Child Witness Suggestibility in False Allegation Cases

Since 1987 there have been major changes in professional opinions concerning the susceptibility of children to suggestive and leading interviews. In 1987 the testimony of young children was generally accepted as truthful and the prevailing opinion was that young children could not be led or "coached" to make statements about abuse that never happened. The belief was that, although children might be led through suggestive interviews to make unimportant errors concerning peripheral details, they could not be led to make statements about important, central events.
By Allen Cowling - Cowling Investigations, Inc.


Importance Of Video Taping In False Allegation Cases

There is absolutely no reason or excuse not to videotape all interviews conducted by any "professional" and any child when discussing an allegation of sexual abuse. Research on interviewing using electronic recording equipment shows that it does not interfere with the process of the interview. Persons, including children, readily adapt to the presence of equipment and appear to forget it is there. It is best if the equipment is relatively unobtrusive and that no operator be present. This situation is easily created and an interview can be managed by remaining within the range of a camera set up to cover most of the interviewing area. By Allen Cowling - Cowling Investigations, Inc.

The S.A.I.D. Syndrome: Allegations Of Sexual Abuse During Divorce

False allegations of sexual abuse have become so wide spread in this country during divorce that they have been given a name; the S.A.I.D. Syndrome - Sexual Allegations in Divorce. By Allen Cowling - Cowling Investigations, Inc.