Kennedy's neck and admitted it. Funding for the Select Committee On Assassination in the 1970's was cut when CIA agent David Alter Phillips was caught lying about audio tapes of a man supposed to be Oswald in Mexico City who was clearly not. The Soviet Union conducted it's own investigation and determined that President Kennedy was assassinated as a result of a well organized conspiracy. An analysis of the legal evidence in the case is made.

Actions About To Happen After Dallas And In JFK Second Term: Lyndon Johnson was going to be dropped from the ticket. JFK was going to pull out of Vietnam. There is some evidence that a coup in Cuba was going to take place before the election and bring Cuba into a democratic government. As the same time this was going on, Kenndedy was also considering a peaceful co-existance policy with Cuba. Kennedy was establishing a peaceful co-existance policy with the USSR which would of been expanded. JFK was going to retire J. Edgar Hoover from the FBI in his second term. Intelligence organazations were going to be reorganized, including the CIA, and put under the direction of Booby Kennedy in the second term. More effective efforts were going to be made to eliminate organized crime. JFK was likely going to continue to curb the use of the Federal Reserve by paying interest to them for the US government printing of money. JFK had plans to start a joint space program to go to the moon with the Soviets in the second term. JFK was going to expand his efforts to eliminate the oil depletion allowance tax breaks. JFK wanted to raise the minimum wage law. JFK likely would of attemped to expand the Nuclear test ban treat in his second term. JFK was going to likely continue to reform the military procurement process.

Here is a summary of some of the evidence covered in the investigation: JFK Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy

The President's Body Was Altered:

Parkland Hospital doctors describe head wound that is very different from what people at Bethesda Navel
Hospital Describe. The President's body was placed in a ceremonial bronze casket in Dallas. It arrived at Bethesda
Navel Hospital in a cheap shipping casket. New documents uncovered by the Assassination Records Review Board
reveal that the
cheap shipping casket arrived at Bethesda Navel Hospital long before the official motorcade
with the
ceremonial bronze casket arrived.

The wounds described at Parkland Hospital are very different than the wounds described in the autopsy. The President's body left Parkland Hospital in an expensive bronze casket. It arrived at Bethesda Navel Hospital early in a cheap shipping coffin long before the official motorcade with the expensive bronze casket in it arrived. This investigative report contains material never before shown in many diagrams concerning number of shooters, shots fired, missed shots and the location of witnesses who observed them. Below is just a few of the diagrams found in the report.


There are three documented entrances of the President's coffin at the rear entrance to the Bethesda morgue for the autopsy.
New information from the records released from the Assassination Records Review Board provide new startling information on
what was going on at Bethesda.
The details on this blind man's bluff of the coffins is covered in detail in this material along with
a "national security" secret autopsy that changed the wounds of the body before the official autopsy was done that concluded all
shots had been fired from behind.

Someone Was Impersonating Oswald And Was Also Arrested:

The Arrest Of Two Oswalds. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and taken out the front door of the Texas Movie Theater.
A second look-a-like Oswald (known as Lee Henry Oswald) was arrested in the balcony and taken out the back door.
This is confirmed by three witnesses and Dallas police reports. There are other confirmed witnesses who expose the fact that
Lee Harvey Oswald was being impersonated in various locations on the day of the assassination. The
impostor, Lee Henry
Oswald, may have latter boarded a plane that landed in Dallas that appeared to have been a CIA sponsored flight and flown
to Roswell Air Force Base in New Mexico. On board was an Air Force Sargent by the name of Robert Vinson.

There Was More Than One Shooter:

This diagram shows possible locations of shooters according to various investigations. Each one is
covered in this material along with the evidence that would indicate the specific location.
Some of these locations are creditable while others are not.

There Had Been More Than One Shooter:


The Picket Fence Shot And The Location Of Witnesses Who Though Some Shots Came From This Location

The Position Of People In The Presidential Car:

Positions In The Presidential Vehicle

Evidence Of Four Shots That Missed:

At Last Four shots missed. If four shots missed, that means that there had to be more than one shooter.


Jack Ruby Connections To The Mob And Phone Calls:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stated on a news program in recent years that his father Robert F. Kennedy obtained the telephone records of Jack Ruby after his brother's assassination and those records revealed he was in contact with the same people he had under investigation for being members or organized crime and the Mafia.

More Than 80 Strange Deaths:

There are over 80 documented strange deaths of people related to the JFK Assassination in the material.
This is a review of just 15 of them.
Most of them were murdered by gunshot.

Link To Watergate
As Vice President, Richard Nixon requested that a team be set up to assassinate Fidel Castro in the late 1950's. Most of the people involved in this operation turned up getting caught as the Watergate Burglars and almost all of them trace back to the CIA.


Motive, Means, Opportunity And A Look At A Reversal Of History:

Motive Means Opportunity And A Reversal Of History! To determine who had the motive means and opportunity
for the crime of the century, all you have to do is to look at what the headlines would of been if JFK would of lived!

A Free And Democratic Cuba- Johnson Off The Ticket - Pullout Of Vietnam - Hoover Retirement -
- No Federal Reserve Interest On Printed Money - Mafia Crackdown - Reorganization Of The CIA

So you have to ask yourself these questions:
Who didn't want Lyndon Johnson corruption scandals? - The number one answer is Lyndon Johnson.
Who didn't want Hoover to retire? The number one answer is J Edgar Hoover.
Who didn't want the Mafia Shut down? - The number one answer is Mafia Kingpins.
Who didn't want the Vietnam War shut down? - The number one answer is the military industrial complex.
Who didn't want us to stop giving the Federal Reserve Interest on money printed? The Federal Reserve
Who didn't want US intelligence reorganized? -The number one answer is the CIA.
Who was pissed off for the Bay of Pigs And Cuban Missile Crisis? The Anti-Castro Cubans.
Who in these groups where working together? - All most all of the above.
Who already had an assassination team in place for covert action? - Anti-Castro Cubans, CIA, And The Mafia.
This investigation and research project goes into all of these issues that answers the question Who Killed JFK.

This is more than just a book that runs over 600 pages. It contains hundreds of photos, diagrams, references to other sources and resources as well as links to dozens of hours of video you can access Online. The resource section links you to 22 JFK Assassination Resource Sites with articles and records. There are over 50 online video links to witness interviews and documentaries you can watch with over 100 hours of video viewing. The resource section also contains 47 book reviews.

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